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chernoh alpha m. bah


Africanist Movement dissolves; African People’s Socialist Party built to win workers’ State power!

As Director and leader of the Africanist Movement, I hereby take this opportunity to inform all members, friends, organizations, individuals and other allies of the Africanist Movement that pursuant to the release of this Communiqué, the existence of the Africanist Movement and its structures has henceforth been dissolved and terminated.

New workers party to contend for power in Sierra Leone!

On November 16-18, 2009 African revolutionaries and socialists from across the world will be in Sierra Leone to witness a groundbreaking historic event in...

Conference to officially launch international African revolutionary party in West Africa

West Africa has been characterized as the most volatile and vulnerable region of Africa. Throughout the last 10 to 15 years, African people in...

The imperialist grip on West Africa must be broken

../../images/Chernoh041906-5BW.jpg.pct.jpg alt=''> The APSP-sponsored tour of Chernoh Alpha M. Bah sent him throughout the U.S. to win support and resources for...

Guinea: an example of the failure of neocolonialism

../../images/conteBW.jpg.pct.jpg alt=''> Lansana Conte is a neocolonial puppet who, like Charles Taylor of Liberia, is no longer in his master’s favor By...

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