Africanist Movement dissolves; African People’s Socialist Party built to win workers’ State power!


To: All Members, Friends & Allies of the Africanist Movement

Subject: Dissolution of the Africanist Movement

Greetings Comrades:

As Director and leader of the Africanist Movement, I hereby take this opportunity to inform all members, friends, organizations, individuals and other allies of the Africanist Movement that pursuant to the release of this communiqué, the existence of the Africanist Movement and its structures has henceforth been dissolved and terminated.

That subject to this decision, all members, organizers and leaders of the Africanist Movement, alongside the organization itself, shall no longer organize or convey any activity or event in the name of the movement or its previous structures as formerly done prior to the issuance of this communiqué.

That this communiqué itself serves to indicate a closure and dissolution of the Africanist Movement and its entire membership as an organization and a movement.

Comrades and friends, we have been obliged to issue this communiqué after exhaustive examination of several factors relating to the present struggle for the liberation and unification of our people and our continent from imperialist and neocolonialist exploitation and domination.

It should be noted that we have reached a decisive point in the contemporary struggle for African unity and socialism. All over the world, there are increased efforts on the part of the struggling and oppressed peoples of the world to overturn the parasitic relationship imposed by international capitalism. Throughout the world, resistance is rising and capitalism is being challenged almost in every corner of the world. Progressive and revolutionary forces are emerging in most areas of the world. And in some parts of the world today, new leaders inspiring hope and vision directed towards social progress and economic development are now in place. This level of activity has intensified the crisis of imperialism and is now threatening the ability of capitalism and its neocolonial minions around the world to continue their dominance of the world.

Africa is no exception to this significant period in history. There is an ever-growing need and desire on the part of African workers and peasants around the world to shirk off the legacy of colonial slavery and neocolonial dictatorship imposed on us by imperialism. This new period demands a different approach and strategy that takes into consideration the circumstances and challenges of this new period. It is obvious that the present structures and composition of the Africanist Movement together with its plan of action and previous strategy does not sufficiently accommodate the requirements of this new period.

Of course, the Africanist Movement made tremendous impacts in its efforts to reposition the mass struggle of our people in Sierra Leone and other parts of West Africa against neocolonialism. The successes of the Africanist Movement in the struggle against imperialist and neocolonialist exploitation in West Africa is evident in the mass campaigns instituted in most parts of Sierra Leone and Guinea-Conakry. The fact is that we can not over-emphasize the level of influence that the Africanist Movement and its dynamic leadership exercised on the minds and lives of the oppressed and exploited majority of our people in West Africa and beyond.

Notwithstanding, we have concluded that the present circumstances necessitate the establishment of a higher form of organization with a structure that will have the ability, strength and capacity to evolve a new strategy and leadership for the workers and peasants in our struggle for African unity and socialism.

This higher form of organization has to be a revolutionary workers party that will lead our struggle for socialist democracy and self-determination. This party will effectively embody and mirror our collective spirits and aspirations to fight against neo-colonialism and imperialism not only in Sierra Leone but throughout the African world.

We are therefore calling on all former members, allies and friends of the Africanist Movement to build the African People’s Socialist Party of Sierra Leone as the party of the workers and peasants. We are equally calling on all former members of the Africanist Movement and its allies in other areas of West Africa to build an African People’s Socialist Party in their respective areas.

In the final analysis, it is only through such a process that we will be able to provide a solid and invincible challenge to the primitive African petty bourgeoisie. This process will also allow for the triumph of the African working class allied with the peasantry.

This is the new task facing us—workers and peasants. Forward to a socialist democracy in Sierra Leone and build the party of the workers and peasants.

We call on everyone to help disseminate this communiqué to the international African community.

No Compromise! No Surrender!


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