ASI needed in Occupied Azania: Students in struggle says

JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA–The struggle for free education is the struggle for Black Power in Azania as the balance of power is shifting in the world.
Our demands, as students, have gone from no raise in university fees to free university education—period.
The “Union Building Must Fall” struggle #UnionBuildingMustFall commenced shortly after #FeesMustFall, which was a less properly organized struggle for Black Power.
Foreseeing the build-up to the Union Building protest on the 23rd of October, the students went to parliament to speak directly with the politicians.
They were met by the occupying force: the police that teargassed them while all the politicians enjoyed the air-conditioned rooms inside the parliament building.
The Student Representative Council (SRC), who are also counter-revolutionaries, were present in the boardroom. They discussed with president Jacob Zuma, while students were teargassed by the police outside Union Building.
President makes an announcement on television
The students, after a fight with police, made their way inside the steps of the Union Building, where they waited to be addressed by the president.  
The sellout SRC and the minister of intelligence, however, came out first to which students shouted,  “We want Zuma not you!!” 
The president made an announcement on live television. This angered the students, who viewed the address via television unnecessary and disrespectful since they were right outside the building.
The students pushed the police—who were armed to the teeth—and tried to take the steps.
After being pushed outside, it became clear that more students were supporting the struggle. The students were divided into two groups.
The smaller group included the few who did not want to fight. The group of students that supported the struggle was much larger.
The attack on the struggle
The president, the SRC, the media and political parties like the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), that claim to be the organization for radical change, all attacked the legitimate struggle that was started by the students of Wits University.
Since the beginning of #FeesMustFall, the State and the African National Congress (ANC) have deployed the South African Students Congress (SASCO) to ensure that the struggle did not happen.
They tried to stop the march to Union Building from happening. No one can stop the Revolution, however, and the students did make it to the Union Building.
University management uses force to make students submit; ASI solution
Following the Union Building march, the Wits students left divided.
The majority of students wanted the struggle to continue, while a few wanted to suspend the revolution and return to writing exams.
It has been one week since the Union Building march, and meetings have been held to undermine the struggle.
The students are resilient, however, as other universities join the struggle. The University of Mahikeng, the University of Limpopo and the Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) all suspended classes until further notice.
The management of Wits University applied for interdict against the students on Wednesday, October 28, 2015 and was granted the interdict the following day.
The police and their private security will occupy the university as a result.
It is not a coincidence that the African Socialist International (ASI) worldwide tour is taking place at the same time the students are taking revolutionary action in Occupied Azania.
The ASI will guide the students forward during our struggle for Black Power through free education. We must build the ASI within our universities and take power from the ruling class and give it to the working class.
The ASI is the only organization that works to ensure the irreversible destruction of the chain that currently binds the oppressor white nation to the oppressed black nation.
Fight to end opportunism! We want Free Education! #FeesMustFall.
Join the ASI to unleash the international African working class fight to free and unite Our Africa!


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