APSP leaders report from South Africa


JOANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA–The African Peoples Socialist Party (APSP) took a trip to Occupied Azania (South Africa), between October 28th and November 6th. This is a brief report.


Comrade Makda Yohannes, the Africa Socialist International (ASI) Europe Chairwoman and myself, Luwezi Kinshasa, the ASI Secretary General were the two comrades took the trip to Occupied Azania.


We would like to thank Chairman Omali Yeshitela for his vision of a liberated and unified One Africa! One Nation!


We would like also to thank all comrades and supporters who contributed financially to making this successful trip possible.


We achieved our main goals of teaching and spreading African Internationalism and recruiting into the African Peoples Socialist Party, which will represent the Azania front of the African Socialist International.


ASI is a worldwide organization of African (black) workers across the dispersed and fragmented African nation, with one leadership, one philosophy and one discipline.


Comrade Johannes and I arrived in Azania just when Zuma conceded to the cancellation of Universities fees increase.


We were welcomed by comrade Tafarie. He is representative of the youthful generation of African workers, who are enthusiastic to meet the Party.


We experienced the taxi, which reminded me very much of a similar mode of transport known as Matatu in Kenya or Poda-Poda in Sierra Leone. The masses are squeezed in these uncomfortable mini buses, while white people and the African National Congress (ANC) leaders enjoy luxurious lifestyles at our expense.


One of our main goals was to conduct political study classes. On Friday, October 30th, we had our first study at Wits University, in Braamfontein, Johannesburg.


I led an exciting study on the basics of African Internationalism. As expected, students came with a lot of questions such as, what is the role of religion, what is the difference with Panafricanism and African Internationalism and what is our economic vision?


On Saturday, October 30th, we left Johannesburg for Palm Springs, near Sebokeng, where we planned two days of intensive studies. ( This area is part of the Vaal, where Evaton West is also located.) We were welcome by comrade Asanda Anpu, who also played a critical role in mobilizing African workers to join the party.


It didn't take long for me to find out that the young African workers in Palm Spring are hungry for political education and change. We studied democratic centralism, combat liberalism, the role of African women in the revolution, panafricanism and neocolonialism versus African Internationalism.


African women participated in all of the studies and were often the ones pressing men to join the party. It is revolution time!


After the study, we went to the local shopping center, where I was horrified to find out that every African man who exits the shop must be searched and show his ticket to security guards to be signed.


Likewise, when going to the students home residence, we had to leave our passports at the reception desk. When we visited a friend in gated community, we had to show our IDs to the security guards.


African workers cannot move around in bourgeoisie institutions without showing a pass.


On Wednesday November 4, comrade Johannes and I held a public meeting to discuss African Internationalism versus Panafricanism at Wits University, which was attended by senior lecturers of the University.


We drove the point that Panafricanism is the African petty bourgeoisie. It is the past. The future for honest African intellectuals is to commit class suicide and join The Revolution under the leadership if the African working class. African Internationalism is the future!

I was impressed by the level of political acuteness of the forces we met. They have been watching videos of the Chairman on YouTube and on Uhurunews.com.
They see their future in The Revolution. They have such hatred of the African petty bourgeoisie, the traitors of the African Revolution.
These forces are the future cadres of African Revolution; they give us an indication of the enormous potential that is out there across the African nation. The average age of forces we met there is about 20 years old.
Everywhere we went, we conveyed our message which states that short of revolution led by the African Socialist International––a worldwide revolutionary party of African workers––there will be no future for our people.
Azanias front has the mission of kick-starting this process of revolutionary unification of Africa and of the African nation in our lifetime.
Comrade Makda and I left Azania with people showing great unity to build the Azanian Africa Must Unite Tour Committeein order to plan for a successful tour to Azania with Chairman Omali Yeshitela, founder and leader of African Socialist International.
This is an opportunity for everyone in Azania and Southern Africa to join the “Africa Must Unite Tour”, with Chairman Omali Yeshitela, from February 20th to March 7th, 2016.


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