Anxiety of race

Anxiety of harsh world and politicians confine human races into categories like the beautiful bright box wrapped chocolates and decide whom should get and whom should not approach pyramid’s peak aside from the destructive bottom to make nuts society that was put in race of selling and buying its elected voice to turn its blind eye away from sink and rotten of human remains half dead in half alive in the midway to jungle. Human’s commodity is sold with no price of its cheap value of being Black colour living in White’s Policy Territory empower its influences to set up gap between White and Black that never reached the peak in continental country of Australia.
The policy beyond its shadow impacts social activities to dominate the ideology of egoistic community inhabit similar to survive under cover of self-centered. It is communities that were divided into similarities far distances between bars, despite of the ground’s sand under their existences. It is the Mini-communities become the Mini-countries in vast landscape of big country called Australia.
I illustrated real story to bring out those two equal lines of White and Black were never met. Story started long time ago when Nuha Dafaalla was naively thinking and believing of democratic, just and equal society. First she arrived to Australia in 1999 and realized after all those words had never existed in anywhere. The beliefs of equity or equal rights were the slogan used to oppress and abuse these remaining of weak being human in the bottom of the pyramid. That is how for almost 6 years a woman was defending her surviving just to be alive in Australia. No words or expression could show the anger even the context in phrases and terms in languages cannot explain the pain, suffer and frustration of those women.
I briefly compose some of the incidents that were occurred and with no doubt I can say Australia is the most dictatorship country in earth.

This story is demonstrated Nuha Dafaalla one of number of women had the same fate in Australia.
Thanks to Allah. However on Sep.2004 she felt sick and like other Australians went through the health system to be cured, but that did not happened at all.
She suffered a lot of repeating different medicines for months which did not do any better. After that hard time she had from the family doctors, finally she was referred to: Concord Hospital (Hospital Road NSW 2139. by Dr.Lee from Ashfield Medical Centre, 349 Liverpool Road Ashfield NSW on 14 March 2005 regarding to the bladder problem.
On 11 Apr.2005 the Hospital mentioned above made an operation on her without any proper checking or even to notify her of that operation and only she had been told just was a test by camera take 15 minutes. She trusted that hospital
After that operation Concord Hospital determined that her bladder was normal as well as her all organs, how things are afwal she was on the waiting list for Uterus Operation in other hospital named as: Canterbury Hospital (Canterbury Road Campsie NSW when Concord Hospital claimed no any problem found.
After that operation on 11 Apr.2005 which took 3 hours she had severe bleeding and chronic pains.
she went back to that hospital for help but the hospital’s responding was she should wait for more than a week if no improvement happen she can come back again to the hospital ,and that what happened she went back to the hospital on 19 Apr.2005 but the hospital requested an appointment to see her which took a month. On that appointment she saw Dr.Bromage who said to her that he did every things he could to help her and he believed that her health was getting better. She could not believe anything like that would happened to anyone
she remained suffering until to day and that Hospital was totally ignoring her complaints through the phone or visits.
On 13 Apr.2006 she had the Uterus Operation at Auburn Hospital: Norval street Auburn NSW Dr.Saleh who claimed that it was Polyps Operation.
The calamity which made her felt of strong persecution the intensive bleeding she had for more than 3 months since(13 Apr.2006 until 20 Jul.2006) but the Auburn responded that her Uterus had been cut from inside and they could not stitched. she asked for that operation report from Auburn Hospital but the hospital refused to give her the report. After that Dr. Selah resigned and Auburn Hospital claimed no one knew where he was.
she tried to get help from Prince of Wales Hospital: suite 23, level 7 Barker street Randwick NSW 2031.on 23 May2006 by Dr.Stuart Ehsman who said that was no any medical problem found after Dr.Chung informed her that he did cystoscopy test and he found irritation on the left side of her bladder. When she requested written report from Prince of Wales Hospital, it was a huge contradiction of what Dr.Chung and Dr.Stuart Ehsman diagnosed .the report from Prince of Wales Hospital claimed that were mild inflammation on the middle of her bladder and did not need medication.
she tried after that to find a solicitor to assist her to process the case but no one helped her. She made a complaint to: United Nation for Human Rights Geneva on 6 Jun.2006 and was rejected by UN for Human Rights Geneva. On 10 Jun.2006 her flat had been broken and damage had been occurred. she called the police for help on 10 Jun.2006 regarding the broke-in her flat:6/61 Palace street Ashfiel NSW 2131.Atfert hours of that call The police came to her flat as mentioned above but The Police instead to assist her but she had been detained at Mental Hospital by The Police Force on 10 Jun.2006
she had been detained at Rozelle Hospital (Mental Hospital) head office: Liverpool Hospital (Eastern Campus) Elizabeth street Liverpool.
she was forced to take different medicine for different type of diseases, and ham & Pork were provided to her meal on special tray sealed by her name. She continued to complaint to the nurses but the Hospital’s kitchen alleged there was no ham or pork. Her health condition was deteriorated. She was released on 30 Jun.2006.
The Croydon Community Health Service chased her to take the medication every day. She kept struggling to find the way for help. She looked and asked for a doctor had conscience and heart she was very close to death than life.
Finally she had been admitted at Sydney Private Hospital: 63 Victoria Street Ashfield NSW 2131. By Dr.Mitterdoufer on 28 Jul.2006. Dr.Mitterdoufer reported that no any medical problem found while she was crying of that horrible pain.
She could not find any way to be saved and cured and relieved except to travel to another country which was not easy.
She held the suffering and pain until she had some of the treatment in Cairo-Egypt by the Urologist Nabil Shariff Clinic: 27 Hassan Akbar street Medan Bab Elkhalg Cairo. on 28 Sep.2006.she thought she could follow the treatment in Australia after the little funds she had was finished and Dr. Shariff requested more examinations for her Uterus. The report by Dr.Shariff had been documented by The Foreign ministry in Cairo-Egypt.
She came back to Australia by 20 Oct.2006 to have equal and normal life and follow her treatment and to be treated by respect.
The doctors in Australia claimed that report from Cairo by Dr. Shariff was insufficient and denied the treatment.
Her complaint to Anti discrimination Board of New South Wales: PO Box A2122 Sydney south NSW 1235. On 14 Dec.2006 and was rejected by Anti discrimination Board of NSW.
On 13 Feb.2007 she processed the matter to The Supreme Court of NSW: Law Building/Queen Square, level 5, 184 Phillip street Sydney 2000.Case No: 020175/07.but the delaying by the solicitor who was representative her legally was incredible. The justice became blind and incapable to justify the wrong. She can say justice would never exist under dictatorship system such as the Australia has. she had been asked to pay the cost to the defendants, she’ve been asked to pay for the pain and suffered she had for years. The justice had been lost on the middle of the worse crime in human. The torture was by any possible way at the middle of the community on day light it was the faced of silence wondering how poepole would accept that.
On 19 Jul.2007 she travelled to U.A.E Dubai to have the treatment. On 29 Jul.2007 she had an operation as well on 10 Aug.2007 another operation at Iranian Red Crescent, Iranian Hospital Dubai: PO Box 2330.The doctors from Dubai asked to follow 6 months treatment in Australia.
She went back to Australia on 24 Aug.2007 but the doctors in Australia again denied the 6 months treatment.
She struggled to get the medication in Australia; she tried to get the public support by TVs and Newspapers in Sydney and other states even Aljazeera TV, but all the attempts ended with failure. She felt like she lives in a big community but she was alone. The big country she live in one of the developed country in the world but she cannot have the medication or to live normally without pain or suffers or even my right to have work had been denied. She sometimes believes that the words of justice or human rights or equality have no existence in this planet.
She never got her right as human being in Australia began with the employment’s discrimination and ended with the worse conspiracy.
On 26 Aug.2008 she travelled to Switzerland-Geneva First to complete the treatment and to complaint to the UN for Human Rights. The Disaster was the UN for Human Rights Geneva returned the file of complaint which lodged on 9 Sep.2008 the reason was the complaint not written properly,she had been asked to put in right formula of complaint was given by the same office of the UN. However she was afraid of other excuse from the UN so she saw a solicitor regarding that complaint and there was no any wrong. she returned the file of complaint to UN for Human Right on 22 Oct.2008 and she was surprised that the UN sent the file of my complaint to Australia Sydney while she was in Geneva and provided all her contact details in Geneva. The complaint to UN had been rejected she agreed that local remedy must be reached in Australia first. But she was very stressful physically and emotionally not because of the rejections from the most Organization and she was humiliated in European countries as well after a woman from Algeria tried to help her while her health condition was worsen and all the doors were closed at her in Switzerland and France a lady tried to help Nuha by using her health card insurance to buy Nuha the medication , a lady bought the medicine but the social assistant in France “la Miason Coluche, 12 Rue de Nagociorts 74100 Amblilly France where Nuha used to stay , that social assistant abused Nuha and threw the medication in the bin and took her things out to the street and closed the door at her while it was raining and night time and she had no place to go and she was very sick. The social assistants at France knew that she came from Australia to get the treatment, but he and his colleagues seemed not to be care especially after Ambilly’s Hospital refused to help her.
she tried to speak to the media in Europe and she sent her story by fax ,e-mail and through the mail ,but the responses she had was very disappointed .she wrote to a big number of the Newspaper in Europe no one response to her or paid attention to her tragedy. The word of democracy in Europe has no meaning she still cannot believe why she could not get help from the Hospitals in Europe just because she was tourist. She do not know what kind of world that we live in now. She was travelling from continent to another year after year to have medication. As it happened just it was human crisis .she was very shocked of what happening and the System in Australia or in most of the world has no different of torturing and abusing people. The democracy and the free speech are fabricated policy. she was not the only one from my community in Australia who suffers from the same kind of treatment with the health system but she was the first one try to get the justice for all that horrible crimes. After all she came back to Australia on 7 Nov.2008 without any help. And traveled again to Africa from 2009 to 2010 but she was treated as Tourist that could not be assisted her situation and obviously with the Australian citizenship she always face difficulties to settle and hard to get help in other countries so that she need to seek all legal remedies in Australia before she should depart to overseas which seems to be forever to be reached legal remedies in Australia
Nuha Dafaalla was arrested and hit and beaten todeath and kept in custdy for 3hours by Bankstown police in 19/jul/2008 and after that injury Police took her to Bankstown hospital the accuasation of that arrest was spite on the ground in Franklins Bankstown branch which did not happen .The Police iussed fines of two against Nuha Dafaalla and recored her in crimal list.
I would ask your kindness to consider this article for publication to help her to get little of support because here in Australia no one from the community willing to help.

I thank everybody gives time to review the outline of this ordeal.
It’s pleasure to hear your comments on this Website
Wrote and updated by
nuha dafaalla

Dated on:
1st Jun.2010


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