Anti-Trump protests break out across the U.S.

Anti-Trump protests have broken out across the U.S. as the result of Donald Trump’s recent selection as U.S. president. 

New York City and Chicago are seeing the largest protests as protesters in New York City blocked busy Fifth Avenue. Students in Los Angeles well as in Texas walked out of class while cities like Boston, MA; Seattle, WA and Pittsburgh, PA also broke out in protests.

The mostly-white protesters, upset at Trump’s win, are shouting “Not my president” in defiance of the presidential results. Indigenous (Latino) immigrants and Muslims activists also made their presence known in the streets.

The illusion of U.S. democracy is very dependent on the peaceful transfer of power and these protests are not good for a healthy ruling class narrative. This is the crisis of imperialism unfolding before our eyes.

Not our fight!

It is good that there are not many Africans protesting Trump’s election. This implies that Africans are convinced that there is no difference between Trump and Clinton. It is clear to the African People’s Socialist Party (APSP) that the U.S. is a criminal organization that thrives off of our oppression and exploitation.

No U.S. president, black, white, male or female represents the freedom and interests of African people.

Now is not the time for us to get upset over who sits in the white people’s house. Now is the time to build our own dual and contending state power. This need would still be just as pressing if Hillary Clinton had won. Our political energy is now directed towards fighting for power ourselves.

It’s all about reparations, Black Community Control of the Police and the right to govern and defend ourselves.

We want control of African resources and the withdrawal of U.S. colonial economic and military forces from our exploited and oppressed communities.

Izwe lethu i Africa!

We are winning!

Join the African People’s Socialist Party! 


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