Anti-Trump protestors miss the mark

CHICAGO––A rally for republican presidential candidate Donald Trump was cancelled on Friday, March 11, 2016 to prevent anti-Trump demonstrators from disrupting the event. Immediately after the rally’s cancellation was announced, cheers from the anti-Trump demonstrators erupted all over the building where the rally was scheduled to be held.

Disappointed Trump supporters left feeling angry and cheated while the anti-Trump demonstrators––mostly African men and women––were left to bask in what they obviously considered to be a victory.

These anti-Trump demonstrations have provided the colonial media with quite a spectacle as nearly every Trump rally has been met with protest. Anti-Trump demonstrators are not to be credited with providing this spectacle all by themselves.

Trump supporters have clashed with demonstrators and many cases have gotten violent. Seventy-eight-year-old Trump supporter John McGraw violently attacked Rakeem Jones at a Trump rally in North Carolina on March 9, 2016.

McGraw is seen on video punching the African man as he was being escorted out by local pigs. The pigs are also shown on video turning a blind eye to the attack.

Trump, as well as his supporters, have proven that they are not above condoning and using violence against those who wish to protest or show disagreement with Donald Trump’s campaign.

Despite the violence at Trump rallies and his promises to pay the legal fees for supporters who resort to attacking anti-Trump demonstrators, protests are still happening.

Latino and immigration advocate groups are planning to hold demonstrations at Trump’s events scheduled in Arizona. African people can be seen on television debating with Trump supporters over the U.S. presidential candidate’s stance on key issues.

Efforts taken to protest “The Donald” are pointless.

Donald Trump is vile, uncouth and capable of saying some of the most hateful and offensive things. Donald Trump is a racist, bigot and a sexist. There are so many negative words one can use against Trump and they would all be true. This is nothing new.

Donald Trump was all of these things before started his U.S. presidential campaign. He has never ran away from an opportunity to express his views on Africans, Mexicans, Muslims and whoever else he wants to subject to his particular brand of hatred.

Donald Trump is as transparent as a freshly-cleaned window, and so are his supporters. So protesting his events accomplishes nothing but gaining publicity. Trump’s supporters already know who he is and how he rolls.

Therefore, nothing is being exposed by these protests. Nothing is being challenged. Nothing is being called out. The cat’s already out of the bag. The jig is up. We get it. Trump doesn’t like us (Africans) and neither does his violent supporters.

Not one vote which is being cast for Donald Trump is lost when his supporters see African people protesting against him. Trump actually receives stronger support.

Protesting at a Donald Trump rally makes as much sense as protesting a Ku Klux Klan rally.

Planet of the fakes!

Donald Trump is not deceiving anyone. He is definitely not deceiving the masses of African people expected to participate in this year’s election.

Trump is just what he portrays himself to be but guess who isn’t?

The democrats are playing so many neocolonial mind games with African people in the U.S. that we are totally out of touch with reality. We have resorted to trying to choose the “lesser of two evils.”

The democrats are not even the lesser of two evils. They are merely the sneakier of two evils. Hillary Clinton uses the images of our African men and women who have been murdered by pigs to make Africans feel like she is our only help.

It is nothing short of disrespectful the way she uses the mothers of slain Africans to prey upon the pain and trauma which these African women feel when she sees the faces of slain children such as Trayvon Martin.

It was during her husband’s term as U.S. president when she spearheaded the bill that put more pigs on the streets of African communities and contributed to the militarization of our neighborhoods. We are living in the aftermath of the time when Hillary referred to African youth as “super predators.”

It’s ironic how she can have so much sympathy for these same “super predators” and their mothers.

Bernie Sanders is being touted as the “socialist” messiah for African people. Sanders claims to care so much about the plight of African people, that he even protested during the Civil Rights Movement.

Bernie Sanders wants to give working class Africans a $15 per hour wage cap. He wants to give African people free education. He wants to give African people apple pie in the sky.

Bernie will not get off of the illegal wealth and power that is due to us. Bernie answered with a  resounding “no” when asked if he is in favor for reparations for African people.

Wrong rally

Protesting is not the answer to everything that affects the African population. Holding a demonstration can be a useful tactic, depending on the situation.

A Donald Trump rally is not the situation to protest.

Donald Trump has promised Africans nothing so there is nothing to hold him to. The two democratic candidates have spoken directly to the African people, telling us they are ready to make things right.

These are the liars who should have their rallies interrupted. These are the people who are to be held accountable for their false presentations as a friend to African people––especially Sanders who has the nerve to present his campaign as some kind of revolutionary movement.

The enemy that makes himself known will always be less dangerous than the one who pretends to be a friend.

It’s time for African people to arm ourselves with the political knowledge that will keep us from falling victim to different representations of colonialism that rear their faces every four years.

The Black is Back Coalition for Social Justice, Peace and Reparations is holding their special National Conference with the theme: “The 2016 Elections and the Struggle for Black Self-determination” on April 9, 2016 at the St Mary’s Episcopal Church in Harlem, NY. The Coalition urges every African come to this event so that we can better address the critical questions surrounding the 2016 presidential elections.

Learn more about this event by visiting Register to attend the National Conference at

Africans should become a part of the only political party here to liberate African people worldwide––The African People’s Socialist Party.

Join the African People Socialist Party by visiting!



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