Another 18 year old African murdered by police in St Louis

"Walking home from the store could very well be fatal if you are an African in the police occupied streets of any city here in the land of the 'free police.' Better known as America!"
ST. LOUIS–On Wednesday evening of Oct. 8 almost 2 months to the day of the Mike Brown assassination and just 2 days before the Ferguson October Weekend of Resistance, a white killer cop unloaded 17 bullets from his gun, 8 of them striking 18 year old African, Vonderrit Meyer. Like Mike Brown too, the shot to the head proved to be fatal.
Around 7:30 pm, October 8, Meyer purchased a sandwich from a neighborhood store and began to exit the store when an off duty cop stopped Meyer for a “pedestrian check” at the 4100 block of Shaw.
Moments later, the cop proceeded to empty his clip into the 18 year old African’s body. Witnesses revealed the cop continued to shoot into a body that was lifeless on the ground. How depraved is that? Very sadistic.
A witness who was in route to a nearby store heard at least 15 shots. Upon arriving on the scene, he noticed how the killer cop stood over the lifeless body of Meyer while pointing a gun at the witnesses roaring insanely for them all to get back as he attempted to reach for another clip.
This shooting took place approximately 12 miles from where Mike Brown was fatally shot in the middle of the narrow neighborhood road Canfield, now called “Ground Zero”.
Walking home from the store could very well be fatal if you are an African in the police occupied streets  of any city here in the land of the "free police." Better known as America!
Meyer was with 3 other friends when he was shot and killed. Naturally, the killer cops have a completely different, yet all too familiar statement regarding what led up to the killing.
According to the police, the four Africans fled after being stopped by the off duty cop who was reportedly patrolling the community for a private security company. In other words, a “legal” George Zimmerman.
As Africans, we live with the knowledge of how cops kill us arbitrarily and with impunity knowing that they will be rewarded with time off with pay. So sure, we run from the police when we are being stopped and harassed for no other reason than we are young black men.
The 32 year old white cop who has been on the force for 6 years, claims he only returned fire after being fired upon. Once again, witnesses’ statements contradict this report.
Several witnesses at the scene declare Meyer only had in his hands the sandwich he purchased form the store.
The cop is saying he knew Meyer had a gun because he was holding his pants at the waist. This can be translated that “sagging” can get you the death penalty in St Louis.
Family members of Vonderrit Meyers revealed that he worked at a warehouse and was a student.  
Now let’s watch how the picture is painted to assassinate his character in the media in order to justify killing a child with 17 shots.
How many of our young people will have to have their lives terminated by reprobate, colonial cops before we fight back?
A crowd of people surrounded the crime scene and demanded answers and justice. After another occupying army (police) killing of an African walking from the store, the people who thought they would have some rest before a long weekend of workshops for activists and planned rallies for the upcoming "Ferguson in October Weekend of Resistance," October 10-12, are back in the streets. No time for leisure when at war. The struggle continues!
Protesters continued with their chants of “Fight Back, Fight Back”, “Whose Streets? Our Streets!”, “I‘ve got my hands on my head, please don’t shoot me dead!”, and “Indict! Convict! Send those killer cops to jail. The whole damn system is guilty as hell!”
This should inspire you join us on Nov 1st – 2nd for the Black Is Back Demonstration at the White House in D.C. Join this great march for our human dignity.
It's time to Fight Back!
Peace Through Revolution!
Justice for Vonderrit and Mike!


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