“An Uneasy Equilibrium” at Harlem Book Fair

HARLEM, NEW YORK–The Annual Harlem Book Fair, held July 18, 2015 attracts African authors, vendors, cultural workers and throngs of people to converge on 135th Street in Harlem, New York every year.
Chairman Omali Yeshitela,  the Chairman of the African Socialist International (ASI) and the leader of the Uhuru Movement has been struggling to bring African people worldwide back in to political life for more than 50 years.
Chairman Omali has attended the Harlem Book Fair every year for the past few years as an author.
His latest book is titled “An Uneasy Equilibrium: The African Revolution versus Parasitic Capitalism.”
The book features his “Political Report to the African People's Socialist Party USA Sixth Congress – groundbreaking political analysis that shows the way forward for people looking for answers during this period of crisis for imperialism, a crisis that offers great opportunity for colonized peoples everywhere”. 
Books are to serve as educational tools for Africans in Harlem and worldwide. The organizers of the Harlem Book Fair, however, attempted to dull a tool that goes beyond explaining the world for Africans and shows the way for Africans to change the world.
A stage is set up for cultural workers from poets to musicians, at the Harlem Book Fair, to entertain and sometimes educate attendees.
Authors who have booths at the Fair are given fifteen minutes to address the Harlem Book fair goers.
Chairman Omali Yeshtela addressed the people and placed current events and the history of African people in a context matched by historical luminaries like Marcus Garvey and Malcolm X.
Chairman explains Obama, rushed off stage; important upcoming events
Chairman Omali was hurried off of the stage, to the dismay of the people, when he spoke about U.S. president Barack Hussein Obama’s role as an instrument of the oppressors of African people. He said Obama was a tool to keep African people from struggling to obtain their own freedom.
The Chairman’s fifteen minute time span to speak to the people was cut to barely four minutes!
The audience’s disgust was loud and clear as Chairman Omali Yeshitela left the stage.
Throughout the day, Africans were coming up to the “An UnEasy Equilibrium” booth, signing contact sheets, taking photos and buying copies of The Burning Spear newspaper.  
Uhuru News Staff, clad in their bright neon t- shirts could be seen giving out flyers and selling copies of The Burning Spear newspaper.  
Many more Africans came to the booth to learn about African Internationalism after the Chairman’s brief speech.
The people were also made aware of the upcoming Black Power Matters Conference, sponsored by the Black Is Back Coalition for Social Justice, Peace and Reparations (BIBC), of which Chairman Omali is one of the founding members.
Africans who came to the booth also learned about and were invited to the 24th Annual Convention of The International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement (InPDUM) which will be held on September 26 and 27, 2015 in Chicago, IL.
“Organizing for a New World and Black Power” is the theme of this year’s InPDUM Convention.
Africans who support this dying capitalist-colonialist system including the Harlem Book Fair organizer who signaled to get the Chairman off of the mic, need to buy “An Uneasy Equilibrium” and study it!
Only then will it’s chief spokesman be able to tip the scales and join the side of the masses to win their freedom.
Go to www.InPDUM.org to register for the InPDUM 2015 Covention


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