An open letter to all white people – Where do you stand? Build the “Days in Solidarity with African People” 2013

Millions of us from the white community are sickened by the verdict that let George Zimmerman walk for the brutal murder of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.
Are you one of us who is deeply concerned by the obvious widening of the gap in the conditions of life for African people and the white population in what has been so incorrectly called a “post racial America?"
Where today, every 28 hours an African person in the U.S. is killed by the police.
Do you bristle at the injustice of the fact that an estimated 95 percent of African youth in the inner cities are unemployed without any possibilities for a productive future, or despise the reality that, of the 2.5 million people in prison in the U.S., half of them are black and poor serving long sentences on charges that white people don’t even get arrested for?
For us, seeing African and Latino youth stopped and frisked by police much like the pass laws of apartheid South Africa is profoundly disturbing.
This is a call for all those who want to take action, who want to make a difference, not through charity but through genuine solidarity, to participate in the campaign led by Uhuru Solidarity Movement to build the “Days in Solidarity with African People” in your city or on your campus.
Uhuru Solidarity Movement is the organization of white people organized directly under the leadership of the African People’s Socialist Party (APSP).
The APSP leads the Uhuru Movement and is organizing and uniting Africans around the world as one people struggling to liberate Africa and Africans everywhere.
As the only white organization that operates directly under the leadership of the African Liberation Movement, the Uhuru Solidarity Movement (USM) is a strategic component of the revolutionary movement of African people. Our mission is to organize inside the belly of the beast, winning other white people to take a stand in solidarity with the self-defined struggle of African people for liberation, self-determination and power over their own lives and resources.
USM is built on the understanding that the “racial gap” in the U.S., Europe and throughout the world has a material basis. The U.S. is built on a foundation of the enslavement of African people and the genocide of the Indigenous people.
Europe and white populations throughout the world have been built and sustained by colonialism and the continued extraction of resources of Africa.
Think about it. There would be no United States without the enslavement of millions of Africans and the violent theft of the land of the native people.
This is the essence of America.
Slavery and the theft of this land are what gave white people the higher standard of living and opportunities to climb the so-called ladder of success.
There would be no England without the vast wealth extracted from the “empire on which the sun never set.”
White people could have it all as long as African people and oppressed peoples everywhere continue to be exploited for stolen labor and resources, a reality that has always demanded white people’s complicity and complacency.
There was no kinder, gentler capitalism in the past.
Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and Andrew Jackson were slaveowners and Indian-killers. Our white ancestors participated in lynching, genocide and terror against African and Indigenous people. George Zimmerman is just carrying out that historic legacy; it’s nothing new.
The African People’s Socialist Party, which leads the Uhuru Solidarity Movement, is the organization of African people whether in the U.S., Canada, Europe, the Caribbean, South America or on the continent of Africa.
The Uhuru Movement is organized in London, Paris, several German cities, Sweden, Belgium, many cities in Sierra Leone and organizations growing in South Africa, Kenya, Nassau in the Bahamas and Colombia, South America.
Everywhere African people are catching the same hell.
The Uhuru Movement fights for African working people to have control over their own resources and lives. The continent of Africa and all its minerals and resources belongs to African people and must be used for their benefit, not European and American corporations. That just makes sense.
This is a world of constant imperialist crisis and unending imperialist war around the world and inside this country against oppressed peoples.
The U.S. capitalist economy is in crisis because all around the world people who have been living for hundreds of years under Western military and economic domination are rising up, saying no to U.S.-bred oppression and are taking control of their destinies.
As white people, we are learning that to find a future in this world defined by the decline of U.S. imperialism, we must jump off this pedestal that lets us live at the expense of African and other peoples.
We must join the world community. African people and the majority of the world’s peoples are speaking to us, calling for us to join them in solidarity in the fight for justice and a world without oppressors and the oppressed, a world in which all humanity can live in peace, no one at the expense of others.
The “Days in Solidarity with African People” are days of tribute to African people, a look at the history of how this injustice began and a salute to the future of liberation and justice for African and oppressed peoples everywhere.
“Days in Solidarity with African People” events are already planned for October 2013 in St. Petersburg, San Diego, Oakland, Philadelphia, Gainesville, Miami and the list of cities continues to grow.
This campaign is based on the understanding that as white people who have lived on the backs of African people for 500 years, our genuine solidarity is in reparations to African people and raising resources for the Uhuru Movement, which is only funded by the support of African people and their allies and supporters.
The “Days in Solidarity with African People” campaign has a goal to raise $14,000 to the work of the African People’s Socialist Party plus the expenses of the campaign between now and November 2013 as a concrete expression of our unity with reparations.
There are several ways that white people, no matter where you are located, can get involved immediately and win unity and reparations from your community.
First: “Take the Pledge of Solidarity with African People” today. Sign your name, leave your statement, make your donation. This is a key part of the campaign where you can publically take a stand in solidarity with African Liberation and win others to take the pledge as well!
Second: Become a sustaining member of the Uhuru Solidarity Movement and provide ongoing support of the Uhuru Movement. As a member of the USM, you will receive your membership packet and card in the mail as well as a personal membership orientation with a USM organizer.
Third: Win reparations in your own community through building fundraisers as part of the “Days in Solidarity with African People” campaign. Can you raise $1,000, $500 or $250? We can meet with you, provide training and materials. We can also hook you up with USM organizers and/or members in your area to join efforts. Email
Fourth: Join the committee. We need help passing out flyers, putting up posters, updating our website, editing video, taking photos at events, mailing out packets, organizing actions and more. Email
And: Build a “Days in Solidarity with African People” event on your campus, at your church or in your city. Big or small – we can help you make it a reality.  Email
We can take a stand and be counted on the side of African liberation. Join the “Days in Solidarity with African People” campaign today!


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