All African women’s leadership elected at InPDUM Convention in Chicago

CHICAGO–The International People's Democratic Uhuru Movement (InPDUM) finds its new President Herdosia Bentum, out of the ashes of Ferguson, MO.
Herdosia and others like her were in the streets everyday fighting back against police tanks and tear gas, before the "Black Lives Matter" movement took credit for the burning resistance exhibited by everyday young Africans after the police murder of Mike Brown in Ferguson on August 9, 2014.
InPDUM convened its annual convention in Chicago, IL on September 26th and 27th 2015. The mass organization of the Uhuru Movement was founded there in 1991.
The theme for this years convention was Organizing For A New World And Black Power
Omali Yeshitela, Chairman of the African Peoples Socialist Party, appointed Herdosia Bentum President of InPDUM, on Sunday September 27, 2015, replacing former two-time president Chimurenga Waller.
Comrades Elizabeth West and Denise Justice, also from Ferguson/St Louis were nominated by Herdosia for the Secretary and Economic Development positions of the leadership of InPDUM.
The nomination of the membership coordinator of the leading body of InPDUM went to Comrade Akile from St. Petersburg, FL.
The members of InPDUM voted for the new leading body of the organization with a unanimous decision.
Organizing For a New World And Black Power
The entire International Executive Committee (IEC) which is the leading body of InPDUM is comprised of African women with a history of resistance.
The base of the Uhuru movement is in St. Petersburg, FL and it is out of this movement that InPDUM was conceived. Before InPDUM grew to be located on three different continents it was called the National Peoples Democratic Uhuru Movement (NPDUM).
The goal of the mass organization of the Uhuru Movement was to continue the black revolution of the 60s after it was crushed by military defeat.
NPDUM grew to be InPDUM because it was clear that African people all over the world needed to be brought back into political life.
Self-determination is the highest expression of democracy and InPDUM was born to defend the democratic rights of African people everywhere.
Chairman Omali Yeshitela made it clear at this years InPDUM convention that we are in a great new period of resistance for African people. The new IEC of InPDUM embodies the vigor that will be needed to bring everyday African people back into political life.
Women have always been the backbone of the African liberation struggle. At this point in history InPDUM puts African Women in the forefront as the leadership is Organizing For A New World And Black Power.
Chairman Omali Yeshitela also stated that the morale of Africans around the world was boosted by the heroic heat and fight of young African people in Ferguson and later in Baltimore Maryland around the police murder of Freddie Gray.
Feminize your a** off!
When responding to the proposition that the APSP was feminizingthe black movement, Chairman Omali Yeshitela responded, Ella Baker was as feminine as you can be Fannie Lou Hammer was as feminine as you can be If feminization means being like Harriet Tubman, if feminization means being like James Baldwin Then feminize your a** off and come into this movement.
Conversations are being had in the black community about the so called feminization of black men. It is white power that discriminates and when African people speak in these terms we are speaking like our colonizers. Today the current leadership of InPDUM is feminine and it is strong.
Chairman Omali made it clear that, The reality is that we have a revolution to make and we dont have time for forces who will divide the African working class from the task ahead of us. The revolution must be made!
The U.S. government destroyed our movement and killed our leaders. African people have been without real revolutionary leadership and organization for two generations.
The black power demand for Black Community Control of the Police was adopted by InPDUM from the Black Is Back Coalition of which it is a part. This campaign will be pushed by the IEC of InPDUM.
The Africans Charge Genocidepetition campaign will also be pushed by the IEC of InPDUM.
This petition to the UN internationalizes the struggle of African people, exposing the U.S. governments atrocities against Africa and African people to the entire world.
There is no need for African people to struggle in isolation.
There is no place for the division of African people based on sex in order for us to win our liberation.
The InPDUM 2015 convention in Chicago was a resounding success.
Building the membership of the organization is paramount in winning our freedom. Go to to join InPDUM.
We are building organization for a new world and black power, under InPDUMs new all African women leadership!
Congrats to Herdosia and the new IEC!
Join InPDUM!
Organize for Black Power!


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