Alabama prisoners organize demonstration in response to horrible living conditions

Montgomery, ALABAMA­—African prisoners started a demonstration at the prison camp known as the William C. Holman Correctional Facility on March 12, 2016. The demonstration, which was recorded on cellphone video, took place after Carter F. Davenport took over the facility as warden.

Before Davenport, who perpetuates white power in black face, took over Holman, he was warden at St. Claire Correctional Facility. St. Clair was Alabama’s least violent maximum security prison, but after he was done, the murder rate jumped 200 percent.

Davenport leaves behind a trail of blood from each concentration camp he enters as he threatens prisoners with violence if they report abuse.

After a fight died down in the C dorms, a guard entered and proceeded to disrespect the prisoners in the dorm, according the the prisoners in their video.

Even after being told that the fight was over and everything was back to normal, the pig proceeded to flip over the inmates’ mattresses and rummage through their belongings. The colonial guard also began to chastise one of the elder inmates. The guard was stabbed as a result.

The prisoners then took control of the dorm and when Davenport and another pig came in to try to control the prisoners, Davenport was stabbed as well.

The inmates started setting fires and breaking windows as they live streamed it on Facebook.

Free Alabama Movement exposes prison camp conditions similar to slavery

Poetik, a prisoner at Holman, said, “Davenport creates a climate of violence.

Africans held in illegitimate colonial prison camps  face the same colonial conditions our ancestors did on the slave ships that brought us here, such as overcrowding, abuse, unsanitary living conditions.

Holman currently is overcrowded with a population of 991 inmates—around 150 percent of its designed-capacity of 637.

Poetik has been in solitary confinement since last year for his role as a prison activist, he was a part of the Free Alabama Movement. 

Melvin Ray, the founder of the movement used cellphones to record and post videos to YouTube to the Free Alabama Movement channel.

The founder of the Free Alabama Movement made it a point to keep their demonstrations nonviolent in an effort to prove to the colonial State that they are ready to be released and returned to society.

The prisoners were pushing for prison reform as well as advocating for human rights.

Ray and other people who are seen on the Free Alabama Movement videos have been locked in solitary confinement since last year.

The videos show broken and rigged shower heads and mold in the vents. They also  expose that some of the food they’re fed came in boxes that read “not safe for human consumption.”

The prisoners are also seen on video talking about the free prison labor the concentration camps force them into as well as the unsanitary living conditions that they live in.

Many prisoners have medical conditions which the facility refuses to give them treatment or medication for.

Inmates have the right to resist colonial imprisonment

In the past three years, inmates at the Holman prison camp have resisted against the colonial prison staff more frequently.

Some of the prisoners at Holman Correctional Facility organized a demonstration and refused to go to work until the living conditions change.

Many of the prisoners being held captive have been given ridiculous sentences. One prisoner was sentenced to 75 years in prison for attempted robbery at the age of 16. This is what happens under colonialism.

In one of their videos Melvin Ray, takes apart “meat patties” that are “cooked” together to show three different colors and raw meat with hard substances in the patty.

One of the meat patties was burned on the outside and completely raw and turning green on the inside.

Some prisoners think the food is the reason why a lot of Africans on the inside have developed rashes and other new medical conditions.

In all honesty, the majority of domesticated animals are fed better than the prisoners held captive in concentration camps.

Prison labor sanctioned by the U.S. constitution 

Since the U.S. constitution states that, “neither slavery or indentured servitude, except as punishment for crime whereof the party have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States…”, the white ruling class has made it a point to criminalize everything that African people do.

Poverty is a result of colonialism. Colonialism forces colonized Africans into hostile living conditions where we have to fight over resources. These conditions force African people to make decisions that break the illegitimate laws forced upon us by the white ruling class.

African prisoners are legal slaves used for free labor by capitalist companies that wouldn’t hire them outside of the prison walls.

Instead of “rehabilitation” and providing classes and education, prisoners are forced to work long hours for little to no pay.

The prisoners with the “good jobs” make no more than 50 cents per hour. 

Mass incarceration of Africans is genocide

The mass incarceration of African people––in this case African men––is genocide.

High rates of incarceration of African people, usually of childbearing age, prevents and highly limits rates of reproduction. More than that, incarceration of African men leaves the African family shattered and young African children without fathers.

The Africans locked away seem to think that prison reform and downsizing is the best solution for their genocide.

The only true solution, however, is revolution.

The African People’s Socialist Party (APSP) demands the immediate and unconditional release of all Africans who are locked away in prison camps as all the African men and women who are imprisoned are there due to decisions, laws and circumstances which were created by aliens and foreigners for their own benefit and as a means of genocidal colonialist control.

These decisions, laws and circumstances were created and are enforced without our consent and are therefore illegitimate.

African men and women who are locked down in these concentration camps are victims of U.S. colonialist ruling class justice which maintains our enslavement and terrorizes our people, and that they should therefore be released immediately to the just representatives of our struggle for liberation, independence and socialist democracy.

The International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement (InPDUM), the mass organization of the APSP, has created a petition campaign, Africans Charge Genocide, to charge the U.S. government with genocide of African people within these borders. The petitions will be brought to the United Nations.

InPDUM’s strategy is to use the UN’s platform to put the U.S. on blast in the international sphere. Sign the petition at!

Join the fight to free our brothers and sisters. Join the African People’s Socialist Party and InPDUM.  

Contribute to the Sponsor a Prisoner program of The Burning Spear newspaper, so that our incarcerated brothers and sisters can receive revolutionary political education and stay connected to our freedom struggle by receiving complimentary issues of The Spear.

Forward the African Revolution!




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