Africans united in defense of Libya!

A new world has been trying to come into being since before the imperialists’ so-called first world war.

It is the rise of the colonized and oppressed peoples’ struggles, and we can see its trajectory with the Garvey Movement, which organized more than 11 million Africans around the world (1914-1924), the largest anti-colonial international organization in the world to date.

We see its rise in the failed Mexican Revolution (1910-1920) and in the Russian revolution of 1917.

Though the Russians did not belong to the camp of colonized nations as did the Africans, Mexicans, Arabs, Chinese and others, their socialist revolution still gave U.S.-led white power seven decades’ worth of justification to attack the colonized peoples’ struggles for national liberation, under the disguise of fighting communism.

As Chairman Omali Yeshitela remarks, “This was at the turn of the 20th century, when resistance to imperialist colonialism was growing throughout the world, even as the imperialists were engaged in the First Imperialist World War to re-divide the world — mainly the colonial and subject peoples — among themselves.

“This was an era of great upheaval. The European war to re-divide the world that is commonly known as World War I was upsetting the balance of power in Europe.

“This First Imperialist World War challenged the notions of European identity conferred to different Europeans at the 1814-1815 Congress of Vienna that was used to redraw European borders after the Napoleonic Wars.”

Chairman Yeshitela gives an account of how the trajectory of the struggles previously led by Marcus Garvey, Emilio Zapata, Sun Yat Sen, Sandino and others took a decisive turn.

He says, “While these struggles have been going on for some time and have clearly escalated since the second imperialist world war, they have had markedly different implications for world capitalism within the recent period.

“The political independence won by colonialist-created states such as Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Sudan, Congo, Nigeria, etc., on the continent of Africa; the independence won by India, Burma, Pakistan, and of most of South America was an independence from direct colonial rule.

“It was nominal political independence that left the peoples and countries dominated economically by their former masters and the now-dominant U.S.

“It was ‘independence’ under a new, more subtle colonialism, a colonialism that was essentially economic; it was neocolonialism.”

Peoples’ struggles met with barbarian counterinsurgency

Neocolonialism was the response of western democracies to our fragmented anti-colonial movement of the 50s and 60s for self-determination and happiness.

Our movement for a world without colonial slavery was attacked by the U.S.-led western governments, which unleashed a barbaric counterinsurgency warfare to bring us back into submission.

Most of the African strategic leaders were assassinated, jailed or forced into exile. Ethnic and civil wars were organized. CIA-, French- and British-funded coups were instigated to bring down anti-imperialist governments. Sanctions and military invasions were unleashed on sovereign governments.

For 50 years, illegitimate leaders were imposed on us, so instead of having Malcolm X, Lumumba, Nkrumah, Rodney, Sankara, and Huey Newton in power, we instead had Mobutu, Bokassa, Wade, Compaore, Sassou, Baby Doc, Mubarak, Colin Powell and Obama, with devastating consequences.

The African Revolution has been nearly wiped out.

In 1979, two new global revolutionary struggles emerged: the Iran Islamic Revolution and the Nicaraguan Revolution, each of which has had lasting consequences.

Chairman Yeshitela recalls, “I was in Nicaragua when Reagan took office. I will never forget Alexander Haig declaring himself the vicar of foreign policy.

“He announced that those groups that have been called freedom fighters for national liberation organizations would henceforth be known as ‘terrorists’…

“They created this thing they called the ‘arc of crisis‘.

“They recognized this crisis even back at that time… We have been looking at this attempt all along to try to put the brakes on this process of people winning their freedom, winning their national liberation. All these struggles for national liberation always conflict with the national interests of the United States government.”

In the past, white power nations went to war with each other in order to redivide the world and change the balance of power with respect to each other, while our oppression continued, irrespective of which white nation won the war.

But now, the victorious struggles for national liberation have begun to weaken the death grip that oppressor nations have had over oppressed nations.

These struggles are the driving force that is changing the balance of power in the world.

Mass struggles in North Africa and Middle East threaten white power

The significance of the surge of mass struggles in North Africa and in the Middle East is that they threaten to accelerate the shift in balance of power between the oppressor nations and the oppressed.

Despite all its weaknesses, the emergence of mass national democratic struggles in Tunisia and Egypt signaled the advent of a new era of peoples’ struggles, whose objective is peoples’ control of the existing political and economic systems.

The potential of these struggles is that they can remove neocolonial tyrants and the compradors and bureaucrat social classes that produce those tyrants. They also have the potential to uproot and remove imperialist economic control of the people.

These struggles are threatening the very life of imperialism by threatening to change the balance of power, at the expense of white imperialism.

This is how we need to understand Chairman Yeshitela’s statement that the main goal of the U.S.-led aggression on Libya is to stop the shift of power balance in North Africa and in the Middle East: Gaddafi’s regime represents part of the forces who would benefit from a shift of balance of powers being brought about by the new mass democratic movement in North Africa.

First of all, this is a war to maintain the balance of powers in North Africa, which has been shaken by the fall of Mubarak and Ben Ali, respectively, in Egypt and Tunisia.

Mubarak was a client of the United States, whose power depended on his relationship with the U.S. government.

The U.S. gave him nearly $2 billion and multiple types of military aid to maintain a repressive police state over the Egyptian people.

The U.S. also needed the deal with Mubarak to establish an alliance between an Israeli State and the Mubarak-led Egyptian State, which would secure the Red Sea and Suez Canal passage for capitalist commerce, keep oil flowing in the pipelines that run through Egypt, and contain the Palestinian struggle for self-determination (in support of an illegitimate Israeli settler State).

Ben Ali in Tunisia, supported by the French, ran a smaller state than Mubarak, but nevertheless he ran a puppet regime that helped maintain a balance of power in the region that was favorable to white imperialism.

The massive mobilization of the peoples of Egypt and Tunisia have inspired the whole of North Africa and the Middle East — in particular Yemen, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Palestine, Oman and Saudi Arabia — where people became inspired by the unlimited possibilities of peoples’ power.

In Bahrain, a Sunni monarchy regime that reigns over a Shiite majority population has been challenged by mass protests for more than a month, and its people have reclaimed constitutional reforms and other basic democratic rights.

Any successful Shiite struggle would tilt significantly the balance of power in the region, in favor of Iran, a rising power, and would simultaneously have devastating consequences for United States military power.

A piece written by political analyst Richard Rozoff gives us a glimpse of the significance of the resistance struggle in Bahrain:

“The U.S. Fifth Fleet, one of six used by Washington to patrol the world's seas and oceans, is headquartered near Manama, where between 4,000-6,000 American military personnel are stationed.

“Unlike Tunisia and Egypt, U.S. military partners but not hosts of American bases, Bahrain is vital to U.S. international military and energy strategy, and allowing a doctrinal affinity to in any manner augment Iran's influence in its Persian Gulf neighbor is anathema to the White House, State Department and Pentagon.

“The Fifth Fleet's area of responsibility encompasses 2.5 million square miles of water, including the Persian Gulf, the Red Sea, the Gulf of Oman, the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean as far south as Kenya.

“Aircraft carriers, destroyers and other warships are assigned to it on a rotational basis and the fleet is the naval component of U.S. Central Command, sharing a commander and headquarters in Bahrain with US Naval Forces Central Command.

“Central Command's purview stretches from Egypt in the west to Kazakhstan, bordering Russia and China, in the east.”

Significance of Iran in the Muslim world

A close collaboration among Iran, Syria, the Hezbollah movement in Lebanon and the Islamic political party Hamas in Palestine already exists.

Any strategic weakening, collapse or fall of pro-U.S. puppet regimes in the region is more likely to result in the rise of power for Iran and Hamas and any other power-associated force aligned with Iran.

The rise of Iran is a serious challenge to the power of Israel, which cannot exist in the region without U.S. military aid and support from the Arab neocolonial regimes, which are being challenged by popular revolts.

Dr. Ely Karmon, a political scholar, writes, “Just as Islamic Iran defends the rights of the Palestinians, we defend the rights of Islamic Iran. We are part of a united front against the enemies of Islam.”

Elsewhere, Karmon explains, “Hamas is the crucial element for Iran in the Arab world, because it is the only Sunni full member of the coalition, an important faction of the broader Muslim Brotherhood movement, and symbolizes the Palestinian cause, so dear to the Arabs and Muslims worldwide.

“Today Hamas has the advantage to control the Gaza Strip, after a bloody military coup against the Palestinian Authority, thus becoming an advanced post of Iran on the border with Israel and Egypt.

“Since Iran is a key factor in the struggle for power over the region, which slowly threatens the U.S.-led white power in the region, we can see how the Shiite Iraqi’s government is caught between the influences of both Shiite Iran and the colonial United States government.”

Saddam Hussein is no longer a counterbalance against Iran!

The real reasons for attack on Libya

The claim that the imperialists are attacking Libya for the purpose of rescuing the people of Libya from Gaddafi's oppressive rule is a lie and a contradiction in terms.

It is like the Israeli State going to war with Hamas in Palestine, to free Palestinians and Palestine from the Israeli settler State.

France or the U.S. cannot save anybody from imperialist control, because they are the problem.

The primary obstacle to democracy everywhere is U.S. government; Gaddafi’s rule is a secondary issue.

Is it the fault of Gaddafi that the native Indians in America have been wiped out?

Is it Gaddafi’s armies who occupy Iraq and Afghanistan?

Is it Gaddafi who keeps 65 percent of CFA currencies used by 14 African countries in an operational bank account in France for the benefit of France?

Is it Gaddafi who funded the genocide of over five million people in Congo?

No, it is the U.S. and French governments that have done and are doing these things.

It is in this context of balance of power that the attack on Libya and Gaddafi’s regime must be understood.

An imperialist Europe and North America and an independent Africa cannot exist together; one comes at the expense of the other.

Gaddafi is known to be unpredictable, which means he is not a reliable puppet of the West.

Gaddafi is petty bourgeois, but he is his own man, and the potential of this man to be independent is also the potential of Africa and the African working class to be independent.

Libya is being invaded in order to bring it back under a compliable, malleable neocolonial rule.

French, Britain, German and other imperialists do not care about the Arab masses in Libya — or in Palestine, Iraq, Bahrain or anywhere else.

The attack on Libya is a desperate white imperialist attempt to end Gaddafi’s power over the region, which already recently has purged itself of two of the white capitalist powers’ key allies.

The west has a problem with Gaddafi because he is anti-Zionist, because his influence in sub-Saharan Africa is on the rise, and because they know he would readily purchase influence wherever such an opportunity and the possibility of alliances with emerging powers might present itself.

For example, it has been reported that Gaddafi “set up the $5 billion Libya Africa Investment Portfolio in 2006, investing in countries as far apart as Madagascar and Rwanda.

“Gaddafi was willing to back up his rhetoric on Africa with money.

“The Libya Africa Investment Portfolio has stakes in gasoline stations in Cameroon and Ethiopia, mobile-phone networks in Rwanda and Ivory Coast and a 506,000-hectare logging concession and sawmill in the Republic of Congo, according to its website.

“[The portfolio] also has shares in mining companies in the Central African Republic and the Democratic Republic of Congo, and poultry farms in Togo and Madagascar.”

All these factors explain the decision by the United States, Britain and others to invade Libya.

The aggression on Libya is the response by the western capitalist powers to the rise of popular movements throughout the region. It is also an extension of the colonial war policy started in Iraq by George Bush that has now been extended by Obama into Afghanistan, Pakistan and Somalia.

The U.S. counteroffensive also includes military aggression against democratic forces in Bahrain.

The U.S. uses democratic aspirations and “demands of the masses” of Libya as a cover while it pursues an imperialist agenda, which is the maintenance of a balance of power in the region that is favorable to itself.

Clearly, these aggressions are about maintaining colonial control over African’s resources.

If western imperialists are so concerned about the plight of Arab masses, wouldn’t they bomb the Israelis, who have used F16 jets to bomb defenseless Palestinians, or enter Bahrain, whose people are currently suffering a serious crackdown by an absolutist monarch?

It has been reported that after weeks of demonstrations, protesters, largely Shiites, which make up 65 percent of the population asking for a ‘constitutional parliament’.

They have come under a brutal assault in Bahrain where Hamad Al Khalifah, the Sunni King of the Bahrain regime now has the extra support of the Saudi Arabia who has sent over 1000 troops to help to crack down on freedom protesters, mostly Shiite, following them even to the hospital to finish them off.

One doctor said troops and police had been conducting constant searches, entering wards with sniffer dogs, and that they had split the casualties off from other patients.

“‘I went in on Thursday to operate and soldiers came into the room with their boots on and machine guns, right into the operating theater,’ said another doctor.

“‘We tried to tell them this is not acceptable. While I was operating they came three or four times. We were reconstructing the jaw of a man who had been shot in the face and had a shattered jaw… and it was affecting our concentration’.”

Why must we defend Libya and Colonel Gaddafi?

We know who Gaddafi is: a typical radical petty bourgeois Pan-Africanist/Pan-Arabist with an inconsistent worldview that does not rely on the workers and a revolutionary program, but rather unites with anyone who would forward his own agenda.

He has been a friend of heads of state from Africa to Europe, including those who bombed him in 1986 and imposed sanctions on Libya; he spends money, with no accountability to the people of Libya; and, ideologically, he has borrowed from everywhere in order to come up with the content for his Green Book.

He has no revolutionary party.

Gaddafi and his family are not accountable to the working class.

He represses his opponents. He’s an anti-communist — like many Pan-Africanists — and he has arrested and jailed Africans who transited without European visa to Libya on their way to Europe and has jailed those that Europe expelled.

But Gaddafi’s actions cannot be compared to U.S. imperialism’s monstrous acts of genocide and oppression of entire peoples.

We unite with the Libyan workers and with the masses of Libyan people against Gaddafi, but we unite with Gaddafi against U.S., French and British imperialism.

The war against Libya is an aggression against Africa and the African working class, too, which aggressions are part of 500 years of ongoing, permanent aggressions against Africa.

The only thing that is new is that these aggressions now are being led by white imperialism in the black face of Obama, but the main enemy of the African working class continues to be white imperialism.

The attack on Libya is an attack on the future of all black people around the world, because the home of the African nation is the whole of African land, and when imperialism attacks an African country it also attacks the possibility for development by the workers of that country.

And the historical mission of African workers is to become the ruling class in Africa.

We call on all African revolutionaries, patriots, anti-imperialist forces and freedom loving people to defend Libya by opposing and organizing actively against all U.S.-led imperialist coalition actions against the peoples of Libya.

We must defend Iran at the same time, where imperialists intend to use a similar strategy of arming opportunists who are ready to ally with imperialists to attack the independent government of Iran, which is working to achieve its own power, and which power can only be concretized at the expense of U.S. imperialist and Israeli settler regimes.

We must expose the U.S. government’s lies that it has a democratic solution to the colonial conditions imposed on the people.

We can see for ourselves that in Rwanda, Congo, Iraq, Pakistan, and Somali and now in Libya, the U.S. solution is always the same: it talks of democratic rules, but instead implements military solutions.

Military solutions are colonial occupations. U.S. wars are genocide wars. We must be opposed to them!

True democracy will be a revolutionary victory of the oppressed and colonized people of Libya over the United States, EU, Britain and their Libyan puppet collaborators—not the disguised “democracy” the U.S. is selling.

Did Iraq get “democracy” from U.S. occupation?

The Guardian UK writes, “The horrific cost of the war to the Iraqi people… and the continuing fear and misery of daily life make a mockery of claims that the U.S. surge of 2007 ‘worked’ and that Iraq has come good after all.

“It's not only the hundreds of thousands of dead and 4 million refugees.

“After seven years of U.S. (and British) occupation, tens of thousands are still tortured and imprisoned without trial, health and education has dramatically deteriorated, the position of women has gone horrifically backwards, trade unions are effectively banned, Baghdad is divided by 1,500 checkpoints and blast walls, electricity supplies have all but broken down and people pay with their lives for speaking out.”

UN resolution does not make this invasion a just war

There are two types of wars: revolutionary and reactionary wars. All imperialist wars are reactionary wars, because there are wars fought to oppress, to colonize and re-divide the world amongst them.

Imperialist wars are fought to loot our resources and steal our non-negotiable right to self-determination.

These wars include the opium wars Britain fought against China in the 1840s, and against the Mau-Mau in Kenya in the 1950s; the U.S. wars against Mexico to steal half of Mexico; against Korea to split Korea, and the genocidal carpet-bombing of Vietnam; and the French-led genocide war against Algerian independence.

Even the imperialists’ wars on drugs and immigration are reactionary wars, waged against oppressed and colonized peoples like ourselves and the Arab people.

Revolutionary wars are national and social liberation wars, fought to end national and social oppressions and exploitation imposed on us by imperialist powers.

Revolutionary wars are fought to regain our right to be a self-governing people, our right to have a national economy for our own national development, free from multinational parasitic imperialist corporations.

Oppressed and colonized peoples fight revolutionary wars to overturn imperialist rule.

The UK, EU governments, and U.S. cannot and never have fought a just war; in fact, a just capitalist war is another contradiction in terms.

The UN Libya resolution is simply a cover that the U.S.-led imperialists need in order to hide their true reactionary and predatory aims. A UN resolution does not make the aggression on Libya a just war.

UN not representative of the oppressed, colonized

What happened to all the UN resolutions against Israel, or the resolution against war crimes in the Congo?

It is clear that the United Nations stands for collective imperialist status quo; oppressed peoples need our own socialist international made up of revolutionary organizations and governments.

The UN is not representative of the oppressed and colonized countries in Africa and elsewhere.

The UN is the disguised face of imperialist powers, who use it to cover their bestial aggression and exploitation of colonized peoples. The UN is a tool of imperialism that must be exposed, what we oppressed peoples need is our own revolutionary unity of the oppressed peoples against imperialism.

It is clear that the UN Libya resolution, which imposes a "ban on all flights in Libyan airspace" but allows aid flights as the only exception, is a green light to colonial aggression and occupation of Libya.

It authorizes member states to "take all necessary measures" to "protect civilians and civilian populated areas under threat of attack," including in the rebel stronghold of Benghazi, short of putting an "occupation force" on the ground.

We are calling on all genuine Arab revolutionaries, who understand the interconnection between African and Arab peoples’ struggles, to unite with the historical mission of the African working class: total unification of Africa under the leadership of the African working class.

We are calling on all revolutionary organizations and governments to unite with the African Socialist International, to build a new socialist International under the leadership of the colonized workers of the world, in alliance with poor peasants.

Lies from imperialist millionaire profiteers’ press versus truth from Uhuru revolutionary press

Under imperialism, invasions of non-white peoples are explained as humanitarian missions, and this lie is repeated over time so that it can stick in the brains of millions of people.

There is no such thing as a humanitarian mission under imperialism.

News about the Libya invasion broadcasted by profiteer presses has one purpose: to win public opinion. At best they would show support, and at least, not show opposition to imperialist aims in Libya.

The profiteer press hides the real issues from the peoples of the world, while hammering your brain with lies in order to win your unity with their agenda.

When they tell you, "Gaddafi must be stopped from killing his own people," this to take your attention away from the fact that the United States is the criminal.

Are we actually to believe that the selfish, genocidal, settler capitalist state of North America, which denies health care to the vast majority of its own citizens; which just recently stole hundreds of billions of dollars from Africans and Mexicans in the U.S. in the form of subprime loan schemes specifically designed to fleece us, would actually care about the Arab masses?

Did not the western imperialist press repeatedly lie about Iraq?

Did they not lie about Ceausescu? About Noriega?

Don’t they lie about the war on drugs, or any time they shoot or imprison an African in Europe or America?

Did not Obama lie when he addressed Africans during his first presidential trip to Ghana?

Whenever the white powers want to justify or cover over the colonial wars they wage against oppressed peoples, they lie.

This time is no different; now they are talking of massacres in Libya by Gaddafi! You know they are lying.

After Katrina, the U.S. government deliberately and arrogantly watched Africans dying.

Instead of a proper rescue operation, they sent in troops and parked the survivors in stadiums under the watch of soldiers in combat gear.

There is no democracy for Africans, Mexicans and native Indians in the U.S. There are over 2 million of them in jails, via a “war on drugs” specifically designed to fill the jails with Africans, Mexicans and other oppressed peoples to work as free labor.

Is this the type of government that would care about the plight of Libyans?

U.S. “democracy” has sponsored the genocide of over 5 million Africans in Congo.

U.S. democracy is responsible for the maintenance of the state of Israel in the middle of an Arab nation, and for the despicable and continued suffering of the Palestinian people.

Iraq is under brutal U.S. occupation, and the current situation can only bring another brutal occupation to Libya.

The bourgeois press is silent on any issue that matters to colonized peoples, and continues to tell us that the U.S., Israel, Britain, and France all are democracies!

Not for us, but for oppressor nations.

We need our own press that can directly speak to the world about our own conditions and worldview.

Only revolutionaries who seek change have an interest in telling the truth; imperialists, who want to maintain status quo, are incapable of telling the truth.

Chinese, Russian, AU and Arab League opportunism at the expense of Africa

The Arab League is a sellout petty bourgeois organization, not unlike the African Union, representative of the Arab rulers, not of the Arab masses.

It is an organization that the imperialist powers use to rubber stamp their genocidal wars against the people.

It is no surprise that the former minister of Mubarak was the voice of collaboration in the assault against Libya, but it is the question of Palestine, which exposes the fact that most of the Arab petty bourgeoisie’s collaboration with the white oppressor nations, in particular with the Israeli settler State.

The BBC reports that, “Israeli forces have carried out large numbers of ground and air attacks on Gaza since the end of Operation Cast Lead against the Gaza Strip.

“More than 1,400 Palestinians were killed during the three-week Israeli land, sea and air offensive in the impoverished coastal sliver at the turn of 2009. The offensive also inflicted USD 1.6 billion damage to the Gazan economy.

“In the latest deadly attack, at least 10 Palestinians, including four children, were killed and scores of others injured during an Israeli shelling of Gaza on Tuesday.

“A United Nations inquiry led by the former South African judge, Richard Goldstone, detailed what investigators called Israeli actions ’amounting to war crimes, possibly crimes against humanity,’ during Israel's offensive against the Gaza Strip.

“Israel laid an economic siege on the Gaza Strip in June 2007, after Hamas took control of the enclave. The blockade has had a disastrous impact on the humanitarian and economic situation in the Gaza Strip.

“Some 1.5 million people are being denied their basic rights, including freedom of movement, and their rights to appropriate living conditions, work, health and education.

“Poverty and unemployment rates stand at approximately 80 percent and 60 percent, respectively, in the Gaza Strip.”

Israel has never complied with UN resolutions.

It is incomprehensible that Arab leaders would go to the UN to endorse a white nationalist aggression of Libya under the auspices of the UN or the international community.

Veto-power states, China and Russia, are the two main economic military powers that absented at the UN vote on the resolution against Libya.

The meaning of their votes carries more weight than the non-veto UN seat holders like South Africa, Nigeria and Gabon, because the latter are neocolonial puppets sitting on the council only as a cover for the UN’s true imperialist agenda; their presence gives a nod toward the appearance of a so-called international representation.

China’s and Russia’s absenting votes should not be construed as solidarity towards Africa and Arab people; these countries each pursue their own respective selfish capitalist goals, and always at our expense.

Russia has its own colonial wars against Muslim forces throughout Russia and on the Asian end of the ex-Soviet Union.

Russia also has access to huge oil and gas fields. So why would they vote against the war?

Perhaps it was in exchange for the U.S. to keep quiet on Russia’s wars?

China, on the other hand, has shown its own opportunism through its rapid gains on Iraqi’s oil fields.

China’s economic policies function within a capitalist world economy, so it stands to reason that China's path to economic development requires access to the same resources the rest of the oppressor nations have.

It gets most of its oil from Africa and the Middle East.

“The Hong Kong-listed unit of China National Offshore Oil Corp, Cnooc, Ltd., has partnered with the state-run Turkish Petroleum Corp. (TPAO) to win a contract with Iraq to develop the lucrative Missan oil field in southern Iraq, marking Cnooc's first upstream access to Iraqi oil following its two major rivals, CNPC and Sinopec.

According to Cnooc, the 20-year contract includes an increase of Missan's production capacity to 450,000 barrels per day from the current 100,000 barrels a day within six years. Cnooc has agreed to price every additional barrel of oil produced after capacity rises by 10%, at $2.30.”

Located 350 kilometers southeast of Baghdad, the Missan oil field complex (which includes Fakka, Buzurgan and Abu Ghirab oil fields) has an estimated combined reserve of 2.5 billion barrels.

Marketwatch reports that, “The estimated reserve of the complex is 2.5 billion barrels. The deal is still pending Iraqi government approval.

“The other two major Chinese oil companies, CNPC and Sinopec, have also gained a foothold in the Iraqi oil industry. In November 2008, CNPC and China North Industries Corp set up a joint venture and signed a 20-year development contract for Al-Ahdab Oilfield.

“In June 2009, CNPC and BP jointly won the bid for a 20-year technical service contract at Rumaila oil field.

“The companies plan to see a rise in Rumaila's oil production to 2.8 million barrels per day from 1.1 million, charging $2.00 per barrel.

“In late 2009, CNPC set up a consortium with Total and Malaysia's Petronas to develop Halfava oil field by charging $1.40 per barrel. Sinopec made its expansion in Iraq in August 2009, through the $7.24 billion purchase of the Swedish oil firm Addax, which has operations in Iraq.”

So we see that China’s political approach is collaboration with—not confrontation of—western imperialists, even if the latter seeks to dominate access to the material resources that China requires for its current rapid capitalist development.

Where is the African Union in all of this?

The AU is a useless organization that does not deserve to be mentioned.

Under the sell-out Museveni’s leadership, a group of Africans were asking for permission from the UN to fly to Tripoli. reports that, “The United Nations Security Council has rejected requests by the African Union (AU) High Level Ad-hoc Committee on Libya (AHCL) to fly to Tripoli to mediate between President Muammar Gaddafi and pro-democracy protesters fighting to end his 42-year rule.

“A communiqué of the committee issued yesterday after its meeting in Mauritania said, ‘The committee, in conformity with resolution 1973(2011) of the United Nations Security Council, requested for the required permission for the flight carrying its members to Libya in order to fulfill their mandate. The committee was denied permission.’"

Why on earth would an African president need to ask permission from the UN to travel to Libya?

Anyway, this was a disingenuous effort by AU heads of state to hide their status as an organization that has surrendered to imperialism.

The African National Congress government’s representative, who receives help from Gaddafi in the struggle against apartheid, voted in favor of the 1973 resolution to bomb Libya.

This is just another act of betrayal of Africa by Zuma/Mbeki/Mandela’s ANC.

Africa is a colonized continent for any imperial power to do anything they want to do. It has been so for over 500 years.

The Obama-led U.S., Europe, China and the shameless African petty bourgeoisie all agree to solve their problems at the expense of Africa and her dispersed nation.

This is the fundamental problem we have to resolve.

We are calling on everyone to join the African International Socialist now. We need to seize the opportunity at this critical time.

Imperialism will be defeated in Africa.

Who are the rebels?

We know from their friends in the imperialist press said, they have been attacking African workers because of the color of our skin, from Somali to Nigerians, there is no exception.

What we know for sure is that Africans are the foundation of parasitic capitalism that made Europe and America wealthy, that anyone who attacks African workers is making a statement of unity with white power — a guarantee of loyalty that they intend to defend a parasitic world at the expense of Africans and African people worldwide.

We know that the imperialists rejected all offers for peace talks, like the one from Hugo Chavez in Venezuela, or any kind of a mediated solution.

We also know that there was no organized armed opposition to Gaddafi, that this opposition is being put together by the imperialists.

Take the case of Ali Tarhouni, a Libyan national based in the U.S. As reported in the New York Times, “‘After the uprising, the rebels stumbled as they tried to organize.

‘They did a poor job of defining themselves when Libyans and the outside world tried to figure out what they stood for.

‘And now, as they try to defeat Colonel Muammar el-Qaddafi’s armed forces and militias, they will have to rely on allied air strikes and young men with guns because the army that rebel military leaders bragged about consists of only about 1,000 trained men.’

“Those frank admissions came from Ali Tarhouni, who was appointed to the cabinet of the rebels’ shadow government on Wednesday as finance minister.

“Mr. Tarhouni, who teaches economics at the University of Washington, returned to Libya one month ago after more than 35 years in exile to advise the opposition on economic matters.

“The rebels are proclaiming his American credentials—he has a doctorate from Michigan State University—as they seek foreign recognition of their cause.”

Tarhouni and Mustapha Abdul Jalil, a former minister for Gaddafi, are two key figures who have no progressive credential under their names, apart from being opposed to Gaddafi.

When the white press talks of African mercenaries, they are lying.

Africans are workers, and we are also indigenous to the land.

We are not from outside; it is the imperialists—with their false borders and fabricated nationalities—who made us foreigners on our own land.

It is the British SAS commandos who are the mercenaries, the outsiders.

They sneaked in, they invaded Libyan land because they had no noble cause to do so in Africa, but they were welcomed by the so-called rebel forces, who briefly arrested and quickly freed them.

By contrast, with Africans they arrest, brutalize and kill.

They are recognized by France’s government, one of most bellicose in this coalition of white nations.

Today it is not George Bush who is trying to stop history, but Barak Obama.

Like George Bush, he will not succeed. I conclude with this profound statement from Chairman Yeshitela:

“Revolutionaries struggle to understand the historical trajectories and join them to facilitate the birth of a new kind of social system.

“That, in the final analysis, is what we’re fighting for.

“People have to choose sides. The driving force in history is national liberation.

“There’s a real attempt to re-colonize the world directly under white power. I believe everything they do will deepen this crisis, as opposed to lessening it for them.

“The driving force in history is the national liberation struggle.”

Organize everywhere against the aggression on Libya!

Organize against Obama’s war of occupation of Africa!

One Africa! One nation! All power to the Workers!


African Internationalism advances Garvey Movement, defines imperialism in crisis, Political Report to the Fifth Congress of the African People’s Socialist Party, July, 2010, By Chairman Omali Yeshitela

African Internationalism advances Garvey Movement, defines imperialism in crisis, Political Report to the Fifth Congress of the African People’s Socialist Party, July, 2010, By Chairman Omali Yeshitela

World summation, pages 196-197, from Omali Yeshitela Speaks, by Omali Yeshitela, Burning spear publications.

Bahrain: U.S. backs Saudi military intervention, conflict with Iran, by Rick Rozoff (source: Global Research, Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sunni Hamas and Shiite Iran Form a Common Political Theology, by Ely Karmon,

Sunni Hamas and Shiite Iran Form a Common Political Theology, by Ely Karmon,


Seumas Milne, Wednesday 4 August 2010

Caixin Online, May 18, 2010, 8:08 p.m. EDT ,Cnooc seals deal on Iraq oil field, Chinese oil major, Turkish partner sign 20-year contract to develop Missan,

Omali Yeshitela Speaks by Omali Yeshitela, Burning Spear Publications


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