Africans in neo colonialist led South Africa call for Black Community Control of the Police

Blood inMy Eye- South Africa’s Occupying Army Must Pay!
GAUTENG, VEREENIGING (South Africa)–On the evening of the 10th of February, 2015, around 1:15 pm, Sebokeng- Evaton West, Ext. 7 had a visit from over 20 police from the SAPD (South African Police Department) and SAPS (South African Police Services) who had come to terrorize the Black community.
A brother, M.P. Mokoena, affectionately known as Jaja to the rest of the community was assaulted and brutalized by the pigs who had come in under the pretence that they were there to search for illegal weapons.
Jaja suffered blows to his head, his eyes and his property was confiscated and some of it destroyed. Brother Mokoena went to the Pig department in Evaton, Mafatsana and was humiliated, sneered at and neglected as he tried to explain his case. The question stands now for Africans in South Africa- what are we going to do?
In an armada of vehicles, there was four white cars and one quantum with the registration plate CK 07 LX GP (there was no registration plate at the front of the car). Thepolice were not wearing any name tags, having taken them off  knowing what they came to do- real police work also known as occupying the African community.
When the pigs came to get Mokoena, they threw a rock on his roof while he was sleeping and demanded entry. As the brother asked them their reason for being there,they responded ‘don’t ask us shit’- a behaviour typical of South Africa’s police. They accused him of selling guns illegally- but they found no guns!
After Jaja opened the gate for the pigs and let them inside his house, they blocked the door and assaulted him with their fists and gun-butts to his head- damaging his skull, his left eye and his property (his laptop was crushed by the police), the pigs also took his working gloves.
As all this happened, the community members were aroused by the noise. When they came out to check on their child and brother- the pigs threatened their lives and demanded they get inside their own houses. His mother and girlfriend, who were trying to reason with the pigs were also victims of police terror.
Brother Mokoena went to the police station in Evaton, Mafatsana to make his case on that very same day. As he was explaining his case to a police clerk, he was requested to identify the pigs who had done this to him. Just then the police who had assaulted him walked in and asked if he had come back for more.
The clerk smiled at the other pigs as they sneered at the African looking for help. Jaja closed his documents and laughed stating that he was going to another station. The remaining pigs told Jaja good luck filing a case against the police.
Two other Negro police commented and told the brother that what he saw was nothing and that Africans in Sebokeng should get ready for some real action from now on. What does this imply? Perhaps there is more to South Africa’s plan against African resistance than the public knows.
This is counter insurgency at its best. Classic South African protocol. The Uhuru Movement’s journalist asked Mr. Mokoena for his summation on this issue and this is what he had to say “I thought I was a South African but they treated me like I was not a citizen.”
The truth of the matter is that he is not a South African citizen. South Africa exists at the expense of African peop1e- thus the black police they send to our community have to be brainwashed self-hating fools who enjoy stomping down their own people for the benefit of this colony!
We must never forget the case of Eddie Olifants who was murdered by SAPS in November 2014. The police are the occupying army of South Africa- just as they were in 1652, to 1948 to 1994!
Mr. Olifants was a weightlifting legend and an honourable community member who sought to better the lives of the community in any way he could- but he was stomped by the pigs until, when he arrived at the hospital, his lungs collapsed.
This was not a mistake! The police will murder any African who resists colonial occupation! These police are black like us but we have no interest in thinking that they are for us- the African community in South Africa has to wake up and organize itself!
The African Socialist International in Occupied Azania seeks to educate our people about colonialism, its terror and how we as the African community could better equip ourselves to resist the occupation of our communities by the pigs.
If we are going to have police walking through our community, whether they be black or white, the community should have control over them. We demand hiring and firing ability of the police in the hands of the Black community. Justice for Jaja Mokoena! Justice for Eddie Olifants! Justice for all African people- Keep Ferguson Alive! Peace through Revolution! Uhuru!


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