Africans in Milwaukee rise up in response to the police murder of Sylville Smith!

Milwaukee, WI––Africans took to the streets in heavy resistance in the city of Milwaukee after 23-year-old African Sylville Smith was shot and murdered by Milwaukee police on August 13, 2016.

Witnesses said that a cop hit Sylville’s car with his car. Sylville jumped out of the car and ran for his life. The cop, an African who’s name has yet to be released, gave chase and shot Sylville in his back.

Multiple cameras of witnesses on the scene caught the moments immediately after the shooting. There appeared to be no medical assistance provided to Sylville after he was shot, which is normal whenever the State shoots an African.

Sylville’s brother, Sedan, said that this wasn’t the first time that Sylville’s car had been hit by a cop car. He also noted that Sylville had a lawsuit against Milwaukee police.

Police lied and said that Sylville had a stolen gun and pointed it at them, prompting them to shoot him dead.

However, pictures that witnesses took of the car in the moments following the shooting show the doors opened in which the riders jumped out. In the front seat of the car was the gun that Sylville legally owned. He didn’t have his gun with him as the police stated.

Sylville’s mother, Mildred, said, “My son is gone due to the police killing my son. I am lost.”

She said her son had recently gotten his concealed carry license because he had been shot twice and robbed four times.

Mildred said she last saw her son about 12:30 p.m. Saturday when he and another man were stopped by Milwaukee police. She said she missed a call from him at 3 p.m., when she thinks he was being chased by police. 

Mildred said she called him back, but he didn’t answer. She then got a call from someone who told her what was happening. She said she raced over to the area of N. Sherman Blvd. and W. Auer Ave., but couldn’t find out what was going on. “They wouldn’t let me see him,” she said of police.

Demario Pritchard, an African man that was riding in the car with Sylville on August 13th was arrested.

Africans in Milwaukee resist the police!

Immediately following the shooting, family and friends of Sylville began gathering at the murder scene. They began to yell at the cops, calling them murderers. The crowd quickly grew to a couple of hundred Africans facing off the cops.

At first the police smugly taunted the Africans, but then became nervous as they witnessed the sea of Africans calling for blood.

Some of the Africans in the crowd even told the cops to “Wait until tonight and we’ll see who’s laughing” and “We’re going to war tonight.”

And when night fell, the Africans kept their word.

The police lined shoulder to shoulder in helmets and shields and moved forward, attempting to move the Africans from the street.

But the cops were met with bricks, sticks, and gunfire. They were forced to retreat, running backward to escape the wrath of unbridled African resistance.

Other Africans watching the police retreat began to cheer and also became emboldened.

In fact, almost each time that the cops tried to advance they were beaten back. Africans in Milwaukee have taken the streets.

The State resorted to other tactics against the courageous Africans. They are catching young Africans walking alone and snatching them up, kidnapping them.

They are also using equipment to cause devices that record video to lose service, meaning Africans are unable to record their victorious battles against the pigs. The State’s media then puts forward the line that the police have the Africans controlled – which is an outright lie. As of now, the State is scrambling and in crisis.

Imperialism in crisis!

Everyday imperialism takes a dramatic hit. It is truly in crisis.

Africans and oppressed people worldwide are fighting for power and taking back our own resources that white power has stolen.

While many Africans now understand that our fight is against white power, the African People’s Socialist Party (APSP) has made it clear since the beginning that our struggle is against colonialism, and in order to win the struggle we Africans must be organized.

The APSP has been organizing Africans and pushing a revolutionary trajectory for over 40 years. Our Party guarantees that when the colonizers are overthrown, Africans have a blueprint of how to govern ourselves.

Every African that wants a better life for their loved-ones must to join the APSP! Visit

Not one more African life taken from us!


Africans have the right to resist colonial oppression!

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