Africans at war with COVID-19, U.S. at war with Africans

War on Africans in Somalia

While the world is caught in a dervish of COVID-9 pandemania, the U.S. has used the first four months of this year to administer more airstrikes in Somalia than it did during the entire presidency of Barack Obama.

This is an incredible feat considering Obama dropped so many bombs in his scramble for Africa that he earned the nickname, “drone-meister.”

The United States Africa Command (AFRICOM) has admitted to 39 bombings of Somalia alone since the beginning of 2020. 

One such bombing took place on February 2. 

Kusow Omar Abukar could hear the usual buzzing sound echoing in the air, a sign that a U.S. drone was flying overhead.  He ignored it and continued eating supper with his three daughters and 80-year-old mother in their tin roof shack. 

“There was a very loud sound and light. The ground shook and I was thrown in the air…,” Kudow reported to The New York Times. 

When he was eventually able to stand up, he found that his 18-year-old daughter had been murdered while his 14-year-old daughter and elderly mother had both been maimed and permanently disabled by the U.S. drone blast. 

The war waged on Africans inside the U.S. is like the U.S. war on Africans in Somalia and throughout the African world – a war without terms

This is why Kudow’s home was bombed and his 18-year-old daughter was murdered. 

It is also why the African Socialist International and the People’s War were waged – to liberate Africa and African people from the clutches of colonial domination and its neocolonial underlings. 

African people must have power and the African working class must lead.

The coronavirus has made the world’s capitalist parasites even more unsure of themselves

The thirst to acquire more territory, more resources and more blood could not be quenched by 39 bombing campaigns of Somalia in four months. 

The uptick in wars and aggression is a sign of fear and trepidation on the part of the imperialist paper tigers.

Washington’s latest and most embarrassing attempt to reassert it’s flailing political legitimacy occured on May 3 when a group of U.S. bought mercenaries attempted to invade Venezuela from the sea, kill Venezuela’s socialist president, Nicolas Maduro and overturn the democratically elected socialist government. 

Maduro was victorious as his forces gunned down six to eight U.S. terrorist invaders while  capturing others, two of whom they detained on live television. He showed the entire world their U.S. military secret police picture identifications. 

It was the second failed coup attempt of Venezuela in a year by the U.S. Long live the people of Venezuela and victory to the colonized world!

Like the people of Venezuela, the People’s War has declared that Africa must take back our resources from white power. 

The U.S. is more afraid of political and military resistance led by the colonized peoples of the world than it is the spread of COVID-19

The People’s War was created by Chairman Omali Yeshitela and the African People’s Socialist Party to declare that the coronavirus is not a medical problem, it is a political problem. 

We consistently remind the world that the coronavirus is a colonialvirus and Black Power is the cure!

U.S. war generals are terrified that the coronavirus might unleash itself on the U.S. military. 

The white bourgeoisie recognizes that the $700 billion budget the U.S. Congress handed the military might not be enough to hold off colonized fighters and other contending powers like China, Russia and Iran. 

They fear the budget is not enough to purchase tanks, anti-ballistic missiles and drones while attempting to fund the containment of a pandemic in the ranks of their soldiers. 

The strategic enemy of the entire planet may be vulnerable to attack

In April of this year, U.S. navy captain, Brett Crozier, was fired for issuing a warning about the spread of the virus to 800 infected sailors aboard the USS Roosevelt. It was a warning that eventually leaked to the bourgeois press. 

There are nearly 4,000 known cases of coronavirus among active duty forces. The Roosevelt outbreak has caused the most anxiety because the media leak could possibly signal to colonized peoples of the world that the strategic enemy of the entire planet may be vulnerable to attack. 

U.S. more concerned with protecting imperialist soldiers than the people

Recent articles on U.S. military COVID-19 protocols reveal that the U.S. is more concerned with protecting imperialist soldiers, who are responsible for pushing nuclear buttons and fighting militant insurgents, than they are about preventing soldiers from potentially spreading the virus when leaving or entering the country. 

The white colonizer nation depends on the workers and peasants of Africa, Asia, and the Americas to provide wealth and comfort for the white world – and that is the relationship the colonial U.S. military must protect.

A 2005 article from The Burning Spear noted that Africa was the source of fourteen percent of the UK’s total food imports. The white world relies on Africa to act as Europe’s breadbasket.

Our struggle for self-determination and national liberation will ensure that Africa will exist to feed Africa, once and for all

The U.S. is incapable of providing an organized and humane response to COVID-19. Theft and greed is the only language it knows. 

But as the empire continues to lash out in the form of war and aggression, we must fight to destroy this wounded and insecure animal.

White power is a shell of itself and COVID-19 has thrown it into a deeper panic.

African and colonized peoples everywhere must strike a thousand blows at the empire until it is relegated to the proverbial ashcan of history.

African people everywhere must be organized to fight the People’s War to liberate Africa and all its resources into the hands of the African working class.

Get organized! Join the African People’s Socialist Party at!

Africa is our land!

Izwe Lethu i Afrika!

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