African women in Europe announce African Internationalist Women’s Conference set for London

SWEDEN-The African People’s Socialist Party will host a Conference on African Women with the goal of consolidating the African National Women’s Organization (ANWO). This conference will be held in Washington, DC on March 21 and 22 as well as in London, UK on March 28 and 29, 2015.
Under the African People’s Socialist Party’s leadership, the African National Women's Organization will confront the oppression and exploitation of African women as part of an oppressed and colonized nation.
It is very obvious to see how African women are being oppressed and exploited under the capitalist system in which we live. For example, almost half of African children in Britain are being raised by single mothers.
We also see high unemployment, underemployment, rape of African women, kidnapping of African children by the State as well as a growing number of African women being pushed into the prison system.


As Comrade Yejide Orunmila mentioned in her article published December 14, 2014 on,

"Ordinarily, topics such as these are discussed in a vacuum, unrelated to our long history as a colonized people. Women as a second class status, we are told, manifested out of some male agenda.


"This is an incorrect conclusion, one that seeks to obscure the long history of violence and subjugation of a whole people, by reducing it to the whims of men when it is directly related to the attack on Africa which gave birth to the worldwide capitalist system. ”


This is why the African women’s conference will be so important, especially at this time in history when we can see there is a war of ideas being pushed by the imperialist State. One of the tools they use is Feminism, which is a bourgeois concept based on the idea that gender is the major issue. The same goes for what they call Black Feminism.


African Internationalism teaches us that imperialism is the main contradiction. It oppresses both African men and women. The issues we face are because we are part of the oppressed nation, not because of our gender.


This conference will help to deepen our understanding of this reality. With imperialism in crisis, it is more than necessary for us to understand this so that we know how to move forward to freedom as a whole nation.


Conference will deepen understanding of the need for African women's participation in the African Revolution

It is crucial to have this conference for various reasons, mainly because we are at a point in history where people have to choose what side they want to be on. This will be shown by their actions.

Imperialism is in deep crisis and will do anything to survive. Imperialism's war of ideas impacts negatively on the oppressed nation that lacks a collective consciousness and an understanding of our material conditions.


Our responsibility, as a revolutionary organization, is to provide political clarity and revolutionary leadership. The response from the people is also an indication of the importance and timing of having this type of conference.


The significance of women in the revolution cannot be overstated. The participation of women is required to make this revolution happen and to consolidate a free African nation. It is imperative that we as African women struggle to understand this.


Committee working to build conference

In London, we are doing everything to make this conference happen. We have a London building committee working with different aspects of the work, such as on-the-ground outreach, distributing fliers and selling The Burning Spear newspaper.

Also one of the main aspects of the work at this point is the question of resources. One thing that will happen is film nights, where we will show a film raising up African martyrs and collect resources, and hopefully get more registrants for the conference.


We are also raising resources by selling ads. This is a perfect way for businesses to get attention!


With the African women’s conference less than a month away, we are pushing hard to make it as successful as possible!


Join with us, register for the conferences and give your financial support. Contact us anytime by  emailing or call U.S. 202.642.4672 and in Europe 07723 067 486.


Forward to Washington, D.C.!

Forward to London!

Build to Win!




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