African representatives of white power meet in Washington, D.C.

WASHINGTON—From August 4-6 nearly 50 African so-called Heads of State met with US president Barack Hussein Obama at the White House in Washington, D.C.
This was a meeting where the chief neo colonialist, Obama, and the rest of the so-called leaders did not come together to discuss the liberation of Africa and the African working class and poor, but rather it was a meeting of how they would maintain the imperialist status quo.
That status quo is to maintain their individual presidencies, which allows them to have villas and mansions all across the globe, while at the same time the African masses have to sustain life on less than $2 U.S. dollars a day.
Africans have to see the world as it really is. There is an oppressed nation and there is an oppressor nation. We have to see the US for what it really is: the leader of the white oppressor nation.
It is also the self declared leader of the parasitic capitalist econmy since the end of the second worldwide imperialist war.
This was a war between the capitalist bandits to redivide the world amongst themselves at our expense.
Surely Obama was cultivating his image in Africa. He wants to be seen as if he cares about Africa and African people.
But instead of caring, he is a master assassin who arms Israel to kill Palestinian babies, he is the one who arms Kagame in Rawanda and Museveni in Uganda to murder and terrorize our people in Congo. Obama just took pride in killing Colonel Gaddafi in Libya.
The White house in Washington, D.C.s is where discussions to maintain oppression and exploitation of black people takes place.
The fact that a black president lives there does not change that discussion. Only a worldwide revolution of African people will change that.
The objective of the black revolution is to end the relationship between oppressor white nation and oppressed African nation.
We have to remember that it was the US government which murdered Patrice Lumumba, overthrew Kwame Nkrumah, killed Malcolm X and Martin Luther King; they destroyed the  Grenada revolution.
They did these things  because they are opposed to economic and genuine political independence for black people everywhere.
They then replaced our genuine leaders with black petty bourgeois traitors as heads of governments and states.
That is how we got to neo-colonialism rule in the first place. Neo-colonialism means the Maintenance the following:
1. borders imposed on us by white leaders since Berlin Conference; which keep Africans countries economically and politically fragmented , divided and powerless, in face of unity imperialism countries;
 2. the relationship between oppressor nations and oppressed nations. The economic world order given birth by our enslavement since the assault of Africa by white Christian’s aggressors in 1415 is the basis of today relationship;
3. the existence of illegitimate African petty bourgeoisie rulers, who facilitate the status quo between Africa and our white oppressor nation?
4. the betrayal of the African nation, which is worldwide in scope?
5. the repression of the vast majority of workers and peasants and all progressive forces who want social change and transformation for the benefit of the majority of the population.
What was then is the significance of this summit?
It was a propaganda coup for the uS, which has already put in place its main strategy to secure access to African minerals and market by military means, with the imposition of Africom in various African countries. 
The US ruling class has been outclassed by the pace of Chine investment and resources extraction in Africa.
They are tying to catch up, that is why Bloomberg and other elements of the white ruling class sponsored this summit.
They need to secure the loyalty of the African petty bourgeoisie, They can only do it through bribery and all kind of corrupt practices. 
They kept Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe out of the meeting. They kept Mugabe out because Mugabe has taken the land back from white people, not because he’s trading with the Chinese, because every single neo colonialist president in that summit trades with Chinese including Obama himself.
The others were invited because they, none of them have done nothing to offend white people.
At the summit, Obama said,  “I want Africans to buy more American products; I want Americans buying more African products.
I know you do, too, and that’s what you’re doing today.” Nothing could be further from the truth.
Africa sells mainly minerals at prices imposed on us; there is no added value to these minerals.
On the contrary, the US sells to us finished products at prices they have chosen themselves. Africans can only sell finished product if it is industrialised.
 Social revolution is necessary if we want to have an industrial revolution, because the African petty bourgeoisie is against industrial revolution, because it challenges the power of white people over the Africa nation.
The starting point is the unity of Africa and the demolition of all colonial borders to facilitate the creation of African market, the overthrow of the African petty bourgeois as a ruling class.
The creation of a single common defence policy as Kwame Nkrumah demanded and a continental industrialisation policy.
These are the minimum demands from the African working class that Obama and the African presidents could not agree with when Nkrumah alive or today 42 years after his death.
Africa needs an emergency African plan! Obama‘s plan was a status quo plan, all billions he pledged to invest in Africa will serve to reinforces US control over and theft of African resources and prop up neo colonial political class too.
Building the African socialist international is the demand of the Africa workin class everywhere
Join the ASI Today!
Build to win!
US out of Africa!
One Africa! One Nation!




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