African Liberation Day is back in Paris this June with a celebration of 45 years of the African People’s Socialist Party!

PARIS––We are excited to announce African Liberation day is back in Paris! The magnificent celebration will take place on June 10, 2017 at the Hotel Jean-Baptiste Clement.

The African People’s Socialist Party-France (APSP-France) organized African Liberation Day consecutively for three years, from 2012 to 2014.

Despite our initial success, we were unable to consolidate the existence of the Party as a stable political force in France.

We have learned from our experiences in France and are moving ahead with great anticipation to this year’s ALD, determined that it will be more than just a “nice event.”   

Beginning with this year’s African Liberation Day in Paris, we are going to resume the spread of the Party’s theory of African Internationalism and recruit members into the African Socialist International, the international Party of the African working class.

Our African Liberation Day in France will feature presentations by Omali Yeshitela, Chairman and founder of the African People’s Socialist Party (APSP); Luwezi Kinshasa, the Secretary General of the African Socialist International (ASI); and Makda Yohannes, the Chairwoman of the ASI in Europe.

There will also be a report from Bwemba Bong, a renowned author and historian based in Paris. He will report to the African people on the struggle of Africans in the Caribbean, particularly in Guyana.

Tapé Groubera, from the African Renaissance movement based in Belgium, will report on the developing struggle against the French Colonial Pact in Africa.

APSP–France will produce a bilingual The Burning Spear newspaper that will unite French and English Speaking Africans.

We will also produce, for the first time, French translations of books written by the Chairman Omali Yeshitela. These works include “The Dialectics of Black Revolution” and  “Quotations of Chairman Omali Yeshitela”.

We will also create and distribute pamphlets on African revolution and African Socialist International (ASI).

We are seriously engaged in the process to enhance the ideological consciousness of African people.

We will achieve all of this with a strong working committee made up of members in England, France and Sweden. We will soon be joined by new forces from Belgium.

The African People’s Socialist Party is going to Paris to build the black agenda

Paris, being one of the key imperialist centers in Europe is experiencing an irreversible crisis of imperialism.

France is a place where Africans are accustomed  to mobilization and agitation; there are always some sorts of protests and struggles going on in France by either white people or Africans.

France has Africans from its former colonies in Africa and the Caribbean and Pacific Islands. It is an ideal place to provide us with the potential to advance the work to unify Africans as one people of the African nation.

The regular “Islamist attacks” that rocked France are well-known. Lesser known, however, is the resistance of African people in France.

Africans are resisting, through numerous protests and conferences, the French Colonial Pact that allows France to use the CFA currency to strip Africa of its natural and financial resources.

We also have African resistance against police brutality and murders like in the case of Brother Theo, who was raped with a police baton by the French police.

Africans in France are also standing up against the neocolonial governments of our countries of origin.

The preparations to the African Liberation Day in France are in competition with the presidential elections, where all candidates use African people as pawns.

The political representatives of the white ruling class of France always makes us promises in order to secure our votes, yet at the end of the elections African people get nothing in return.

This time, however, Africans are being armed with the revolutionary theory of African Internationalism.

We will not be used by any bourgeois politicians because we understand that these elections are non-violent contests between different sectors of the white ruling class.

We are also clear that the rulers of France belong to the oppressor nation while Africans are part of the oppressed and dispersed African nation.

The African People’s Socialist Party is prepared to build the black agenda in France: Putting the revolution and the unity of Africa back on agenda.

This is an African Liberation Day celebration that should not to be missed!

Visit to RSVP and for more information!

To join, support and attend, please Contact: or 00 33 7 83 02 88 63.

Build the Paris African Liberation day! Build to Win!


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