Africa must unite to achieve genuine self-determination!

LONDON––It is inexcusable for Africans to be continually absent in this active and decisive confrontation between oppressor nations and oppressed nations.

The balance of power is shifting away from imperialist hands as represented by the U.S. and EU multi-states or a combination of them, such as NATO.

The African petty bourgeoisie—the current ruling class in Africa—is an obstacle on the road to the total freedom and unification of the African nation.

The African petty bourgeoisie is solely guided by its pocket books, at the expense of Africa and her people.

Frequent election contests are the only signs of real mass mobilizations in Africa. Elections, however, do not occur to meet the needs and aspirations of the African working masses.

Elections are used to sell more empty promises, win sympathies and support of foreign capitalists and seduce some voters.

They facilitate the African petty bourgeoisie’s maintenance of and access to political power.

Elections buy votes from the hungriest and poorest, and manipulate and antagonize religious, ethnic and regional differences amongst the wretched African workers and peasants.

Democratic alternatives, peaceful transition of power and respect of the constitution are on the lips of every African petty bourgeois competitor. Yet, election after election, the trans-colonial situation remains intact.

Foreign military bases are still abundant in Africa. French, U.S., British and other imperialist troops are still wide spread on African soil.

The IMF, the World Bank and other parasitic financial institutions are still in control of the treasury of most of African countries.

Take Ghana, which is now an oil producer, for example. Its debt to parasitic capitalist institutions is now 60 percent of its GDP!

Neocolonial elections and opportunism

Opportunism is the betrayal of the long terms goals of the masses for short term goals of a few.

The betrayal of the African revolution, for electoral gains and the maintenance of colonial status quo, is opportunism.

President Buhari, who just won the last presidential election in Nigeria, is an opportunist who used his win to take control of the Nigeria National Petroleum Company.

The price of African oil and minerals, however, are contemptuously fixed outside Africa by parasitic foreign powers.

Africans must control our resources through a single, united, collective approach.

This is an integral part of our struggle for a single government of African self-determination.

Regardless of which individual wins the election this time or the next, the winner is always the African petty bourgeoisie and the loser remains our Africa and her scattered African working class and poor peasants.

The African working class must seize power in our hands in order for real change to occur.

We must go into elections with the objective of capturing State power everywhere in Africa and throughout the African nation.

White imperialist leaders—despite differences between them—meet every day in UN, IMF and World Bank boards, and other institutions of collective white power, to decide how to move in their interests.

We must build the African Socialist International (ASI) across the African nation so that the masses of African workers are organizing around our own materialist interests every day, too.

Organizations like the AU, CARICOM, NEPAD, ECOWAS are impotent institutions that solve nothing for the people.

White-run imperialist institutions like Francophonie, Common wealth, Africom, U.S.AID, Medecins sans frontiers etc., that stand alongside those neo-colonial organizations, don’t do anything for the people either.

African self-determination, single government over neocolonial elections

The Russians, Chinese, Iranians and others are demanding an end to a U.S., unipolar world.

The African petty bourgeoisie, however, are confined to the demand for fair and free elections despite historical evidence that colonial domination cannot be ended by elections.

We have seen for some time now, how in Burkina Faso, DR Congo, Angola, Congo Brazzaville, Burkina, Senegal, Nigeria and elsewhere, the working class masses are mobilized by the African petty bourgeoisie to seek a democratic alternative.

The African petty bourgeoisie never mentions our task to liberate ourselves from imperialism, which is the primary source of all our problems.

The African petty bourgeoisie, instead endorses that things will be alright if African workers use the vote to choose a different Negro than the Negro in power. This is fantasy and fairytale.

Some describe Africa as the continent with the fastest economic growth. This description is an attempt to mask the plundering of African minerals.

Africa is not an industrialized continent

The overwhelming majority of industrialized goods and products consumed in Africa are made in white power nations and in China—the new leading exploitative force in Africa, which is competing against Europe and the U.S. for influence and access to African resources and trade.

Coups, coup attempts and wars are direct expressions of differences between factions of the petty bourgeoisie rulers who are defending foreign powers’ interests in Africa.

ASI our only solution

The African Socialist International is intervening on the behalf of the African nation and the African continent, the homeland of over 1.5 billion black people scattered across the globe.

African workers and poor peasants must be organized into a single force and fight for power in our hands.

This fight begins by joining the ASI!

We demand an immediate end to foreign and imperialist domination of the African nation and the African continent.

We demand African self-determination, in the form of a single government and a single State, for the African continent and the entire African nation.

Winning elections, without power over a united Africa, is opportunism!
Peaceful transition of power without black power is opportunism!

Fighting for the respect of a constitution, in places where we are dominated by foreign powers, is opportunism!

The ASI is the only organization that ensures the irreversible destruction of the chain that currently binds the oppressor white nation and the oppressed black nation.

Join the ASI and help unleash the international, African working class fight to free and unite our Africa!



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