Affluenza: A false alibi to white people’s culture of violence

White people have created a fake medical condition to justify our notorious aptitude for killing in cold blood. It's called "affluenza".  According to "experts", many white behaviors are beyond reproach, because we suffer from this rare condition.

Affluenza is a "socially transmitted condition" where you have so much wealth, you no longer have the ability to care about other human beings. The term has achieved notoriety with the case of America's affluenza poster child, Ethan Couch, a white boy in Burleson, Texas.

Ethan was 16-years-old, coasting by on a pedestal of unearned wealth and opportunity on the backs of African people, like all white people.

Then, we are told that one night he came down with a nasty case of "affluenza", stole two six-packs of Natural Ice beer from Walmart, jumped behind the wheel, and took daddy's big luxury F-350 Ford pickup truck for a drunk joy-ride straight into a group of four luckless pedestrians. Nine other people were also injured as the truck with its seven passengers also plowed into two other vehicles.

Ethan's blood alcohol level was three times the legal limit and he also tested positive for valium.

Describing the tragic scene, the mother of one of the victims recalled, "Body parts were everywhere, when I found Breanna… her legs were gone…"

Needless to say, they took Ethan to court. His defense team called up an "expert witness" who begged the jury and judge for mercy, insisting that Ethan's "affluenza" had gotten the better of him.

His defense was that he was white and rich and therefore did not know right from wrong.

Ethan was given a probation and didn't serve a day in jail or prison for the murders. As a matter of fact, they sent him to an upscale rehabilitation center where he could work on curing his "affluenza" through a regimen of horseback riding, hot stone massages and Jacuzzi bathtubs.

White power tries to validate "affluenza"

This is not a joke. They even produced a PBS documentary and a series of books about the "affluenza" epidemic.

I believe the rest of humanity has a term for this condition, it's called "whiteness".

Barbaric violence with no regard for human life is not a disease that white people catch. It is basically the essence of our history for the past six hundred years.

The thousands of white people who gathered to kidnap Africans and hang them from trees for over a hundred years at the turn of the century were not suffering from "affluenza".

Dylan Roof wasn't convulsing in a fit of affluenza-induced spasms when he entered the Charleston AME Church and killed nine Africans.

The white cops who kill an African person every single day in this country are not the unfortunate recipients of a medical condition that impairs their ability to sympathize with other human beings.

White people are not the ones suffering from a disease. We have been the disease for over half a millennium!

We have infected the planet with our colonial violence and savagery. We have destroyed the earth, subjugated billions of human beings and created a cold, empty, meaningless lifestyle for ourselves at their expense.

Our culture of violence is so cold and inhumane that we have to create absurd medical terms to explain our inability to experience another human being's pain.

It is whiteness and white power, the ideology and superstructure of a system born from the enslavement, murder, rape, pillage and torture of African people by white people.

Reparations: the cure to "affluenza"

The cure is not horseback riding at a rehab center. The cure is reparations. We owe reparations for the misery we have caused and the resources we have stolen for six centuries.

Our cynical white ruling class would prefer to have us believe that we are too afflicted with this mysterious disease to respond to the vast human suffering caused by this system for our benefit.

The African People's Socialist Party believes that white people can reconnect with our own humanity by working under the leadership of the African working class, taking responsibility for our inhumane legacy of colonial terror and righting the historic wrong.

We can break this bloody bubble of self-imposed isolation from the rest of the people on the planet Earth who are fighting to change the world.

White people, if you want to begin curing yourself of the putrid ideas and feelings that spring from being white and a parasite on the body of humanity, join the African People's Solidarity Committee and connect yourself with the optimistic future of the struggling African working masses of the world.

Reparations to African people will uproot the diseased foundation of this parasitic society. Living at the expense of everyone else will make you sick. Pay reparations; your affluenza will be cured.

White people: Join the African People's Solidarity Committee! Join the Uhuru Solidarity Movement! Uhuru!


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