Affirmation for Black Men

I am young, gifted and black.
In any environment, I can adapt.
If you throw me in an office, I will Access
my PowerPoint to Excel…Word!
My Outlook ain’t bout bein’ shook.
They done put me in jail cells.
When it comes to Hell;
I take it like I give it.
When it comes to life;
I often live it like I’m livid.
Ain’t on no DL.
I’m on my DHL.
My every message gets delivered.
Shit’s serious.
Grown man,
got no time for the delusion nor the delirious.
I came to live a memorable life
and die an honorable death
and in between do what I can
to make the best of this experience.
Productive, not counter
Not self-destructive, I be ’bout balance.
Some people be ’bout frontin’
Some people be ’bout violatin’
That’s why I try to be ’bout patience
’til it’s gotta be ’bout violence.
Talent and incredible focus,
internal locus of control.
Good thing this earth suit is somewhat attractive
’cause most cats would be taken aback
if I had to bear my soul.
It’s beautiful and it’s grizzly
please forgive me if I don’t Fuck around.
Life ain’t playin’
and yet it’s a game
and I got a few seeds with a stake in my name
and by the time they have seeds
needs to be no mistakin’ my name.
And, I love my blood, sweat and tears;
lacin’ up my boots tight and outpacin’ my pain.

I am young, gifted and black.
I can adapt to wherever you throw me at.
My demographic means I have to be versatile.
Rock an ice grill and still be able work a smile.
Being a hundred percent hood is virtually worthless now;
Besides, there’s too many rings up in this circus now.
So whether it’s that juke joint jumpin’
or that corporate function;
You can put me in a workshop all day
or throw a Black and a 40 in my hand
and put me in a project hallway.
Then afterwards interview all the executives
and all the dope boys
and I guarantee you they all say
that wherever I choose to fit in, I lay
like wallpaper.
Air tight.
Body healthy, head right.
Stretch’em both out e’er night.
When I fall down I begin again,
I’m my own life coach, I be like,
“Muhfucka you better win in the end.”
Fake friends, I brush off.
Failures, I dust off and evolve.
When I’m afoot in my yard I build fences
’cause cats wanna act like they measure up to rulers
but ain’t even half inches.
When I look to my God, I begin with,
“I promise to change problems into opportunities
until you see fit my life is ended.”

I am young, gifted and black
and I will tap into whatever it takes.
Available time determines available breaks.
So when there’s no time, there’s no resting.
Just like when you show no grind, you get shown no blessings.
And, God made me gifted so how could I not personify presence?!
My essence is Earth, wind, fire, water and ether.
Be the medium darkness or light, my light still permeates through either.
I’ma be the best me that I can.
Anything that test me I plan
to aggressively withstand
so Yo, any soul that tries to oppress me be damned.

I am young, gifted and black
and I will adapt until my spirit is free.
And, until they execute my will;
my will – will execute my world
thus anything
and everything
I choose…
It shall be.

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