A call to Africans in Europe to seize the time: Participate in African Liberation Day!

To all Uhuru Radio’s listeners based in Europe: we are requesting your participation at this week’s African Liberation Day (ALD) on May 23-24. This is the time when an ever-growing imperialist economic decline is spreading throughout the capitalist world.

It is imperative that all sons and daughters of Africa who desire to be free in a liberated and unified Africa be in attendance at this crucial ALD event in Manchester, England.

The financial crisis and the decline of capitalism, the implosion of empty and decadent political parties in Africa, the escalation of U.S. aggression against the people of Afghanistan and Pakistan, the rivalry between China and U.S.-led western imperialism, the shattering of credibility of the British political class, Obama’s attempt to impose AFRICOM on our Africa and other manifestations of this crisis indicate that were are living in an extraordinarily and also dangerous time.

The crisis of the oppressors is a call to the oppressed people to organize and mobilize ourselves so we will be able to deepen the weaknesses of the oppressors.

This permanent crisis of neocolonialism necessitates an urgent response. Its inability to bring social justice to the vast majority of workers, poor peasants, women, students and other oppressed sectors of the African population needs an urgent rectification.

The depressing features of powerlessness, mass rapes, and massive deaths from curable diseases call for an immediate response. The needless deaths of hundreds of Africans who die just attempting to cross the sea for a better life in Europe appeal for a pressing response. The plight of hundreds of thousands of child soldiers offered as canon fodder to an illegitimate and brutal warfare in Africa demands that we act now! The millions of Africans locked up in prisons in the U.S., Brazil, France, Britain and elsewhere because of the imposition of colonial laws and drug economies demand justice today!

The Africa Socialist International (ASI) is the urgent call from Africans with a sense of urgency that is required by the challenge imposed on us. We understand that the decline of imperialism is an invitation for an offensive movement of Africans to overturn the verdict of imperialism, which was established over 500 years ago and codified in U.S., French and other colonizers’ constitutions that designated Africans as sub-human.

Join us on May 23-24, 2009 in Manchester, England. Do whatever needs to be done to pull resources together. Get on the bus, on the train, on a plane or get in cars to join us to build a new dawn of revolutionary struggle that will be in every African community around the world fighting for One Africa, One Nation, one organization, one program and one destiny, under the leadership of the African working class in alliance with poor peasants!

African Liberation Day will be held on May 23-24, 2009 at the West Indian Centre at 74 Carmoor Road in Manchester, England. For more information contact organizers at 0786 229 4364 or 020 8265 1731 or by email at ald_europe@yahoo.co.uk. Registration starts at 10:00am. Registraton is 6 pounds each day, 10 pounds for both days and free for anyone under 18 years old.

One Africa! One Nation!


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