6 Reasons why you need to #Vote4BlackPower after last night’s U.S. presidential debate

Edited Oct. 22, 2016 9:25am

LAS VEGAS––Last night’s final presidential debates between Republican candidate Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton proved to be the pinnacle of the non-violent contest between the opposing sectors of the white ruling class.

We saw during the two-hour-long #debatenight imperialism crumbling before our very eyes as Trump and Hillary each pushed their respective agendas, without even a thought given to the African community.

It is even clearer now that the time is ripe for Africans to forward our own political agenda, say “forget ’em both” and #vote4BlackPower!

1.    Trump and Hillary’s strategy for the war on terror will create more terrorists

U.S. foreign aggression in the Middle East and other places around the world, is the biggest terrorist threat today. Al-Qaeda and its offshoot, ISIS, were created by the U.S. to further imperialist interests against Russia in the region. In both instances the U.S.’ violent occupation, policies of free market and democratization ruined the economies of Iraq and Syria deepening poverty, unemployment and violence. Under these circumstances, the CIA-trained network of Al-Qaeda fighters set their sights on U.S. imperialist targets, disrupting their operations in those areas.

While the Imperialists characterize the organized resistance against them as “terrorism” or Islamic extremism––an attempt to Islamize the world––it is really an attempt by the dispossessed masses to oust their oppressors.

So when Hillary proposes using Iraq as a stepping stone to deepen the U.S.’ intervention in Syria she is announcing her intention to further destabilize the region and strike blows at the new-found partnership between Turkey and Russia.

And although it appears that Trump is less interested in antagonizing Russia, he believes in consistent U.S. aggression in Iraq and Syria as a means to fight ISIS.

So essentially both candidates will maintain the U.S.’ terrorism in the region.

Blame one of them the next time there is a so-called “terrorist” attack in your city.

#Vote4BlackPower: While our National Black Political Agenda for Self-Determination doesn’t have a specific point on the Middle East (the declaration does), points 16 and 18 condemns U.S. imperialist intervention abroad.

2.    “Bad hombres” and support for a wall blocking millions of Mexicans from their own land

Let’s be clear, the United States is a settler colony who stole half of Mexico at gunpoint. What do colonizers do after they wipe out, displace and terrorize Indigenous populations? They erect walls and policy to protect the colony they’ve created––in their interest––from the colonized oppressed masses. This is what the whole question of immigration is and why it is centered on the Mexican border.

The debate reminded voters how Trump feels and his intention to build an apartheid wall, similar to the one that the Zionist state of Israel erected to keep the indigenous Palestinians from reclaiming their land.

But it also reminded us that under the Obama regime a record number of so-called “illegal immigrants” were deported more than any other presidency. Hillary also backtracked from her “open borders” position to settle on the buzzwords “comprehensive immigration reform” which doesn’t do much of anything in the way of resolving current conflicts.

Instead what we can expect from either candidate is that their policies will further militarize the border, generate money for white power in the form of labor, incarcerations and the fees necessary to become a citizen.

3.    Hillary, straight up, gave herself a pat on the back for the Clinton intervention in Haiti

It was at this moment that I imagined Hillary singing the lyrics to rapper, Big Sean’s song “I Don’t F**k with You.” It wasn’t really hard since she straight-faced lied about the “help” the Clinton Foundation gave after the 2010 Haitian earthquake. She did admit, however, that the Clintons raised $30 million although she neglected to say where this money was spent. She alluded to “things” they’ve done to help agriculture and small businesses, but left out the whole piece about her brother’s expropriation of Haiti’s gold.

I’m a little surprised (but not really) that neither the moderator nor Trump took that opportunity to talk about the complete decimation of Haiti’s rice industry which ruined any chances the country had to be self-sufficient. Also left out, was the fact that Arkansas (Clinton’s home state) became the biggest supplier of rice to Haiti. 

It makes sense that these questions were omitted because these aren’t questions that white power would ask of itself.

The Clintons continue their unchallenged fiefdom of Haiti. The UN’s selection of former U.S. president Bill Clinton as a special envoy to Haiti ensures their interests in Haiti will be protected through international imperialist law.

#Vote4BlackPower: First we say kick U.S. imperialism out of Haiti and then the U.S., France and Canada must give reparations to the country––Point six of the National Black Political Agenda for Self-Determination.

4.    Trump grabs women by the p***y and Hillary is a false flag on women’s issues

Both candidates’ track records on women are deplorable.

Trump likes to grab women by the p***y and apparently anywhere else he feels like, according to recently release footage of “locker room” conversation between himself and Billy Bush—a relative of former U.S. presidents George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush.

Trump has a long history of sexually objectifying, assaulting and insulting women, which is why we should understand that a man who makes his living exploiting poor oppressed workers wouldn’t halt his oppressive behavior when it comes to the white women of his class––the bourgeoisie.

This is why we say that to end the oppression of women, capitalism must be destroyed. You can’t be complicit in the exploitation of workers, militarization, harsh immigration, murders of black people and then be outraged by the exploitation of bourgeois white women, such as the way feminist have responded throughout the whole campaign.

Hillary is a slightly different animal because she has built a career out of saying that she is protecting women and families but in actuality she has led on policies that have had a negative generational impact on black women and families in the U.S.

Hillary’s report card on black women, children and families: F –

1.    The No Child Left Behind policy has been linked to the school push out, school closures and the school-to-prison-pipeline for black students.

2.    The Crime Bill, although introduced by her husband, was defended by Hillary when she identified black youth as super predators. This Bill served as the catalyst that increased the numbers of African men and women in prison.

3.    The Adoption and Safe Families Act ensured the safe protection of the State in their theft of black children, the criminalization of poor black mothers and increased the chances of black children’s interaction with the legal system.

Internationally, as secretary of state during the Obama regime, Hillary has spearheaded war campaigns in the Middle East and Africa which have orphaned and killed millions of children, killed men and women and destroyed communities; turning entire populations into refugees.

Hillary FAILS across the board when it comes to women, children and families.

#Vote4BlackPower: Points 1 & 2 of the National Black Political Agenda focuses on the rights of Black women and the black family.

5.    Two sides of the same imperialist coin

The candidates’ idea of democracy and peace is rooted in imperialist domination.

Both of them have an idea that the U.S. is the greatest country in the world and both seek to make it stronger.

This country has never been great for the millions of Indigenous and African people who are susceptible to police terror, are unemployed or underemployed, imprisoned, exploited and dead due to colonialism.

Trump and Hillary may disagree on how they will “make America greater,” but you can be sure that either way, black people still won’t be free.

#Vote4BlackPower: The National Black Agenda points 8, 9,10, 11, 12, 13 speaks to the existing conditions that imperialism has created for African people.

6.    Trump and Hillary both support the 2nd amendment right for white people to be armed

When the 2nd Amendment was written, it was during a time when the U.S. colonies were fighting their former-colonizers WHILE colonizing the land of the Indigenous people. It is an amendment meant to defend the rights of white people to be colonial oppressors and never intended for African people to be legally armed. Why? Because common sense helps us to conclude that the only reason black people would need to carry guns is stop someone from hurting us; it could be Ray-Ray down the street or the police––both types of violence are a result of colonial domination. 

Police violence, however, is the primary reason why the 2nd Amendment is up for serious debate during this election cycle. There has been a concerted effort by the State to disarm the African community. From the Black Panther Party’s gun protest in the 60’s to now, the threat of an armed resistance to oppression is real fear for white power.

Micah Xavier Johnson, Gavin Long, Mark Essex, and Johnathan Jackson are manifestations of that fear.

This is why Philando Castile, a licensed gun owner, was murdered by a shook pig after he told the cop that he had a gun on him; and it’s why Korryn Gaines, a licensed gun owner, was murdered by Baltimore police as she peacefully defended her family.

#Vote4BlackPower: Points 3 & 7 of our Agenda make the demand for Black Community Control of the Police and our right to Self-Defense.

We know that the U.S. presidency does not create a better life for black people, we have to do that.

So regardless of who wins this election, we have to chart our future.

Join us in Washington D.C. on November 5th and 6th, 2016 for our black people’s convention of resistance where we will rally, march on the White House and finalize our Declaration and 19 points. Register for free today!

Black is Back!


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