4,591 people die from Coronavirus in one day in the U.S., but how many die every day from colonialism?

Between Thursday April 16 and Friday April 17, the U.S. experienced the greatest number of deaths ever recorded for one day. The 4,591 COVID-19 deaths in a 24-hour period in the U.S this week is said to be the highest on record.

As of April 17, Coronavirus deaths in the U.S. surpassed 30,000 including over 11,000 in New York state alone. In many places such as St. Louis, MO for example, African people make up 100 percent of all the deaths.

America and parasitic capitalism are built on death and genocide.

In the year 1500 there were about 15 million Indigenous people on this land. This is their land. By the year 1900 there were only about a quarter of a million native people left due to the vicious and relentless genocide carried out against them by all sectors of invading alien white people stealing and colonizing Indigenous land and resources.

In 400 years at least 14.75 million Indigenous people were killed by the colonizers. That means that an average of 101 Indigenous people were killed every single day for 400 years!

How many African people were slaughtered by the colonizers in lynchings and assaults on our towns such as in Tulsa, OK?

How many were secretly murdered with their bodies dumped in rivers or in shallow graves?

How many Africans were murdered by the police, the slave masters or the convict leasing system?

How many of us died on the ships from Africa to the Americas? How many killed in prison cells or while struggling for our liberation?

How many African people died in infancy, childbirth, early childhood, young adulthood or from the lifespan that we experience that is seven years shorter than white people’s.

These numbers are never kept by the U.S. government but are clearly in the multiple millions.

This is why the African People’s Socialist Party calls the Coronavirus pandemic the colonialvirus. It’s not a medical problem; it’s a political problem. We are targeted because we are colonized here and around the world. We are stripped of our economic and political power and occupied by a foreign and alien State power.

Our Party has launched The People’s War Campaign, fighting for power over our lives. We are building the African workers anti-colonial economy, doing for ourselves. We are demanding reparations which is our stolen labor and resources. It belongs to us.

We are building the Black Power Blueprint creating our own economy in St. Louis and have built over 50 self-determination institutions around the U.S. and world.

We are winning. For more information go to apspuhuru.org.


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