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Yearly Archives: 2017

Viva Puerto Rico Libre!

Three weeks after Hurricane Maria’s September 16, 2017 devastating landing on the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico, causing the destruction of its fragile colonialist infrastructure, the people are still dying, there is no electrical grid, and food, water and medicine are trickling down to the people at a snail’s pace.

Plane crashes in the heart of the black community!

St. Petersburg, Florida—A plane crashed less than a block away from the Uhuru House on Wednesday, October 18, 2017 at 3:45pm. A total of 5 people were injured and 3 cars totaled. Amongst the three injured was an African woman and her grandson.



Test 2017-10-20


Gentrification, gerrymandering and suppression of the black vote

The 2017 St. Petersburg District 6 city council election provided the undisputed final, insidious evidence that the white power has succeeded in taking over the formerly majority African district.


The national power struggle to end U.S. influence in Venezuela

Since Chavez came to power in 1998, his leadership made Venezuela one of the key centres of national liberation struggles in the world. Over 16 years later, his policies succeeded in shaping a new vision of Venezuela and of what is referred to as “Latin America.”

One of the first things Hugo Chavez and his United Socialist Party of Venezuela did was to take back control of the Venezuela’s oil resource, upon which the entire economy of Venezuela depends.

Pimps and hoes: The parasitic divide

Do a google image search for “pimp” and your results will turn up hundreds of pictures of black men, two pictures of Playboy’s Hugh Hefner, and a few of white men dressed in the pimp costume synonymous with what black men wore in 1970’s blaxploitation films.

The pimp, in capitalist society, is often glamorized and held in high esteem for his ability to control women.

Rappers like Snoop Dog, Pimp C, 50 Cent and Ice T (a former pimp), have claimed to reinvent the term to mean someone who dresses luxuriously, hustles and gets money (without selling the sex of women).

This reinvention, however, has not reached the back alleys and dark rooms where, to be a pimp still means to abuse, coerce and steal from women who have sex for money.

Similarly, if you did a google search for “whore” or its slang “hoe,” the results are a lot less black and more white, lots and lots of white women...and garden tools.

At first your response could be “good, black women are not seen as whores,” but seconds later you realize that is not the case as you recall the historical perception of African women as oversexed harlots and white power’s practice of forcibly using our bodies for sexual gratification and the production of workers.


Victory to the people of Korea, north and south, over U.S. white power!

Sometimes when our allies are under extreme attack, especially from the lead white nation colonizer (U.S. imperialism), a “Big Lie” narrative is often put forward for the purpose of creating a pretext for making war against the colonized.

Oftentimes, the colonized are surrounded and the people of the world are inundated by bourgeoisie media and can’t always speak for themselves. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the African revolutionary internationalists to speak in support of the oppressed and to defend and support their revolutionary aspirations.

In this instance the African Socialist International (ASI) stands in unwavering solidarity with the toiling workers, peasants, workers party and leadership of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.


Déjà vu: Hurricane Harvey reveals that the colonial State STILL does not care about African people

HOUSTON—Hurricane Harvey made landfall upon Rockport Texas on Friday, August 25th at 11pm local time as a Category 4 hurricane. The storm, which is expected to last for a next few days, is déjà vu for African (black) people, reminding us of Hurricane Katrina which hit New Orleans 12 years ago.

This familiarity which one may feel about Hurricane Katrina when looking at Hurricane Harvey is the yet another slap-in-the-face evidence that the State does not care about African people.

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