18-year-old African, Paul O’Neal, murdered by Chicago police

Chicago, IL—Another African teenager has been murdered by the arm of the State. On July 28, 18-year-old African Paul O’Neal was shot in the back and killed by Chicago police.

Police bodycams and dash cams caught most of the incident on film. The cams show police chasing Paul in their police cruisers driving at reckless speeds in a residential area. They accused Paul of stealing the car that he was driving in.

In at least two of the police videos captured on their bodycam, Paul swerves while driving to avoid the police cars attempting to block him in. Incredulously, the cops leap out of their cars with their guns drawn and shoot into Paul’s car, emptying their clips.

In another of the cop’s videos caught on their dash cam, the cop drives his cruiser headfirst into the vehicle that Paul is driving. Paul then leaps out of his vehicle and escapes momentarily.

It is obvious that Paul is fleeing for his life; the pigs were intent on killing him. He runs between two houses and into a backyard.

The police swarm into the backyard, all of them with their guns drawn. One of their body cam captures the sound of the pigs shooting their guns.

Once the cop with the bodycam reaches the backyard, the recording shows Paul lying motionless on his stomach surrounded by five cops. Two of the cops are screaming at Paul to lay on his stomach––which he already was––and to put his hands behind his back.

Paul is unresponsive as he has just been shot in the back by the ruthless police. They handcuff him anyway. One of the cops even stands on the back of Paul’s legs.

“Bitch ass motherfucker!” yells one cop at Paul.

Police plot their lie

The pigs immediately begin to concoct their story while Paul lies on the ground bleeding.

“He shot at us too right?” one of the cops asks.

“I shot at the car after it almost hit you,” another pig says.

They high five each other, congratulating each other for shooting Paul in the back.

One cop callously comments, “Fuck man, I’m going to be on the desk for 30 goddamn days now. Fucking desk duty for 30 days now,” he said. “Motherfucker I shot. He almost hit him.”

Minutes later, on another pig’s bodycam he can be heard with his phony lamentations saying that he hopes Paul is ok. He says this after admitting that he shot at Paul at least five times, while Paul was still in his car driving away.

“Man it’s fucked up. I don’t want nothing to happen to that fucking guy dude,” he says. “The way shit is going right now, I’m going to be fucking crucified bro.”

The reason for his the sudden “concern” is because his fellow murderers have told him that Paul didn’t have a gun. The other murderous cops assure him that everything will be ok––after all, it was only an African that was shot and killed.

Another cop advises the “concerned” cop to call the Fraternal Order of Police Council (FOP), a council notorious for ensuring that cops are not convicted for killing Africans.

In another bodycam video, one of the cops orders his fellow pigs to stop talking around the bodycams. He instructs those that have bodycams to shut them off and tells anyone that is talking about the shooting to walk away.

Paul died while he was still in the backyard, lying on his stomach, handcuffed. He died from a gunshot wound to his back.

Africans in Chicago and elsewhere have since held demonstrations in response to Paul O’Neal’s murder by the police. The African community is fed up with endless police murders of our people and are increasing their resistance against the colonial state.

Not one more African life!

The State and their militarized tools, the police, hunt and kill Africans as if it were a sport. This is genocide being committed against our people.

They have no regard for our lives because we have no power. The African People’s Socialist Party (APSP) is fighting for power.

The reason that it was so easy for a cop be more concerned about being on desk duty for 30 days while standing next to the lifeless body of an African that he just murdered is because he knows that Africans without power cannot hurt him.

If Africans had power, the cops concern would have been less about 30-day desk duty, and more about if he was going to make it out of the backyard alive.

What we need is Black Community Control of the Police. This will give the black community the power to hire, fire, and discipline cops in our neighborhoods.

The APSP understands that the function of the State is to murder and oppress Africans here in the U.S. and around the world.

The only way for Africans worldwide to take complete power over our own lives is through revolution. We must overturn the parasitic system which has oppressed us for over 600 years.

If you are truly sick of watching your brothers and sisters murdered every single day by the State, then get organized for power!

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