Winners of the TyRon Lewis Community Gym 2014 Winter Weightlifting Competition

ST. PETERSBURG, FLOn Saturday, February 15, 2014 the All Peoples TyRon Lewis Community Gym sponsored the Winter 2014 Weightlifting Competition. The goal of the competition was more than just to find out who the strongest person was. It was a process designed to make the entire African community stronger and more aware of the need to be fit and healthy.
The first place winner of the competition is John Thomas, who lifted 6.4 times his bodyweight; 1300 total pounds, and weighing 204lbs. The second place winner is Rajaih Flournoy, who lifted 6.0 times his bodyweight; 1340 total pounds, and weighing 223lbs. While the third place winner is Damon Reio, who lifted 5.0 times his bodyweight; 950 total pounds, and weighing 189lbs.
The method of judging uses the Wilkes Barre system, which is used to calculate the overall strength of an individual pound for pound, taking into consideration ones weight as well as the amount lifted.
The competition featured a wide range of contestants—men and women, young and old, big and small. The competition was judged by world renowned strongwoman Taylar Stallings, along with Dreama Davidson.
Some of the strongest lifters were bench pressing more than 400 pounds, deadlifting more than 500 pounds and squatting more than 400 pounds!
During the competition Omali Yeshitela, Chairman of the African People's Socialist Party, stressed the importance of physical fitness and health for African people.
Chairman Omali spoke on the harsh conditions we as Africans live under as an oppressed people and linked those conditions to our overall health. He noted that the key is to work tirelessly to change those conditions, and the role health and strength plays in that process.
The competition was truly a gathering of the community. Families brought their children and passersby stopped to watch.
Some even joined the TyRon Lewis Community Gym during the competition, because they were so inspired by what they saw.
We are very proud to say that gym manager John Thomas was the first place winner of the competition. John is a living embodiment of the same principles that the TyRon Lewis Gym and the African Peoples Education and Defense Fund promotes.
Congratulations to John and all of the contestants for a job well done!
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