White power – United States, Britain, France and NATO – Hands off Libya! And out of Africa!

The African Socialist International (ASI) condemns the present and historical barbaric assault on Libya, Africa from imperialist powers who are driven by the profit motive inherent in capitalism, pure and simple.
We condemn the United Nations (UN) as a tool of imperialism being used to ensure and protect neocolonialism in Africa.
It was the United Nations that provided the legal and political cover for the attack on Libya.
It is NATO, under U.S. leadership that is formally carrying out the mission.
NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, was formed during the era of colonial supremacy for the purpose of contending with the then-Soviet Union.
The fact that this North Atlantic treaty group has come together to attack Africa helps to expose the fact the the crisis of imperialism is generated in large part by the growing threat to colonial assets traditionally in the hands of white power.
The attack on Libya gives lie to the notion of sovereignty in Africa. Neocolonialism is the fundamental reality that defines the African state, even states attempting to exercise a modicum of independence like Libya.
Remember, neocolonialism is more than the attitude of the head of state or ministers of government.
It is an economic relationship that Kwame Nkrumah recognized as a necessary product of a divided Africa.
The attack on Libya reveals for all to see the vulnerability of any so-called independent African state to stand up alone to the military projections of the imperialist State, independent of the mobilized international African working class.
Libya is standing alone notwithstanding its financial contributions to various of the neocolonial heads of state whose favour Gaddafi courted in his efforts to unite the neocolonial club called the Africa Union (AU).
Not a single one of them has come to his aid although many of them are always available to carry out military missions in Africa to facilitate this or that imperialist foreign policy objective.
The ASI understands that the United Nations was created by white power imperialism and that it is incapable of serving the best interest of Africa and its people, no matter where on this earth we are located.
Our redemption and the peace we long for is only possible in a united and socialist Africa.
We reject UN Security Council seat/s for Nigeria or South Africa, or for the both of them.
These are neocolonial states which would only act in accordance with imperialist wishes and do the bidding of white power.
ASI Chairman, Omali Yeshitela, while addressing the Chinese and their collaboration with imperialism in his Political Report to the Fifth Congress of the African People’s Socialist Party, made this observation: “China also intends to transform its material conditions of existence, not through revolution to overthrow capitalism, but through joining imperialism at the trough.”
Indeed the black petty bourgeoisie leadership of Good Luck Jonathan in Nigeria, or Zuma and the African National Congress in South Africa, are begging to get to the blood-soaked imperialist trough, especially down in South Africa where ruthless anti-black war criminals are still being harboured, and who still have privilege.
The imperialists also hide behind the Arab league, a corrupted organisation of Arab neocolonial dictators who collaborate with the white settler colonial state of Israel.
This imperialist-led boot-licking organization has no legitimacy to decide when an African country should be attacked and its government replaced.
Libya’s stand against Israel must not go unnoticed. It is an important anti-imperialist, anti-zionist stance, as is the similar stand taken by Iran and Syria. The combined influence of Libya, Iran, Syria, Hamas, Hezbollah, etc. in the face of a weakened Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen and Algeria certainly is something that has loosened the metaphorical bowels of imperialism.
It is clear that the question of African unity is the most pressing question of our times.
It is a question that not only will determine the fate of Africa and African people worldwide, but it is a question that will determine whether a meaningful future is forthcoming, free of bosses and slaves, that when solved will chart the course for all of humanity.
If we want to stop all imperialists' bestial wars of aggressions, we must participate and accelerate the struggle for a socialist United States of Africa.
The African petty bourgeoisie and its African Union are of no use for Africa and African people.
Together with its counterpart, the Arab petty bourgeoisie and the Arab League cannot fight imperialism.
They are part and parcel of imperialism they have no interest in doing so. They are allies in an unequal partnership.
This aggression launched by US president Barack Hussein Obama under the pretext of saving civilians from Gadaffi’s army is packaged in a bundle of lies in the same way that US president George W Bush and British prime minister Tony Blair used to invade Iraq, then capture and lynch President Saddam Hussein.
They claimed Hussein was acquiring and developing weapons of mass destruction, which later were proved to be pure inventions of the US State Department and CIA.
Everyone already knows, however, that it is the US and its NATO allies that have all the weapons of mass destruction that constitute a threat to the world's existence.
One must pose the question: Why did the indebted and bankrupt British, French and US North American states attack Libya?
The answer: It is to prevent the shifting of power at the expense of Europe and North America.
The downfall of the AU, once championed by Colonel Muammar Gadaffi, will remain a powerless and treacherous organisation, because it is a Pan-Africanist vision that appeals to the heads of neocolonial states who are opposed to the emancipation and power of Africa and of the African workers.
The consolidation of the real shifting of the balance of power in favour of Africa and of the African world begins with the triumph of the African Internationalism of Omali Yeshitela, which is the development of the African Fundamentalism of Garvey, the Socialism of Nkrumah and the revolutionary work of Malcolm X, Patrice Lumumba and others; Yeshitelism recognises the necessity to organise into a single organisation of African workers and peasants from around the world to build the United States of Africa, which will end the power of white capitalists and their negro collaborators.
We cannot accept the French, British, US North Americans and others who continue to bamboozle us with lies about democracy and white people saving Africa.
Bourgeois elections anywhere are for the people with money. They are never the voice of the people, but the voice of people with money.
Most of us already know that Africans have no freedom in the west. A conference sponsored by the same UN in September 2001 in Durban, South Africa agreed that slavery and colonialism are crimes against Humanity. How can UN allow them to bomb Libya?
All charity money collected on behalf of Africans in Haiti is still in the hands of white NGO accounts for their own use.
In Libya, the rebels are already selling oil and setting up a central bank. A rebel movement setting up its own bank is a première in world history!
There are reports showing that Obama backed CIA covert actions against Libya before the bombing started.
British SAS were captured in Libya inn March and Western corporations made plans to sell Libyan oil just as they did for Iraq before the invasion occurred.
US president Obama has frozen $30 billion of Libyan funds earmarked for African Projects! And they are steadily bombing the people of Libya to save them.
And finally, our unity with Gadaffi’s government is not based on the inherent legitimacy of the government itself.
It is based on the fact that the imperialists are attempting to rescue themselves from a deep crisis where their political power is being threatened on every front with Libya.
In fact, the same thing is true with Syria.
We don’t validate the regimes.
We invalidate imperialism, although in the case of Libya, as we have said on more than one occasion, Gadaffi stands heads above most of the African cretins that pose as leaders and heads of state.
It is too late; Africans will never accept this invasion of our land. Reparations are still due us from the white world for hundreds of years of stolen black labour and African resources.
Death to Imperialism! Death to Neocolonialism!
Build the African Socialist international, the tool for a genuine unity of Africa and African people world wide.
Statement from African Socialist International, uhuruasi@aol.com, April 26, 2011, London,  07862294364,   www.asiuhuru.org
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