White power asserts terroristic authority in Mali

LONDONThe African Socialist International demands the immediate and unconditional withdrawal of French troops from Mali.
The murderous invasion of Mali by French military forces, was done, the imperialist media say, at the invitation of the neocolonialist puppet Mali President, Dioncounda Traoré
Since the invasion, the white imperialist media have painted a narrative showing the African population in Mali exuberant that a white occupying army is on African soil, ostensibly to save us from invaders. In other words, to save us from ourselves.
They showed a staged crowd of Africans cheering French Socialist Party President, Francois Hollande.
It is true that there are many places in the world that, given free reign, the imperialists with their immense resources can mobilize hundreds of people to any cause they choose, at any given time.
However, support among the Malian people dictates that the French and their U.S. allies use a ground and air military effort in the counterinsurgency war they are waging against our people in Mali.
Otherwise, the French colonialists would not need all the resources of world-wide white power to put down this anti-imperialist movement.
The white ruling class media would have us believe the masses of African people in Africa and the peoples of the world are unaware of the history of French imperialism and the crimes it has committed in its hundreds of years of oppression and exploitation of Our Africa and the genocide of the indigenous people throughout the Caribbean Islands and in the Americas.
In addition, since the initial French invasion, the neocolonialist presidents of Niger, Mahamadou Issoufou and Blaise Compaoré of Burkina Faso has given the Obama regime "authorization" to place U.S. drone bases on their respective territories as part of the imperialist counterinsurgency.
The traitor, Blase Compaoré, led the assassination of martyred Burkina Faso President, Thomas Sankara in 1987.
This is a war enjoying the participation of all major European imperialist powers to the war effort; the U.S. providing in-flight refueling capacity and with spying and armed murderous drones; the British providing military training to troops from Niger, Algeria, and other West African imperialist controlled armies; the Germans sending ammunition, etc.
Also, thousands of African soldiers from Nigeria, Togo, Niger, Senegal, Benin, Guinea (Conakry), Chad and Ghana will serve in Mali under European commanders.
They were ordered there by their neocolonialist governments to forward the imperialist agenda in Mali.
The French economy is in crisis!
The French president is unable to compete with capitalist competitors or to impose his country’s view of how to solve the crisis of the European Union.
A desperate France has chosen the theft of resources from Africa with naked aggression in Mali, disguised as a war on terrorism and drug trafficking, as a means of finding its way out of this crisis.
The economic crisis  
In simple terms, it is called colonial occupation.
Hollande and his socialist party are imperialists practicing colonial socialism, or national socialism, as Hitler would put it, when he tried to catch up with Churchill and others, through a war of looting in Europe to build Germany.
Hollande is also waging a war of looting in Africa to build and develop France.
France responsible for the worst terror attacks in Mali and Africa: economic terrorism
Mali is not poor.
It has been impoverished by imperialism, and Mali has more resources than France.
France is now in Mali to claim for itself a large chunk of African resources from Mali, where they intend to get paid by militarily reinforcing their access and control of African resources in Mali at the expense of Africa and her people.
This is how France would be able to pay more than 50 percent of its GDP for social services for white people despite the decline of the French economy and its industries.
U.S., UK and France are the biggest drug and gun trafficking kidnappers the world has ever seen
The imperialist media has saturated the airwaves with lies, claiming that this intervention is to stop Mali from becoming the center for drug and weapons-trafficking and hostage-taking in North Africa.
But the trillion dollar world drug economy is run by the U.S. and its allies: France, Britain and the UK’s HSBC bank that has recently been exposed as one of the leading drug money laundering banks in the world.
The African petty bourgeoisie is a traitor and illegitimate social force! Its surrender to imperialism has compromised Africa’s future
Dioncounda Traoré is the Malian interim president, the chief negro collaborator who "invited" the French imperialists to intervene to rescue them from the so-called “alliance of Jihadists” composed of the Ansar Dine, AMQI, MUJAO (Movement for Oneness and Jihad in West Africa) and Tuareg nationalists of the MNLA (National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad).  
In Mali, as in virtually the entire African continent, the African petty bourgeoisie has no legitimacy among the people. They rule by brute military force with the help of their imperialist masters.
More than fifty years ago following "flag independence," they surrendered their allegiance to Africa and cast their lot with the European imperialists.
Their program is now one with the program of the French.
Whatever represents the economic interest of the French and white imperialism is their program.
The so-called Islamist and Tuareg crisis in Mali is a direct result of the imperialist partition of Africa, which introduced divisions known as borders that split the Tuareg people and introduced a colonial economy with the result being the marginalizing and the reduction to poverty of the Tuareg population in Mali and throughout the region.
It is they who have united with the lie that the main problem we are confronting in Mali and in the region is “Islamist Jihadist terrorism.”
They are prepared to surrender all of Mali’s resources to imperialism, which include gold (3rd largest producer in Africa), phosphate, uranium, and gas and oil, which recent reports indicate may be present in Mali.
U.S. imperialism’s role in Mali and in the French invasion of Mali
Many factors indicate that the coup was carried out in the interests of the U.S.
First, the coup that sparked the Malian crisis was the work of a U.S.-trained officer, Amadou Haya Sanogo.
Since the coup, Captain Sanogo has been the key power broker in the country.
The U.S. has been training the Malian army for 10 years in the so called Trans-Sahara Counterterrorism Partnership (TSCTP), the principal framework for U.S. engagement in Mali since 2005.
The TSCTP was preceded by another U.S. government scheme, known as the Pan Sahel Initiative, which lasted from 2002 to 2004 (Peter Tinti, World Politics Review, November 30, 2012).
In another example of U.S. involvement in the lead-up to the invasion, American special forces led the first of what have now become annual Operation Flintlock counterinsurgency exercises.
Everyone deplores the fact that it was the U.S.-trained soldiers who were the first to defect.
The Malian army typifies African petty bourgeois armies, veritable continuations of colonial armies created by white imperialists to maintain the colonial status quo. 
They excel in repressing unarmed and disorganized masses of African people or in fighting in imperialist wars.
Let’s solve the main contradiction, let’s defeat white imperialism
Every contradiction in Mali must be resolved in the context of building a new African state, which can only be born as a revolutionary state, born against European imperialism and the sell-out leadership of the Malian African petty bourgeoisie.
Only an all African revolution and revolutionary state can carry a national development program that will address the democratic demands of the Tuareg population; only an African revolutionary state can also deal with a borderless Africa, which will end the fragmentation of the African economy and repair the division of all ethnicities and cultures imposed on us by imperialism.
French imperialism must be driven out of Africa at all costs
The capitalist press keep saying that Tuareg fighters who served under Kaddafi returned home to Northern Mali with their arsenal from the defeated Libyan army.
“Tuaregs are Africans, and the Revolutionary National Democratic Program must also forward the legitimate grievances for freedom and economic development of the Tuareg Africans.
“Since the advent of Mali’s nominal independence, the Tuareg have been demanding better integration and economic development for their region.
“The Tuareg population, like the rest of the African population, has been divided by arbitrary colonial borders, which is why they are fragmented across the Sahara/Sahel Desert; they now live in Mali, Algeria, Morocco, Libya, Burkina Faso, Niger and Tunisia.” http://uhurunews.com/story?resource_name=coup-in-mali-exposes-all-opportunists-which-feed-off-african-resources
Tuareg people will only enjoy economic development and genuine freedom as a result of a revolution in Mali and in Africa.
The African Socialist International is calling on all African people and our allies, from Mali to Algeria and from Paris to Abidjan, to join us.
We are calling on African soldiers not to join the French, but to turn their guns against French imperialist soldiers and officers.
Long live the resistance struggle against French imperialism in Mali!
Long live the African liberation struggle in Mali and in Algeria!
Build the African Socialist International!
Touch One! Touch All!


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