What about the black community?

We are opposed to the London G20 Summit, presided over by a black man or not, to attempt to rescue capitalism at the expense of black people everywhere. We are echoing what happened in St. Petersburg, Florida when Uhuru organizers took direct action by challenging Obama’s failure to address the conditions of Africans in the 2008 U.S. presidential elections campaign.
Here in London, we are asking the same question: what about six million Africans killed and 48,000 women raped every month in the war in Congo sponsored by the U.S. and Britain in a process of mining coltan, which is used in making mobile phones and computers? What about Sudan where the U.S. and Britain are engaged in a proxy war to contain China’s access to African oil? What about Nigeria where the government has gone to war against the people of Delta Niger to secure oil for the U.S. and Europe?

The capitalist world economy born by attacks and exploitations of Africa.

Key to the birth of this present parasitic capitalist system was the enslavement of the African continent and the kidnapping, dispersal and colonization of African people around the world. It was born as a result of the theft of land, resources and labor from Africa, the Americas, Asia, the Middle East, etc.

This current crisis has been delayed for over two decades because the capitalists passed on most of the costs on Africa and other oppressed nations. From the 1980s up to this credit crunch, the G8 escaped credit meltdown because Africa has been paying for the capitalization (social benefits) of European and U.S. banks through IMF, the World Bank and other parasitic neocolonial schemes imposed on us.

Financial crisis of capitalism caused by the growing resistance of national liberation movements reclaiming control over their lives and resources

This is the consequence of the rise of China, India, Iran, the Hugo Chavez-led Bolivar revolution in Latin America and the struggles of other colonized peoples. As these nations continue to rise, imperialist white power is forced on the defensive, and its access to resources is restricted, consequently challenging the reproduction of imperialist economies.

The U.S. and EU governments are trying to extend the G8 gang to G20 to manage the world economy at the expense of nations who have not yet achieved their freedom, especially the divided and dispersed African nation. This G20 meeting, chaired by a black man will not address the way out for black people, but a way out for the imperialists. This can only be done by tightening the grip of strangulation on Africa.

Investment banks can create and sell financial products but cannot create real value. Likewise national banks of England, Europe and the U.S. can print bank notes but can not create value, which is created by labor in society. The role of colonized nations in the current world economy is to create value for imperialist nations.

The real question is not the nature or extent of deregulation, stimulus or fiscal package, but access to real value. Unrestricted theft of Africa’s natural resources and worldwide black labor is the essence of the G20 summit, just as it was when the imperialist states met in the 1884 Berlin Conference.

The solution is not to fix this colonial slavery system, but to end it.

Massive transfer of peoples and social wealth to the bankers and other sectors of the ruling class are a crime. Massive cuts of social programs that are being planned are a crime. We have the obligation to build our own African plan that will allow us to recapture our unity in struggle and our Africa for ourselves.

The road to freedom leads through the creation of the Europe front of the African Socialist International hosted by the African Liberation Day committee on May 23-24, 2009 in Manchester. Building the United States of Africa, led by African workers in alliance with poor peasants is the way forward for black people everywhere.

One Africa! One Nation !

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