Victory to Syria! Resist and defeat U.S.-led white imperialism!

The African Socialist International condemns the military aggression against Syria by the NATO countries of the U.S., France, UK, Turkey and allies against the people and government of Syria.
Turkey has become a hub of reaction from which NATO’s forces infiltrated Syria and arms the myriad of mercenaries from around the world to attack Syria.
Turkey itself has launched military attacks inside Syria. In addition, the settler colonialist state of Israel has launched devastating air strikes inside the Syrian territories on four occasions.
The African Socialist International considers the ongoing calls by the U.S., French and UK imperialist governments to directly militarily assault the sovereign republic of Syria on the pretext of unproven chemical attacks by the Syrian government as crimes against the people of Syria in blatant and flagrant violation of bourgeois international laws.
It must be clear to everyone that the U.S., UK, French and Israeli states are foreigners in the region. They are the ones who are the sources of all the suffering of oppressed of Arab and Muslim peoples in the region.
We are calling on African people everywhere to support the struggle of the people of Syria against U.S.-led white imperialism.
While world opinion was gripped by the massacre of coup opponents carried out by the Egyptian military—which are funded at the tune of $1.5 billion a year by the U.S. government—the Obama regime has maliciously chosen to ignore the over 1,000 killed by U.S.-funded bullets and to focus instead on alleged chemical attack victims in Syria.
In England, the relentless frenzy of calls for war from imperialist media will undoubtedly deepen their rejection by the growing number of people looking for real news and information.
One cannot tell the slightest difference between the liberal and the conservative press.
They are all beating the war drums and singing the same song: bomb Syria.
Why are imperialist rulers so desperate to go to war? Why do they think that they have the right to kill Syrian people more than they claim Assad has?
Chairman Omali Yeshitela’s December 13, 2012 article on Syria gives some of the key reasons why the U.S. frantically wants to go to war:
“Already pushed back by the popular nationalist movements in South America, such as those in Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, Nicaragua and others; losing influence to the fast-growing political and economic power of China in Africa, the Asian Pacific Basin and elsewhere, Europe and the U.S. were frantic about the loss of other geopolitical terrain that exposed capitalist reliance on 500 years of imperialist rape and plunder.
The frightening possibility of Egypt falling into the hands of the people was more than the U.S. and the other white power imperialist powers could willingly tolerate. And, as soon as they caught their breath, under U.S. leadership, they moved to salvage their status of wealth and wellbeing at the expense of the rights and future of the rest of us.”
Also, there has been a huge discovery of gas in Syria. This, in addition to the construction of a pipeline that will take the Iranian gas through Iraq and Syria for export to the EU market, is an economic game changing factor.
An October 12, 2012 article on discusses this as one of the reasons for Qatar’s support of attacks on Syria: “Further adding to Qatar’s determination to destroy the Syria-Iran-Iraq gas cooperation is the discovery in August 2011 by Syrian exploration companies of a huge new gas field in Qara near the border with Lebanon and near to the Russian-leased Naval port of Tarsus on the Syrian Mediterranean. Any export of Syrian or Iranian gas to the EU would go through the Russian-tied port of Tarsus. According to informed Algerian sources, the new Syrian gas discoveries, though the Damascus government is downplaying it, are believed to equal or exceed those of Qatar.”
History clearly shows that U.S. and UK imperialism lacks credibility
As colonial powers, the U.S., UK and France are automatically guilty of crimes against humanity. They cannot hide behind the codeword of “international community” which is nothing but a well-documented community of international murderers and looters to say the least.
U.S. intervention in the region is the primary cause for wars in the Middle East. They arm the Israeli state—the U.S. military outpost in the region—every year with $2.4 billion in military aid.
They have undermined every single UN resolution against the illegitimate state of Israel, and they have killed millions of people in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Along with Hezbollah, the governments of Syria and Iran represent the axis of resistance against U.S. imperialism and the settler Israeli regime in the region.
This song about the use of chemical weapons is not a new one.
In 2003, in the run-up to the 2003 war, UK prime minister Tony Blair claimed the intelligence on Iraq’s WMD program was “extensive, detailed and authoritative.” 
Colin Powell, some six weeks before the bombing of Iraq, went to the UN where he told the world a pack of lies, using images to claim that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.
If Obama and Cameron have evidence, they must show it to the whole world.
Of course, we know that the invasion of Iraq was not about any weapon of mass destruction, but an attempt to bring Iraq’s vast gas and oil reserves under the U.S. ruling class’ control.
This shift in the balance of power is reaching a tipping point
The crisis of imperialism in the Middle East has been exacerbated by the inability of the “jihadists mercenaries” and the so-called Free Syrian Army to defeat the Syrian governmental armed forces.
The U.S., French, UK governments; the Israel and Turkish rulers and the sell-out Arab monarchies are frustrated and alarmed by the possible combinations of successful mass uprisings in the Muslim world and the growing power of the alliance of Syria, Iran and Hezbollah.
Iran and Syria’s connections with other countries also contribute to their power.
Iran, in addition to becoming a regional power with influence inside Iraq, is also a key supplier of oil to China and India and can now supply Pakistan with gas unless the U.S. succeeds in coercing Nawaz Sharif, the current prime minister of Pakistan, to cancel the deal with Tehran. This is how Iran is able to beat the U.S. sanctions.
Syria hosts the only seaport that Russia has access to on the Mediterranean Sea.
Victory to the government and people of Syria over U.S.-led white imperialism!
After two years of aggression, Obama’s proxy wars in Syria have not achieved its main goals. They have failed to bring the Syrian regime down, despite the direct and indirect attacks by Israeli, French and UK Special Forces and by Turkey and the CIA.
The millions of dollars that Saudi Arabia and Qatar have poured into the rebels’ coffers have not succeeded in defeating the Syrian national army.
We are supporting the anti-colonial resistance struggle of Syrian people against foreign oppression. We are opposed to sectarian horizontal violence that targets minority faiths in Syria. Such attacks are part of the counterinsurgency. We are calling on the broadest unity of the people of Syria to unite against U.S.-led imperialism.
It is not a religious question, because the petrodollars of Saudi and Qatari are flowing in the U.S., UK, Europe and elsewhere to the benefit of parasitic capitalist nations which are not Muslims.
The U.S. rulers have run out of options! Their decline and decay continue
Their reliance on jihadists, al Qaida and all kinds of mercenary cut throats as well as their dependence on financially on ideologically backwards, sell-out Saudi Arabia and Qatar monarchs expose U.S., UK and French imperialism as powers in irreversible decline and irreparable loss of strategic influence in the region.
The designation of neocolonialism as the last stage of imperialism is indeed correct.
The U.S. rulers are incapable of stopping the decay of neocolonialism or finding neocolonial leaders who they can trust and who can deliver neocolonial stability.
This can be seen by the decaying character of U.S. alliance with petty bourgeois forces in the region. The alliance with al Qaida and other backwards religious fighters whose trademarks are indiscriminate and sectarian killings of the masses of the people and hatred for socialism is just one example. The collaboration between the settler Israeli government and the so-called Free Syrian Army is another.
Smash Israel alliance with sell-out regimes of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, etc
The possibility of Israel assuming the role of protectors of the sell-out Arab regimes in the region is another proof that neocolonialism is not working, and the shift of balance of power is exposing the sell-out Arab regimes to the Arab and Muslim masses of the world for what they really are.
According to a May 5 report on, “Israel is working on joining an anti-Iran defence alliance with a number of moderate Arab states that would involve sharing Jerusalem’s newly developed anti-missile technologies, a British newspaper reported. The plan would see Israel join with Turkey, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, to create a Middle Eastern ‘moderate crescent.’”
The U.S. has long history of chemical warfare against colonized people: Vietnamese, African, Indigenous of America, etc.
The U.S. has a history of biochemical warfare against oppressed peoples and, as such, does not have a ground to lecture anyone on weapons of mass destruction of any sort.
The U.S. is the only state to have used atomic bombs—twice indiscriminately in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
An August 29 article notes, “From 1962 to 1971, the U.S. military sprayed an estimated 20 million gallons of defoliants and herbicides over Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia in a bid to deprive the Vietcong of food and cover. The Vietnamese government estimates that 400,000 people were killed or maimed and 500,000 children born with birth defects as a result of the so-called 'rainbow herbicides.’”
The U.S. counterinsurgency warfare is responsible for the explosion of the AIDS epidemic in Africa and in every African community around the world. Also it is the U.S. use of depleted uranium and white phosphorous in Iraq in 2003 by the U.S. army that is responsible for “the highest rate of genetic damage in any population ever studied,” according to Christopher Busby, an expert on the health effects of ionizing radiation and Scientific Secretary of the European Committee on Radiation Risk.
The list of U.S. or European criminal acts against colonized peoples is endless.
The resistance of the people and governments of Syria, Iran, Venezuela, Bolivia, etc are part of the final offensive to end parasitical capitalism.
Syrian president Bashar al-Assad has said, “Failure awaits the United States as in all previous wars it has unleashed, starting with Vietnam and up to the present day.” We agree with Assad that the U.S. attacks are doomed to fail.
The people of Syria are well aware that the U.S. has lost in Iraq and they are losing in Afghanistan.
All these U.S. defeats are part of the righteous struggles of colonized peoples to reclaim their lives, resources and destinies from white imperialism.
The struggle of African people to free and unite Africa under the leadership of the African working class is a strategic part of the struggle to eradicate parasitic imperialism headed presently by the U.S. government.
Oppressed African, Arab and Iranian people can only achieve human dignity, freedom and economic power at the expense of the oppressor nations led by the U.S. ruling class.
Free Syria!
Victory to the Syrian people’s resistance!
Down with French, UK, and U.S. aggression and Israeli settler colonialism!


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