U.S. president-elect Donald Trump is aligned with white power

It has been a month and a half since Donald Trump was elected president of the U.S. on November 8, 2016. Since then, he has been busy consolidating the team of people who will assist him in continuing the U.S. legacy of violent imperialist and colonial domination against Africans and oppressed peoples.

He appointed the white nationalist Alabama politician Jeffrey Sessions to position of attorney general. Sessions is quoted by several people as saying how he “admired” the KKK and once called an African assistant general attorney for the state of Alabama “boy,” according to independent journalist Sarah Wildman.

Steve Bannon who runs the white nationalist website Brietbart.com was appointed chief advisor and petty bourgeois brain surgeon, Benjamin Carson was appointed head of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

Trump has taken criticism from some sectors of the white ruling class for his choice to appoint people who have no past government experience. These criticisms, however, does not make him a friend to African people; he is still the representative of white power.

Trump’s outsider approach is only an tactic to keep the allegiance of members of the white working class.

Trump is nothing but an imperialist and a parasitic capitalist

The crisis of imperialism is ripening. With this we see many Africans looking to crooked Hillary Clinton and the Democratic party, while some are misguided into believing that because Trump is the nontraditional representation of white power that he is somehow for all of the people, including Africans.

That is a bold mistake. Trump was elected to save white power, not destroy it and he has repeatedly aligned himself with colonialism and white power, and against Africans and other colonized people. This was seen recently when he took to Twitter to denounce revolutionary Cuban leader, Fidel Castro, shortly after his death late November.

Trump, however, has no interest in criticizing the U.S.’ murderous track record when it comes to exploiting and oppressing the people of Cuba.

Trump demonizes any people that struggle be free from white power by spewing out a white nationalist narrative.

The U.S. president-elects’ threats to imprison Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton was based off her missing emails instead of the horrendous crimes she’s committed against Africans in the U.S, Ayiti (Haiti) and on the Continent.

CNN reported that he has met with Barack Hussein Obama on several occasions for advice on running the criminal organization known as the U.S. This comes after many denouncements of the Democratic party, but reveals that in the end, he is willing to stand united with the Dems for the benefit of white power.

Standing with Trump is standing with imperialism

The white nationalist group National Policy Institute gathered in Washington D.C. November 19, 2016 to celebrate Trump’s election.

The founder of the group, Richard Spencer, was quoted in his speech to the audience by The Atlantic as stating “America was until this past generation a white country designed for ourselves and our posterity. It is our creation, it is our inheritance and it belongs to us.”

The crowd reportedly cheered and shouted “hail Trump” in the style of Nazi Germany.

The organization is self described as the “alt right” just as Trump’s chief advisor Steve Bannon. The organization’s archived website describes it as “dedicated to the heritage, identity and future of people of European descent.”

Despite these glaring reasons why Africans should not align ourselves with Trump, colonial media is highlighting petty bourgeois Africans like Kanye West, sports legends Ray Lewis and Jim Brown who are trying associate themselves with imperialism and convince Africans to do the same. Even BET founder Bob Johnson and others like him are telling Africans to give Trump a chance.

Recounting Trump’s votes and Russia

The white left, most notably Jill Stein and the Green Party in alliance with the Democrats, have forged a campaign to recount election ballots in states like Wisconsin.

Democrats are accusing Russia of interfering with the presidential election and are drawing attention to economic ties Trump and members of his cabinet like his newly-appointed secretary of state Rex Tillerson has with the country.

Russian interference and demands for recounts are nothing but attempts by Democrats to undermine Trump’s presidency.

It is very likely that Russian president Vladimir Putin would rather a Trump presidency than Clinton because there is less chance of war between the two countries under Trump.

The Obama/Clinton regime has held a standing beef with Russia since the annexation of Crimea. Russia only did so after a referendum done by the Crimean people despite threats from the U.S. and the U.N.

The two countries are also in competition for the oil and resources in the Middle East. Clinton even mentioned Russia’s involvement in Syria during a presidential debate with Trump to begin rallying support for a war with Russia.

The truth is that Russia is in Syria at the request of the Assad government which is Syria’s democratically elected government.

The U.S. caused the deterioration of the Syrian government in 2012 by giving financial support and weapons to rebel forces that opposed the Syrian government and was exposed by Wikileaks.

Africans must understand that U.S. imperialism always works in its own interest, while using a struggle for democracy as a cover up.

We should not be confused by colonial propaganda that paints Russia as some boogie man that we need Hillary Clinton to save us from. Russians interfering with U.S. elections is not important. The destruction of imperialism is what we should focus on so that we Africans can live in a world safe from nuclear war.

Freedom is the only option!

Probably more than anything else, Donald Trump’s election has highlighted the need to struggle for black self-determination.

There are still, however, some reactionary groups targeting our people to consolidate us into the white left’s attempt to revive the Democratic party. This must be struggled against.  Imperialism is desperate and we must resist colonialism and imperialism in all its forms.

We must forward our own Black Political Agenda for Self-determination! Join the Black Is Back Coalition for Social Justice, Peace and Reparations on January 14, 2017 for the Rally for Black Self-determination in Washington D.C.’s Freedom Plaza at 12pm. Trump has his agenda. We have ours!

We are winning!

Black Is Back!


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