U.S. military kills 150 Africans in Somalia

The United States’ imperial military, led by U.S. president Barack Hussein Obama, attacked and killed more than 150 Africans in Somalia who were reportedly Islamist militants of Al Shabaab.

Al Shabaab, meaning “The Youth,” is a group fighting against U.S.- Western and neocolonialist Africa Union military occupation of Somalia.

The attack was carried out by drones and manned/womanned fighter aircraft, directed and piloted by U.S. military forces.

The attack occurred on Saturday, March 5, 2016 as the young people celebrated a graduation ceremony and took place on an Al Shabaab complex in the village of Raso, 120 miles from Somalia’s capital city Mogadishu.

Pentagon spokesperson Jeff Davis announced the attacks at a press conference and claimed that there were no civilian casualties during the attack, but could not verify this. He stated that he didn’t “think” there were any other people killed on Saturday.

The fact is that any and every African killed whether combatant or not by the U.S. military is murder. It is the continuing attack on Africa by white power which has been carried out for over 500 years.

The U.S. government claims they killed these young people because of a planned attack on U.S. soldiers in the region. They say this without having shown or indicated a shred of evidence that this group was planning an attack on anybody.

This is notwithstanding the fact that U.S. soldiers on African soil deserve attack by the worldwide African nation.

The real reason for the continued occupation of Somalia by Africa Union’s military forces, U.S. Africom forces and NATO forces, however, is the fact that under Somalia’s soil is one of the largest oil reserves in the world.

According to DHANAANMEDIA.com in a report on British Petroleum (BP), it says,

“If drilled, Somali oil would beat countries like Nigeria and Kuwait, to make the Horn of Africa state the 7th largest producer in the world.”

Somalia also has untapped reserves of uranium and copper in addition to the oil.

It occupies a strategic geographical location in the region as it sits on the easternmost tip of Africa, across from Saudi Arabia and Yemen and overlooking the Red Sea.

Of course the U.S. and western imperialists plan on stealing, by armed force, the resources of Somalia and all of Africa.

The U.S. government’s strategy of declaring Al Shabaab a terrorist group is a way for the U.S. to justify their drones, bombing and murder in broad daylight.

Al Shabaab is the shortened name for Harakat al-Shabaab al-Mujahideen which translates to “movement of the striving youth.”

They have been fighting against the occupation of Somalia since 2006. This group, and those who have been labeled “Somali Pirates,” are responses to colonial and brutal U.S. aggression, occupation and exploitation.

The federal government of Somalia is a neocolonial entity in Somalia put in place through violence in 2006 by the world’s white imperial powers, the African Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) and the Ethiopian government.

Imperialists do not belong in Africa

It is clear that the U.S. and European Union (E.U.) are only serving their own economic and political interest with their involvement in the affairs of Somalia and the rest of Africa.

The political in-fighting and instability that exists in Somalia, and in most parts of the world, is orchestrated by imperialist powers to maintain their colonial grip on these areas.

Al Shabaab now exist because of imperial military inference through AMISOM and U.S. forces, causing the splintering of different groups after the overthrowing of the Islamic Court Union (ICU) by these Imperial forces in order to gain access to Somalia’s resources.

Al Shabaab is a response to the puppet government that was forced on Somalia by Imperialist warlords, allowing the theft of Somalia’s resources.

The U.S. is allowed to kill African youth by military drones without question based on a suspicion or a hunch and because they have the power to do so.

It’s very easy to predict someone’s retaliation when U.S. imperialists have done all the things to provoke it.

The reason Barack Obama claims these Africans were planning an attack is because it’s believable given the past and current violent occupation of Somalia by the U.S. and similar forces.

No people on earth want to be occupied and ruled over by foreign entities.

There is nothing in Somalia that belongs to the U.S. therefore, the U.S. has no business deciding who rules or governs Somalia.

The U.S. and E.U. labels Al Shabaab, and anyone who does not submit to the will of white domination, terrorists yet the actions of these imperial forces around the world is the ultimate terrorism.

The system that judged and executed Al Shabaab of Somalia is the same system that carried out the split second, on the spot trial and execution of Tamir Rice in Cleveland, Ohio.

It is the same system that murdered Black Panthers Fred Hampton in Chicago and Lil Bobby Hutton in Oakland.

It’s the same U.S. that backs and supports the murder of Congo’s people and theft of their resources by proxy militias and the same system that made the decision to poison the African people of Flint, MI.

U.S. president Obama won’t lift a finger to stop the pigs from murdering Africans in the U.S. because he is too busy murdering African people on the Continent.

He put on a show comparing Trayvon Martin to his imaginary son in March of 2012 with the same breath he used to order the murder of Lybia’s President Muammar Gadaffi less than six months prior.

Last year––while Africans in the U.S. were demanding an end to police murder––Obama carried out 674 violent military actions on African soil in the name of fighting so-called terrorism.

The truth is that Africa and her people everywhere will be better off without the exploitation, theft and murder that comes along with white domination, even when it’s in black face.

This is why the fight for African liberation is a global fight. White power has no borders, so similarly, the African revolution must not be confined to various borders in order to be successful. This is why the revolutionaries of the African People’s Socialist Party subscribe to the science of African Internationalism.

It is only through the organizing and mobilization of Africans globally, under the leadership of the African Socialist International, that we will see uhuru (freedom) in our lifetime.

U.S. Hands off Somalia and all of Africa!

We must all do our part to free Africa and her people from white world domination.

Join the African Socialist International

Forward the Revolution!


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