U.S.-led NATO war on Libya is futile Africa recolonization effort

The hand of white power imperialists cannot be hidden in the attacks on Libya that have removed its government to the advantage of the imperialist powers.

NATO air power, together with its undeclared U.S., British and French ground forces, led the operation to overthrow Muammar Gaddafi from the beginning.

The interim National Transition Council (NTC) is a ragtag army under the command of NATO, comprised of figures from exiled opposition groups who have long been supported by the CIA, Britain’s MI-6, the French Direction General de la Securite Exterieure (DGSE), recent defectors from Gaddafi’s government and extremist Wahhabi Salafist elements encouraged and supported by Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.

They all bombed their way to power in Libya over a period of six months. What we see in Libya is an example of terrorism as a general form of warfare.

This is not a war between two equal forces, but between a coalition of industrial powers with the most sophisticated weapons in the world poised against a small, non-industrialized country of just six million people with no air or naval capacity to fight back.

This war was not an improvisation but has instead been in the planning stages for years by white imperialist rulers.

AllAfrica.com reported on September 5: “The invasion was planned. In the case of the U.S. involvement, as far back as George Bush Junior’s ‘war on the axis of evil.’

“In the case of the French, active planning may have been since October 2010. The planning most likely included ensuring that weapons and forces were in the ready in Benghazi when the moment came.

“This is why the civil protest in Benghazi, which started in a similar manner as the Tunisian and Egyptian uprisings of unarmed civilians turned into an armed rebellion in two days, and in less than a month, their NATO/French invasion had began.

“This incredible speed of events is far from spontaneous.”

NATO attack on Libya is recolonizing mission

The rationale behind these types of white power NATO bombings is to cause a maximum amount of destruction and terror within populations, pressuring them to reject their regimes.

Within the Libyan population, it was to reject Gaddafi.

They bombed the electrical power generation facilities, fuel and water storage and distribution facilities, which caused shortages to supplies of each of these resources. They bombed schools, universities, hospitals, markets, mosques, radio and TV stations.

Why is NATO aggressing on a country like Libya, which has the highest literacy rate in Africa (82 percent), no debt to the parasitic capitalist system, a free education system, free healthcare for all and no homelessness?

Why attack a country with a life expectancy of about 75 years — the highest in Africa?

The U.S., Europe and Canada — through NATO and AFRICOM — are engaged in a serious attempt to recolonize the continent by imposing U.S. military outposts throughout Africa.

It has imposed its interests in Djibouti, which officially hosts AFRICOM; Ethiopia, which hosts U.S. drones; Uganda, where the U.S. has just sent troops, which they claim are there to battle the mercenary Lord’s Resistance Army; and Rwanda, which is a U.S. client state that carries out the U.S. war in the Congo that has already killed over five million people.

The same countries that attacked Gaddafi are also the ones who sold him the most sophisticated weaponry available and received all kind of favors from his regime.

It is well known that some universities in Europe received funding from Gaddafi.

This is a warning to others that imperialist leaders are always informed first by their own interests.

It does not matter how you please and collaborate with them; total domination remains their imperialist goal.

Bandits meet over how to share stolen wealth from Libya

On September 1, 2011, British prime minister David Cameron and French president Nicholas Sarkozy co-presided over the Paris meeting of the “Friends of Libya” on how to share the African riches taken from Libya.

This was a conference for the bandits who joined forces to overthrow Gaddafi in order to share the spoils. The meeting was set up to orchestrate endorsement of the imperialist outcome of the war and secure diplomatic support for the Libyan sell-out National Transition Council.

Now, with the fall of the Gaddafi regime, it is feasting time for the white imperialist hyenas. 

According to the LA Tribune, the NTC agreed in April to give French imperialists control of 35 percent of Libya’s oil.

Under Gaddafi, the French extracted seven percent of their African oil from Libya.

About 60 countries took part in this imperialist bandits’ meeting to discuss the fate of Libya, including the two-faced Russian leaders, who on one side say the overthrow of Gaddafi’s regime was a violation of international law, and on the other side intend to cash in alongside the other traditional white parasitic imperialist nations.

China was also represented by its deputy prime minister.

This conference was also attended by the sell-out Qatar and United Arab Emirates governments who funded the NTC forces; the German chancellor, Angela Merkel; the Canadian prime minister, Stephen Harper; and the treacherous UN secretary general, Ban Ki-Moon.

In this meeting for parasites, the African Union was represented by Malian president, Amadou Toumani Touré, with his useless AU road map. He was accompanied by Mauritanian president, Mohamed Abdel Aziz, and the Gabonese AU chief commission, Jean Ping.

They were there more for the pictures than to defend Africa against the imperialists, which is something they cannot do — nor do we expect them to, as they have no history of opposing imperialism.

Strategic presence of NATO in Libya is a desperate attempt to upset recent shift of power against white imperialism in Africa

It is no coincidence that the NTC has emerged on the scene as an anti-black force, targeting Africans throughout Libya on the alleged accusation that they are mercenaries or pro-Gaddafi!

What a nonsense argument this is! If we want to talk about mercenaries, it is the NTC that has brought NATO into Libya.

NATO is fighting for control over Libya’s resources at the expense of Africa’s future. NATO forces are the mercenaries, the outsiders, the looters and murderers.

It is the NTC that has brought in NATO and AFRICOM — the enemies of Africans, of the Arab masses, and of all oppressed peoples around the world.

You can’t be more mercenary than that.

NATO is in Libya as a counterinsurgency force that opposes transformations of North Africa into a hotbed of anti-imperialist and anti-neocolonialist resistance, which is rocking the whole of North Africa.

Hosni Mubarak and Ben Ali are gone, leaving the U.S. and the settler colonialist State of Israel in shaky positions as their allies, who are hanging onto power by a thread, face the people’s resistance.

This resistance is eroding the imperialist domination over the peoples and countries that they had previously enjoyed.

Thus, the capture of Libya gives them a new basis from which to attack the people’s struggles in the region and throughout Africa. NATO is there to reinforce the grip of imperialism’s claws on African people and land.

Britain, France, Italy, Canada, the U.S. and others are enemies of Africa and African people. They are hiding behind the UN, the NTC and the idea of “humanitarian intervention.”

They are using Libya as an example to put every government and country that they do not control under the threat of this NATO “humanitarian intervention.”

There is no such thing as humanitarian intervention anywhere in Africa. There are imperialist aggressions — humanitarian terrorism. NATO’s war on Libya is a war against Africa and African people.

This is a war against the development of Africa.

NTC neocolonial forces begging for access to seized Libyan resources 

The NTC is not comprised of revolutionary forces. It is mixture of opportunists of all kinds. Look at its key leaders and factions.

It includes the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG). Listed as a terrorist organization by the United States in 2004, the LIFG is a prominent faction among anti-Gaddafi forces today.

Then there is the NTC leader, Mustafa Abdul Jalil, who was a former Libyan justice minister under Gaddafi.

There is also Libya’s current neocolonial prime minister, Mahmud Jibril. Jibril was the head of Gaddafi’s Economic Development Board.

Then there is Abdel Rahman Shalgham, who resigned from his position as Libya’s UN representative to join the NTC.

Anyone carrying out the agenda of white imperialism cannot be a revolutionary. This is a lie, an abuse of international public opinion.

A people’s revolution does not need NATO or the special operations from Britain, France and the U.S.

In fact, a genuine revolution will always be waged against imperialist white power.

It is no surprise that, of a total of $78-$141 billion worth of confiscated Libyan money  — money that was, in reality, confiscated not from Gaddafi but from the Libyan people — U.S., British, and French rulers have said they are unfreezing only about $1.5 billion of Libyan assets.

What about the rest of the money? Imperialism has no shame or morality! The NTC government expressed that they would only need about $7.8 billion.

The reality is that the NTC is not going to demand the rest of the money back, for the simple reason that it is NATO that has put them in power. The NTC will never get back all the money seized by the bankrupt governments of France, Britain and the U.S.

The imperialists are in Libya to help themselves to all the riches of Libya. The role of the NTC puppets is to facilitate the looting.

It is not a partnership between equals; it is a relationship between oppressors and oppressed at gunpoint.

The NTC is made up of a bunch of decadent social forces, blinded by narrow tribal or regional interests and political differences with, and sometimes personal hatred toward, Gaddafi — but they do not have any hate for imperialism.

The NTC are imperialist puppets.

As reported by journalist Stephen Goodson in April 2011, “The CIA from U.S. and MI6 from Britain and their front men have been stoking up dissent in the east of the country for almost 30 years.”

NTC engaged in mass rape of African women and murder of African workers

Recall that French propaganda once intoxicated world opinion with the idea that Gaddafi’s soldiers used Viagra to imply that they were about raping women.

We know, however, that the NTC actually were raping African women, and the French, British and U.S. imperialist presses have been silent about it.

News of mistreatment and murder of African workers have circulated in various news sites. NTC rulers themselves have not hidden their contempt for African people.

The New York Times reported in August, “There have been no confirmed cases [that the Gaddafi regime is using African mercenaries]; supposedly there are many African prisoners of war being held in Benghazi, but conveniently, journalists are not allowed to see them.

“There are, however, African guest workers, poorly paid migrant labor, many of whom, unarmed, have been labeled mercenaries.”

The NTC depends on white bombs and white lies.

The white press and the NTC have the same bosses, white imperialists, and that is why they are suppressing the truth.

Reports a guest contributor for People With Voices on June 8, “The rebels attacked several black African workers from sub-Saharan and Pan-Sahel countries merely because of the color of their skin.

“Several workers were killed and wounded and many black African women, including the wives and daughters of the guest workers, were raped by the rebels.

“Yet, there has been very little reported about the Arab-on-black violence by the rebels in the corporate media, ever anxious to cover for the Pentagon, CIA, White House and NATO headquarters in Brussels.

“Neither is there mention of the disposal of the bodies of the victims of rebel violence: the mass burning of bodies of victims to erase any trace of crimes against humanity committed by the U.S. and NATO-backed rebel forces.”

Bourgeois press hides truth and spreads lies

The role of the bourgeois press is to suppress the truth. War correspondents fall in line with the Pentagon and with the British minister of defence propaganda.

We are dealing with desperate governments, a desperate system, and a desperate white power that is scared to death by the truth.

The British press has not reported how many people around the country have been killed, or the extent of the destruction that their bombs have caused.

The British press failed to make their case to the people about the alleged killings committed by Gaddafi. No evidence of massive massacre committed by Gaddafi’s regime exists up to now.

They have failed to report on the NTC massacres and on the rapes of African people in Libya.
Way forward for Libya

Libya is now taken hostage by NATO’s no-fly zone and NATO occupation forces and the whole of white oil corporations that have flocked in.

Resistance to the occupation is the only legitimate political position in Libya. We welcome and stand in solidarity with emerging resistance in Libya against imperialist occupation.
It is not over yet.

We have no doubt that the people’s struggles in Libya are part of the future, as much as the building of the African Socialist International throughout the world — including in Libya — is part of the same future.

It is increasingly clear that the AU and the Arab League have no strategic plan for Africa and African people. AU leaders want Libya’s oil money but will not defend the Libyan people’s resistance against imperialism.

Where is the response of AU leaders to the colonial wars that NATO and AFRICOM have planned on Africa? It is complete surrender everywhere and every time!

We have to take African Internationalism everywhere in the world to win African people to the necessity to join us and make this international African revolution, which is the only lethal attack that can and will eradicate white imperialism from our planet.

There is no future with the UN, which is simply an instrument to legalize the rape and assault of Africa.

As Chairman Yeshitela has repeatedly said, “It is our time. It is African revolution time.”

No reconciliation with imperialism!

Imperialism will be defeated on African soil!

From South to North Africa, East to West Africa, build the African Socialist International!


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