U.S. economic projects in Africa are parasites

LONDON–If Obama is good for black people in the U.S., then it should follow that he is good for black people in Africa and throughout the world. Nothing could be further from the truth. Obama is not good for black people anywhere.

Obama’s presidency has done nothing to benefit Africans in the U.S. or globally.

The Uhuru Movement in St Petersburg, Florida, challenged Obama in 2008, during the heat of Obama’s electoral campaign for his first term in the White House, with a simple question, “what about the black community?”

Chairman Omali Yeshitela, in his book “An Uneasy Equilibrium,” gives us an idea of black life under Obama’s rule.

Chairman Omali says that the “National Public Radio reported in July of 2013 that African teen-aged high school dropouts are experiencing a 95 percent unemployment rate!”

African male college graduates are unemployed at a rate of 6.2 percent as opposed to white males who are only 2.9 percent unemployed.

According to the website CNNmoney, the average white family holds $110,729 in assets compared to the average African family in the U.S., which has only $4,955.

Obama came up with the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in 2009 and the Power for Africa initiative since 2014.

Before Obama, U.S. president Bill Clinton introduced the African Growth Opportunity Act (AGOA), which contributor RickHelfenbein points out that approximately two-thirds of AGOA portfolio is energy-related products (like crude oil).

These are neo colonial projects which sustain the African petty bourgeoisies while continuing the merciless extraction of African resources. 

Another of Obama‘s projects is the New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition initiative, which he launched at G8 summit in 2012.

This includes 220 parasitical companies such as Coca Cola.

I  unite with the critics of this project who say that this project is for “big businesses growing crops for export and puts more money into the pockets of a few wealthy businessmen who are clearly not concerned with the food security of Africa’s most vulnerable people.”

Obama addressed the relationship between Kenya and China in an interview with the BBC during which he said the U.S. is not opposed to the Kenya-China ties.

“We welcome Chinese aid into Africa. I think we think that’s a good thing. We don’t want to discourage it,” he said.

But he added; “As I’ve said before, what I also want to make sure is that trade is benefiting the ordinary Kenyan, Ethiopian and Guinean, not just a few elites.”

This is a naked, imperialist lie coming out of Obama’s mouth. U.S. trade has meant wiping out indigenous peoples, “the turning of Africa into a warren for the commercial hunting of black-skins” and selling black people throughout the U.S. and the rest of Americas.

White imperialists’ hunting of black-skins never ended. Today, Africans are killed by the millions.

The genocide and occupation of Congo by UN proxy, armed groups funded by the U.S., the overthrow of Kaddafi etc., are all part of the U.S. ruling class’ plans to militarily control African minerals at the expense of China and other competitive imperialist powers. This is the key aspect of U.S. trade in Africa.

The Chinese nation is operating in the same capitalist world economy as the white nation.
They are using the same structures that were born out of the colonizing and enslavement of Africa and African people.

China is dealing with an oppressed, powerless and fragmented African nation. Africa must first be on its feet, independent and united.

Once that is achieved, we can enter into equal relations with anybody. The current conditions are no-win situations for Africans, no matter how generous Chinese deals are compared to the usual, parasitic western deals.

A worldwide African national economy necessary

No matter how many investors Obama brings in Africa, the agenda is the same: looting, exploitation and repression. These words are, in fact synonyms for “Obama’s investors.”

We need our own African national economy that will connect the whole of Africa’s economy to Africa and African people around the world.

Today’s so-called African presidents cannot see or anticipate a united African economy.

They are like mercenaries who take the highest offer to carry out someone else’s murderous agenda and get paid while Africa’s masses continue to suffer.

Only an African workers government can satisfy the needs and aspirations of the workers and peasants of the African world.

Industrialization and mass technological education in a united and planned African economy will accelerate the development of the African nation beyond recognition; this cannot happen without a socialist revolution throughout the African nation.

Build the African Socialist International!

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