U.S. colonialism attacks Mexican-Indigenous people in Arizona

On Friday, April 23 Arizona governor Jan Brewer signed into law SB 1070, vicious, white nationalist legislation designed to attack the Indigenous Mexican workers from whom Arizona and the rest of Occupied Mexico was stolen by white colonizers over the past 500 years.

The law authorizes Arizona police to stop any Mexican person anywhere, any time and demand that they show “immigration documents.”

If a Mexican worker does not produce the colonial papers they are guilty of the “crime” of trespassing on their own stolen land and will be deported across the false imperialist border imposed on them by the U.S.

SB 1070 is no different than the pass laws of Occupied Azania (South Africa) under the system of Apartheid where African workers were forced to show “passes” to the settler police at any time on stolen African land.

This brutal Arizona law criminalizing the Mexican population is supported by 70 percent of Arizona’s white population. The law legitimizes the colonial violence regularly carried out by white vigilantes, the sheriff’s departments and the vicious U.S. immigration forces known as the ICE.

The passage of SB 1070 is a symptom of imperialism in crisis, fighting its last ditch battle for white people and white power to keep this stolen land at the expense of the Indigenous people who are chasing their stolen resources across the imposed border.

This is part of genocide that began when Christopher Columbus first landed in the Caribbean in 1492 and instigated the slaughter of hundreds of millions of Indigenous people.

The genocide of the owners of what today is called North and South America goes hand in hand with the enslavement of hundreds of millions of African people whose stolen labor was also part of the foundation of this parasitic system of capitalism that gives white people opportunity, prosperity and democracy at our expense.


The fact that the law was signed by a white female governor exposes the imperialist complicity of the white women’s movement, spawned by the militancy of the African and Chicano liberation movements of the 1960s.

Instead of struggling for solidarity with the liberation of African and oppressed peoples on whose backs the oppression of white women rests, the white women’s movement has worked for equality with white men in carrying out the colonial policies against Indigenous, African and colonized peoples.

The African People’s Socialist Party recognizes unconditionally that this land belongs to the Indigenous people of this hemisphere, period.

We stand in solidarity with the right of Indigenous people to their land and their resources and their right to resist their oppression by any means necessary.

The APSP calls on white people to abandon their stance as brutal colonizers and stand in solidarity with Indigenous people struggling for the return of their land and resources.

Repeal SB 1070!


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