Update on Bolivia: Official statements from President Evo Morales and Vice President Alvaro Garcia

On November 10, 2019, it was reported that Bolivian President Evo Morales was forced to resign amid imperialist imposed unrest and violence following the October 20, 2019 elections, in what Evo’s government is declaring to be a coup by opposition forces in the country.

The Burning Spear newspaper, as the official organ of the African People’s Socialist Party, declare our fierce and unwavering solidarity with the people of Bolivia involved in the struggle to overthrow imperialism.

We recognize this as another assault on the peoples of the world, fighting to liberate themselves from the deadly grip of this foul social system, and see this attack on Bolivia as part of U.S. imperialism’s efforts to destroy Venezuela.

Comrade Luwezi Kinshasa, Secretary General for the African Socialist International is currently in Venezuela, where these statements from Morales and Garcia were acquired at a press conference presided over by the Deputy Chair of the Venezuela United Socialist Party.

There are serious technical difficulties with internet connection, however The Burning Spear will continue to keep people informed with the updates we receive from SG Luwezi.

These are rough translations of the official statements from the President and Vice President of Bolivia. 

Evo Morales, President of Bolivia

I am quitting so my comrades are not frightened and threatened, and for the opposition to stop burning the homes or hurting humble people.

It is my obligation, as the first Indigenous President and President of all Bolivians, to look for this pacification.

I hope Mesa and Camacho have understood my message. 

To the International Community from the European Union, of the OAS (Organization of American States), tell the truth, my sin is simple: be Indigenous and a socialist.

For this reason I was never accepted by the Bolivian elite.

Mr. Mesa and Camacho, don’t do inhuman things. I’m giving up so they don’t keep kicking and burning the houses of my brothers and sisters.

I thank the Bolivian people for joining us. Bolivians know very well how it was before and how it is now.

The fight does not end here, we will continue fighting for equality.

I hope Mesa and Camacho have understood the message.

Do not harm poor people, our brothers and sisters! I have the obligation to look for the peace!

I am quitting just so my brothers and sisters, leaders, authorities of the movement for socialism do not be harassed, persecuted and threatened.

I want the whole world to know, being a capitalist is not the solution for humanity.

It is no betrayal. The fight continues. We are one. We leave a new Bolivia in development process.

I say to the youth: be human with the most humble.

The worst enemy of humanity is imperialism.

Don’t keep hurting my brothers’ houses. Do not take our families as hostages.

How is it possible that the police abandoned our families? They looted, burned.

Governors and mayors have to resign to protect their families.

Burn my house, not my family’s house. Do you want revenge? Then take revenge from Alvaro and Evo, not with our families.

I thank the Bolivian people for having accompanied me.

All of you know how Bolivia was in the past.

Thanks for joining us. We will continue in the construction of liberation processes.

Alvaro Garcia, Vice President of Bolivia

Dark forces have destroyed our democracy, but soon the peoples of Bolivia, including Indigenous communities, young people will recover democracy and will return.

Armed police have gone out to chase farmers in the community. Families were kidnapped, their houses burned.

I feel proud to have served my country as Vice President, a Vice President of farmers and workers, and I will always be loyal to them.

I will be there accompanying you in good and bad times.

We will always be on the side of the humblest people of this country. We will not leave you alone.

And I’m sure, sooner than later, Bolivia will raise its head again.

It’s a sad and unfortunate moment for Bolivia, people’s democracy will be restored again.

The fight continues, we are peoples of unity and organic decision.

We have liberated Bolivia and we are leaving a free Bolivia.

Solidarity with Bolivia!

Death to imperialism!

Revolution is the only solution!

The Burning Spear will continue to provide updates as they come.


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