UK rulers caught with their pants down by the Coronavirus

Most British people are surprised by the incompetence and impotence of their government to stop the spread of COVID-19, which has spread to the top of the British government.

Boris Johnson, the British prime minister, Matt Hancock, the UK health secretary and Chris Whitty, the UK’s chief medical officer, have been hit by COVID-19, but only the British prime minister has been hospitalized.

With 47,800 cases and 5,000 dead in the UK, we ask that all Africans who read this article in the UK or elsewhere to please boost your immune systems and stay vigilant at all times.

COVID-19 must be taken seriously. Only 20 people died on March 16. This gives you a sense of the exponential explosion that is taking place in the UK.

Colonialvirus will affect the colonized black population more than white people

This colonialvirus will affect us more than white people because of the colonial conditions we face everywhere we are located.

According to a study here: “30.9 percent of Pakistani or Bangladeshi people live in overcrowded accommodation [in Britain], while for black people the figure is 26.8 percent and for white people it is 8.3 percent.”

What does social distancing mean when too many of us live on top of each other?

About half of Africans live on half of the national average income in the UK, which is about £12,000 a year.

We Africans are nurses on the frontlines in hospitals where the government has systematically failed to routinely protect workers with adequate testing and equipment to do the job.

We are bus drivers, post office workers, etc. We are the most exposed to this colonialvirus.

British government puts profit first and workers’ protection last

The British government failed to conduct wide-range testing to detect infected people.

Those who don’t get them will be left untreated.

According to ITV news, “Downing Street has confirmed ‘just 2,000 frontline NHS England staff have been tested for Coronavirus,’ despite 1.2 million people working for the health service.”

This is not even one percent of the workforce. This is a measure of the ineptitude discrediting Boris Johnson‘s government. It is shocking to hear today that first responders and social care workers are wearing inadequate PPE and making sandwiches while on duty.

We do not know how many people have been contaminated due to the criminal, profit-driven policies of the government.

Boris Johnson chose the herd immunity strategy, which allows the animals in the herd to get infected and develop antibodies; those who don’t develop immunity will simply die.

It is only because he came under severe criticism that he switched to the lock down strategy, which the Italians said was pushed out too late to prevent the sharp rise of deaths.

The Guardian newspaper wrote that “of 2,000 workers tested in total shows about only 500 tests a day on doctors, nurses, paramedics and other medical staff are being carried out.”

It is no surprise that one doctor out of four is off sick, without the surety of knowing if they are contaminated or not.

Britain’s maximum capacity is 13,000 tests a day, compared to South Korea with 16,000 tests a day, and Germany with 70,000 tests a day.

The impotence of the UK’s bourgeoisie mirrors its continuous decline, a far cry from the apex of imperialism.

We Demand Black Community Control of Healthcare!

Build the Black Ankh Project!


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