Uhuru Pies is expanding: New baker and new product line!

For more than 30 years, the Uhuru holiday pie sale has been the progressive holiday tradition in the San Francisco Bay Area and in St. Petersburg, Florida. Each fall, thousands of delighted buyers and hundreds of volunteer bakers and pie sellers support this vital program. 

The outpouring of support is not only for the mouth-watering fresh-baked fruit and nut pies. Uhuru Foods and Pies is a dynamic African economic development institution of Black Star Industries (BSI). 

BSI is the seed of the independent African economy through which we will once again own and control our resources. This is the future that each bite of an Uhuru Pie builds.

Introducing new head baker Ngoyi Folayan

This year, Uhuru Pies Oakland is proud to introduce new head baker, Ngoyi Folayan! 

Ngoyi attended the July 2016 month-long African People’s Socialist Party Cadre Development School in St. Petersburg, Florida where she played many critical roles. 

She set up childcare for the participants, recruiting a family member who volunteered for the month and gave the children excellent attention, education and care. 

Ngoyi headed the Color Guard, each morning and evening as the enormous red black and green African flag was raised and lowered at the Uhuru House. She also headed security for mobilizations and events.

Ngoyi’s stance won her the “Outstanding Cadre” award at the School! 

She also chaired the International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement Registration Committee for the 25th Anniversary Convention.

While in college, Ngoyi wanted to learn how to make and decorate cakes. She got a position in the bakery department of the local grocery store where she hoped to learn. 

Her colonialist employers refused to offer her the skills and training she desired to unleash her incredible African talent and creativity. 

Her white bosses assigned her the most menial tasks. Then, because she is an African woman, her white coworkers ridiculed her when she took initiative, even though she excelled quickly. 

Ngoyi left that job, trained herself how to bake and decorate the most beautiful, unique cakes and opened a bakery with her sister.

New product line: Uhuru Sweets in a jar

Now Ngoyi is bringing her exceptional talents to Uhuru Pies! She has created a new product: Uhuru Sweets in a Jar. 

The first offering in the Oakland Bay Area this year is Pumpkin Spice Cake topped with Cream Cheese/Buttercream Icing and Walnuts! It’s sure to be a resounding success.

Here’s what Ngoyi says about herself and Uhuru Pies: “I am so excited to have the opportunity to bring my skills to Uhuru Foods & Pies in Oakland, CA. 

“I have fully embraced the struggle for African liberation and self-determination and I am honored to become a part of the economic development process. 

“Self-determination is the highest form of democracy and you can’t have self-determination without self reliance! 

“I am grateful for my past experiences in life that have led me to this point. With power in the hands of the African working class, young, enthused Africans won’t have to strive for acceptance from the bourgeoisie, we will be here to offer the training they require and empower them to be strong leaders for the movement. Uhuru!”

You, too, can be part of Uhuru Pies! 

Our goal is to bake and sell 2,500 delicious, home-style pies and hundreds of our new “Uhuru Sweets in a Jar” this fall in the Oakland Bay area and 1,000 pies in St. Pete, Florida. 

Be part of the Uhuru Pies Volunteer Brigade that brings these goals to reality:

– Promote Uhuru Pies: Social media, web design and sales specialists needed.
– Sell 10 or more Uhuru Pies to your friends, family and coworkers. 
– Bake Pies: Bakers welcome, but no skills needed.
– Volunteer in Oakland, California or St. Pete, Florida. Many positions available.
– Donate to Uhuru Jiko and the African Independence Workforce Program.

Call or write today: 800-578-5157 • oakland@uhurupies.org or 888-519-4022 • StPete@uhurupies.org.

The Economic and the Political Are One!




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