Uhuru Movement candidates drive white power to insanity! Candidate’s advice? Go Back to Africa!

St. Petersburg, FL—A candidate for mayor representing a pitiful sector of the white ruling class told attendees of Tuesday night’s Mayoral debate: “Your reparations came in the form of Barack Obama…If you don’t like it here in America, go back to Africa!”

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St. Petersburg Mayoral Candidate' Reparations Response "Go Back to Africa!"

Paul Congemi made these vile comments in response to Uhuru Movement mayoral candidate Jesse Nevel, whose platform calls for “unity through reparations.”

During the debate, Jesse referred to Congemi as a “non-factor,” as the two major players in the campaign are Rick and Rick.

Congemi, flushed with colonial anguish, used his platform as a candidate to show his hatred and disdain for the resistance coming from the African community and especially the Uhuru Movement.

Jesse Nevel, the chair of the Uhuru Solidarity Movement, is running for mayor of St. Petersburg, FL under the platform “Unity through Reparations” at the same time that his running mate, Eritha “Akilé” Cainion is running for District 6 City Council under the slogan “Radical Times, Radical Solutions.”

This electoral race has shown the power of African Internationalism when used as a weapon in the face of status quo white power politics attempting to continue business as usual.

While it has been the ongoing debate in the colonized communities whether or not the electoral process is a worthy means for Africans and other colonized masses to gain self-determination, the Uhuru Movement has displayed the power of transforming the ballot into a bullet with revolutionary politics as the spearhead to burn parasitic capitalism to the ground.

After the institution of slavery was toppled through uprisings, rebellions and other forms resistance by Africans throughout regions such as Brazil, Haiti and the United States, Africans have been in a constant state of division in our approach to achieving self-determination within the system of colonialism.

Colonial parasites are united in ruling class ideology!

Paul Congemi is not a major factor in the race for mayor, yet he has a deep history of participating in colonial elections. He not only ran for mayor on two other occasions, but also ran for sheriff in 2016 and represents the parasitic nature of the ruling class.

He responded to Jesse Nevel at a forum focused on youth in St. Petersburg to make it known that he did not support reparations in any form or fashion. He stated that “reparations [for the African community] came in the form of a man named Barack Obama,” displaying his abject ignorance and hatred for everything black.

While many see this a blow to the African resistance movement, African Internationalism shows us that is imperialism in crisis kicking and flailing on its deathbed.

Paul Congemi did not only attack the Uhuru Movement with these statements, but rather it was an attack on the whole African Nation.

He continued to brag that he is not politically correct and assured the media that he does not want all Africans to go back to Africa, just the ones in the Uhuru Movement.

It must be understood that this position is a direct attack on the self-determination of all Africans.

Attacking the Uhuru Movement is attacking the integrity of the poor and oppressed working class Africans who are the foundation and lifeline of this global economic and political system.

The current mayor of St. Petersburg, Rick Kriseman, idly sat next to Paul Congemi, unscathed by his words, but later released a statement against his peer’s demand for African’s to go back to Africa after media began to publicize the video throughout the world.

Not only did this reveal that Paul Congemi did not bother Rick Kriseman, but it also showed that the ruling class will continue to align with each other against African resistance until it is inconvenient to do so.

Paul Congemi does not operate or speak in a vacuum; his statements or views did not fall from a tree or come from a sudden cosmic blast. His statement is a reflection of the international parasitic system that must have the colonized in a state of exploitation and oppression in order for it to survive.

Paul Congemi was once a democrat, but turned republican after the election of neocolonial president Barack Obama. This change exposes the struggle of the two dominant sectors of the ruling class over who will control the exploitation and oppression of the colonized masses.

He represents the views of both Rick Baker, a republican, and Rick Kriseman, a democrat and the white community at large. The white community does not explicitly say, but constantly shows that it does not want Africans in St. Petersburg by its actions to push Africans out of the community through policies of gentrification, rigged debates, poisoning the community with sewage, support of the slanderous Tampa Bay Times, democratic groups calling the Uhuru Movement a terrorist organization, etc.

We are winning!

It is time for the masses of African and other colonized people on earth to stand on the correct side of history. Materialist ideology speaks to the material interests of all people.

The material interests of the working class, the poor and oppressed is to see an end to this parasitic system that can only stand if it has Africa as its host. The material interests of the bourgeois ruling class and the petty bourgeois class that protects the bourgeois from the poor and oppressed is to continue to uphold the system that fulfills their needs.

The Uhuru Movement has been on the ground resisting the system on all levels since the revolution of the 60s was militarily defeated. It will continue doing so until the African working class aligned with the poor and oppressed Africans and other colonized masses win our self-determination.

Throughout widely spread media sources, the slogan “Radical Solutions for Radical Times” and the platform of “Unity through Reparations” are being discussed.

These comments show the weakness of the white ruling class and reinforce the power of the African working class and those who struggle for Black Power!

Stay tuned into the race for power in St. Petersburg and support the people’s candidates, Eritha “Akilé” Cainion for City Council of District 6 http://akilefordistrict6.com/ and Jesse Nevel for Mayor http://jessenevel.com/.

Get involved in the process to end parasitic capitalism and build the African Nation. Join the International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement https://inpdum.org/.

We Are Winning!

Radical Solutions for Radical Times!

Unity through Reparations!

Donate to The Burning Spear! Keep The Spear burning!


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