Uhuru Kenyatta wins neocolonial elections in Kenya, despite ICC pressure! British government leads charge to loot Africa!

Since March of this year, East Africa has been dominated by the Kenyan election and the imperialist-sponsored proxy wars in Somalia and Eastern Congo.
In Kenya, the U.S. ruling class had banked on Raila Odinga to win the elections over Uhuru Kenyatta, which upset certain factions of the white ruling class.
Uhuru Kenyatta is the son of Jomo Kenyatta, the first prime minister and president of Kenya. Jomo served the interests of the British well after they granted flag independence to Kenya in 1964.
In office from 1964 to 1978, Jomo did not attempt any type of land reform, and pushed the policy of reconciliation, which ensured European control and access to the natural resources.
Jomo and the Kenyan bourgeoisie were in direct opposition to the aims of the Mau Mau rebels.
Although they are separated by decades, there are many similarities between the colonial policies of Nelson Mandela and Jomo Kenyatta and the post colonial conditions of Kenya and South Africa.
Raila Odinga himself wanted to use International Criminal Court (ICC) charges against Uhuru Kenyatta and his running mate as a mobilizing factor to dissuade voters from him.
The ICC is an illegitimate and criminal organization. It is an institution of white power, specifically created to deal with African leaders.
The acceptance of the ICC by any African is proof of their betrayal of the interests of Africa and the African masses. Such is the significance of Raila’s unity with the ICC.
On the other hand, Uhuru Kenyatta did not expose the ICC as an illegitimate, oppressive and criminal white state power, but rather claimed that he has done nothing wrong.
The masses of Africans will gain nothing out of this election, as the African petty bourgeoisie retains power in the form of Kenyatta.
The African petty bourgeoisie has already promised to fulfill the obligations of the Kenyan state towards imperialism, particularly the Kenyan proxy role in assaulting Somalia to facilitate the reinstatement of a stable neocolonial regime.
British imperialist hands off Somalia! Somalia is not for sale!
Since oil and gas were discovered in Somalia many decades ago, imperialism has been positioning for the conquest of Somalia’s riches.
The U.S. failed to take control of Somalia in 1991 under George Bush, Sr., whose troops were humbled by General Aided’s troops.
Today, under the pretext of fighting Somali piracy, Somalia’s maritime water is occupied by an array of imperialist navy gun boats and other warships.
U.S.-backed Kenyan, Burundi and Ugandan soldiers are the mercenaries that the white rulers in America and Britain are using in order to secure control of Somalia and to enforce the looting of its wealth.
It is in this context that David Cameron organized a conference on Somalia inviting Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, the so-called president of Somalia and the usual parasites from the U.S., EU and their AU puppets, such as Museveni, to give credibility to the criminal enterprise of raping the resources of the African people of Somalia.
To cover up the British plans to raid our Somalia, the British government has decided to give 15 million pounds to the so-called government to help them stabilize the police force, protect foreign imperialist interests and repress the people.
The British population, mobilized by the white nationalist press and pundits, are dismayed that such an insignificant sum of money is going to Africa. The discussion is focused not on what the British have looted and expect to loot in Somalia but on a worthless British donation to a faction of the Somali petty bourgeoisie.
Radio chat shows and tabloid newspapers are up in arms! They are whipping up anti-foreigner and anti- black sentiments. Africans from Somalia to the rest of the African population are being viciously slandered.
British and other white predators are circling over Somalia’s riches.
David Cameron, the British prime minister, leading the white nationalist slanderous charge, went on to say in the conference: “If we do not invest in Somalia’s future it will become a hotbed of terrorism.”
If the British parasitic capitalists are allowed in Somalia, white power will continue to bomb, mutilate and rape the African people in Somalia.
The British government’s main policy is military aggression against African people and other oppressed people at home in Britain and abroad like in Syria, Somalia, Afghanistan, etc.
The Union Jack is the terrorist flag of the British government. It is not Somalia that has been bombing Afghanistan, funding armed insurrection in Syria, funding the genocidal aggression of Congo and filling the British jails with black people. The British government is doing it.
Somalia is not responsible for using drones to assassinate people around the world.
Somalia has not invaded any country, and has not funded armed groups to go to Libya, Syria and other places to terrorize entire populations and bring down their respective governments.
The future of Somalia cannot and will not be determined in London by white imperialist leaders and African puppets.
We do not need Britain’s token sum of 15 million pounds, what we need is the unification of Africa.
The liberated and united African nation will build the largest economy in the world. It is this economy that will rescue Somalia and all African people.
A free and united African economy must be built to contend with the white power parasitic economy.
This is a revolutionary task that every African should embrace and follow.
We must not waste our time and energy with an unnatural relationship with parasitic capitalism.
We need liberation and unification!
Build the worldwide African national economy!
Build The African Socialist International!


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