Uhuru is one of the few movements that is doing real work within our communities!

Jambo Uhuru!
I am a prisoner activist and writer from Philadelphia, PA serving a life without parole sentence for a crime I was wrongfully convicted of as a juvenile.
Throughout my imprisonment I have been previously involved with various movements supporting the Black Liberation and Pan African struggle, including the New Afrikan movements, NOI, and other grassroots movements. I am currently involved in the anti-Prison Industrial Complex movements in Philadelphia.
For some time now I have been trying to link up with a solid revolutionary movement with a grassroots/community footing and have been following the Uhuru Movement for some time now and would like to become a member of Uhuru and/or contribute to Uhuru’s mass-based struggles against police brutality, mass imprisonment of youth/people of color as well as empowering our communities through the promotion of self determination and autonomy.
There is an absence of real movements of struggle and revolution within our communities and I believe Uhuru is one of the movements that is doing real work within our communities. Other movements seem interested in symbolism, photo-opt politics that bring no results or offer no alternatives to our people.
I have written various articles on issues relevant to Uhuru’s activism within our communities which were published in various progressive publications. I have enclosed some of the articles with this letter. The articles/pamphlets enclosed are as follows:
1.    Mo’ Money, Mo’ Money: I wrote this article in response to the corporate takeover of the civil rights movement and various other Black movements who believe that the key to our liberation rests in corporate America.
2.    Casualties of War: I wrote this article in response to the militarization law enforcement agencies in the United States and their targeting of youth of color as enemies. The article was in response to a shoot out in 2009 in Oakland (CA) that resulted in a brotha being killed as well as (4) police officers. The article was published in the San Francisco Bay View.
3.    Continuing Legacies of Resistance: I wrote this article to shed light on the plight and experience of prisoners like myself, who came to prison for non-political offenses but have transitioned into an activist by following the example and guidance of political prisoners.
I hope you enjoy these articles and pamphlet. I believe myself and other conscious prisoners could contribute to the Uhuru Movement and we are seriously interested in becoming a part of the movement.
While prison does not possess much revolutionary potential because it is consumed by the most negative values within American culture there are prisoners within it who possess revolutionary potential and are ready to step up and contribute.
In closing, in addition to contributing my voice to any Uhuru publications or events I believe I could help Uhuru with prisoner outreach and networking with other movements challenging the politics of mass imprisonment.
I look forward to hearing back from Uhuru and hope to contribute to its work in Philly. Thank you for taking the time to read and consider this letter and articles.
In Solidarity,
Asante Sana,
Bro Saleem


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