● African – The national identity of black people worldwide who make up the African Nation. 

● Working class – the class within a capitalist society that creates value through its own labor. It sells its labor power to the bourgeoisie, though it is never paid the full value of that labor power. There is no value created in society that is not created by the workers’ la- bor. However, the worker controls none of that value, which is instead seized by the capitalist bourgeoisie. 

● Black Power – Political and economic power in the hands of the African working class. 

● Imperialism – The worldwide system of foreign white domination. 

● Imperialism in crisis – Imperialism is suffering because the colonial peoples responsible for its existence are fighting back taking and back their resources. 

● Colonialism – the foreign domination of a nation or people at the social, political and economic expense of the dominated nation or people. 

● Neocolonialism – the imperialist foreign domination of a nation or people indirectly through control of the economy and social system using one or more members of the dominated nation or people as administrators. 

● African Internationalism – The revolutionary, scientific and materialist world view and theory of the African Working Class.

● Ruling class – Those who own and control the means of production necessary for production and reproduction of life––the bourgeoisie. 

● Petty Bourgeoisie – “little” bourgeoisie; a social force that is not part of the bourgeoisie or ruling class itself, but a class comprised of both administrators for the bourgeoisie and small business owners who have control of some means of production. 

 ● Colonized people – Those who are politically, economically, dominated by foreign powers. 

● Colonizer – Foreigners who dominate colonized people by force. 

● Committing Class suicide – Classes in society are social forces with particular relationships to the means of production, particular roles in the social organization of labor, with some being able to appropriate the labor of others because of the different places they occupy in the social economy. 

The term “class suicide” refers to individuals of the African petty bourgeoisie or middle class or other elite social force abandoning the interests of that class, especially the petty bourgeoisie, which is a dying social force, and uniting with the interests of the African working class or poor peasantry. 

● White Power – the power of the white ruling class State, either directly or as extended to proxies working in its interest or the general white population upon whom it is automatically conferred due to the political and social authority extended to it by relationship to the colonialist State and parasitic capitalist economy to which they are attached. 

 ● Revolution – is the overthrow of the capitalist colonialist State and its re- placement by Black Power, the African worker’s or revolutionary democratic State. 

● Revolutionary – is one participating in revolutionary organization for the purpose of overthrowing the capitalist colonialist State for its replacement by the African worker’s or revolutionary democratic State. 

● Genocide – is the term adopted by the United Nations in 1948 as a political response by Europe to the murder of Jews during the reign of German Nazism. While written to place constraints on European conduct of war among themselves, the United Nations Convention on Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide has been a useful tool by Africans colonized in the U.S. to win solidarity from among the world’s peoples for the struggle for our struggle against U.S. domestic colonialism.


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