Uhuru Buzz Words for June 2017

Uhuru Buzz Words is the glossary of the African People’s Socialist Party and the Uhuru Movement. The Buzz Words appear in every issue of The Burning Spear newspaper and function to help outline for our readers the meanings of some of the terms that appear in our article.

Many of the buzz words, though very much applicable to today’s struggle for African liberation, are bastardized by the bourgeoisie or may seem like “dead words” to the general masses.

Hence, the Uhuru Buzz Words help to deepen the political education of the masses.

● African: The national identity of black people worldwide that make up the African Nation.

● African Internationalism: The revolutionary, scientific and materialist worldview and theory of the African working class. This theory recognizes that European wealth and African impoverishment occurred as a result of the European attack on Africa, the division of Africa, African slavery and dispersal, colonialism and neocolonialism and the imperialist created capitalist economic system.

● Black Power: Self-determination, political and economic power in the hands of the African working class.

● Black Petty Bourgeoisie: A small, social force who are politically and economically servantile to the white bourgeoisie and traitors to their people. They are a wishy washy force, steeped in liberalism. They are sell-outs. They are the “Talented Tenth” about which W.E.B. DuBois spoke.

● Colonialism: The foreign and alien domination of a people for the purpose of economic exploitation and political advantage. To strip a people of all human and civil rights and to rule without regard to law.

● Colonized People: Colonized people are the people of the world whose self-determination, economic and political power has been taken from them at gunpoint and now rest in the hands of foreign and alien powers for the purpose of economic exploitation and political advantage for the colonialists.

● Feminism: A white nationalist bourgeois theory in which white women struggle to gain equal status in the capitalist-colonialist system as white men, i.e. to be on the board of corporate exploiters, to serve in the imperialist armed forces against the peoples of the world.

● Genocide: The deliberate and systematic extermination through murder and terror of a national, political, or cultural group by the forces of white power’s parasitic capitalism. In addition to killing members of a group, genocide also means preventing births within the group and any other measures calculated to bring about the groups extinction, in whole or in part.

● Imperialism: The worldwide system of brigandage by white Europeans who brought the entire non-white world under its rule as it created the parasitic capitalist economic world order.

● Imperialism in crisis: Imperialism is suffering because the colonized peoples who came under imperialist rule are now fighting back and reclaiming our resources.

● Neocolonialism: The imperialist foreign domination of a people indirectly through control of the economy and social system using members of the dominated people as administrators. (White power in black face.)

● Parasitic Capitalism: A phase coined by the APSP that defines the capitalist economic social system as parasitic from its inception. Capitalism, like all parasites, must have a host to sustain itself. Africa and Africans have been capitalism’s host since its birth.

● Revolution: The act of destroying capitalist State power and replacing it with a black workers State power. The revolution is led by a Party comprised of the masses in arms under revolutionary theory in order to seize power in the name of the African Working Class.

● Revolutionary: One who carries out the organizational work of the Revolution that will culminate in the total destruction of the capitalist-colonialist economic world order and Black Workers State Power.

● Ruling Class: The ultimate European parasites. The European, or white, people who privately own and control the means of production necessary for every aspect of life.

● Same-gender-loving: Africans and other colonized people who are homosexual.

● Self-determination: Having control over one’s own life, security, well-being and happiness. To have governmental, economic and political independence on our own terms.

● Uhuru: A Swahili word, taken from the Mau Mau movement in Kenya, that means freedom. It is the word used quite frequently by members of the Uhuru Movement because we believe freedom should be on the minds of Africans 24/7.

● White Power: The power of the white ruling class State, either directly or as extended to proxies working in its interest, or the general white population upon whom it is automatically conferred due to the political and social authority extended to it by relationship to the colonialist State and parasitic capitalist economy to which they are attached.

● Working Class: The class within a capitalist society that creates value through its own labor. It sells its labor power to the bourgeoisie, though it is never paid the full value of that labor power. There is no value created in society that is not created by the workers’ labor. However, the worker controls none of that value, which is instead seized by the capitalist bourgeoisie.

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