Tune in to African Liberation Day – Live from Washington, DC – 11am-5pm U.S. Eastern Time, Saturday May 25

The Call
This is a call by the African People’s Socialist International to join the African People’s Socialist Party in holding African Liberation Day events in Europe and North America as part of the resurgence of the international African Liberation Movement.
Despite the assassinations and global repression of the 1960s and the current maneuvering of the colonial powers throughout Africa and the world, we are rebuilding and becoming better organized on every front.
With the creation of the African Socialist International, we have our own organization that is busy on several continents and hosting African Liberation Day events in Washington, DC, USA and Paris, France in Europe.
We have finally internationalized a consciousness of African Liberation Day as more than ceremony and commemoration; it is an organizing opportunity that is especially important in the context of today’s crisis of imperialist white power and its growing, desperate attempt to rescue itself through deepening its parasitic hold on the Continent of Africa and African people everywhere. (see more…)
History of African Liberation Day
The APSP-led ALD stands out in the pages of history because it was not simply a celebration of a non-existent independence in Africa. Instead it is an honest and wholehearted attempt by its organizers and participants to continue the process of winning our liberation as a people and a call to action to deepen that process. (see more…)
ALD Program: (Eastern Standard Time)
11:00am Welcome and opening, music and culture. We present a dynamic video presentation on building our own African economy, carrying on the legacy of Marcus Garvey. Join us in reciting the African Pledge!
11:25am Solidarity message presented by Penny Hess, Chairwomen of the African People’s Solidarity committee.
11:35pm The way forward for African Liberation Gaida Kambon, Secretary General of the African People’s Socialist Party (APSP) reviews the fighting history of the APSP as it build for its 6th party congress in December 2013. Organizer of the first Tribunal for reparation for black people in New York city in 1982, Kambon has organized African rights campaign of the APSP throughout the US and West Africa. She will discuss the significance of the upcoming APSP 6th congress, in the struggle for the seizure of power of the African working class.
11:55pm Call to organization Chimurenga Waller directs the National Office of Recruitment and Membership of the African People’s Socialist Party USA. “There will be no revolution without a revolutionary organization of trained cadre whose profession is revolution.
12:05pm Join us for a delicious lunch buffet – Starting at
12:35pm Culture The afternoon program resumes with a cultural performance by popular Philadelphia poet Rachid Bey.
12:45pm Building our own Independent anti colonial economy, Omali Yeshitela Chairman of the African Socialist international presents a key note presentation to African Liberation day. Chairman Omali was an organizer with the first African Liberation Day event held in Washington, D.C. in 1972. That same year he co-founded the African People’s Socialist Party, beginning the Party’s 41-year legacy of struggle on behalf of African workers and poor peasants throughout the world. Today the African Socialist International that he founded is a reality with organizers on the ground in Africa, Europe and the Americas. Chairman Omali Yeshitela will discuss the need to build an independent African owned economy, in order to facilitate the ability of the African nation to self-govern.
1:50pm Freedom ain’t free A call to invest in Black Star Industries
2:20pm Economics for African Liberation
Moderated by Black Star Industries Director OnaZene Yeshitela, this workshop will introduce independent African economic institutions food, media, community marketplaces, agriculture, Health care, Community Centres and health and fitness programs.
OnaZene Yeshitela will introduce Black Star Industries an Umbrella company of the African People’s Socialist P offering community partnership program for economic development.
Markus Kothner assistant director of the Office of Economic Development presents on the 35 year history of Uhuru Foods & Pies, it’s recent rebranding and the vision for the future of Uhuru Foods&Pies.
Rich Piedrahita will introduce Burning Spear Media the news and information arm of the APSP. The Burning Spear newspaper, “Voice of the international African revolution”, is the oldest African liberation journal in continuous publication since the black power movement of the 1960s. Uhurunews.com and uhururadio.com gives voice to African struggle throughout the world. Burning Spear publications boosts a powerfull catalogue of books and DVD’s.
Tiffany Murphy and Diop Olugbala, President of the International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement (InPDUM) will discuss the importance of reparations and the
physicist, Dr. Aisha Fields, Director of the All African Peoples Development and Empowerment project (AAPDEP), will report on AAPDEP’s development projects in Sierra Leone. In this West African country with the world’s highest infant mortality rate, AAPDEP operates an infant and maternal health clinic and nursing school as well as two agricultural projects ,a three acree cassava farm in mokanji and a vegetable farm in moriba town. AAPDEP organizes highly trained African scientist, engineers and health care workers to use their skills for the development of Africa and the African communities everywhere.
Princess African People Education and Defence Fund Program manager,
The workshop will be followed by a discussion session.
4:10pm Opportunities to become part of Black Star industries Calling all the marketers, Sells representatives, Bookkeeper, Managers, Grant writer and more. Markus Kothner will discuss the opportunities to participate and building Black Star Industries.
4:20pm Closing summation by African People’s Socialists Party Chairman Omali Yeshitela


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