Tribute to Comrade Reverend Hendrik Witbooi!

I am paying tribute to a great son of the Namibian soil. Reverend Hendrik Witbooi steadfastly followed the footsteps of his forefathers who stood firm where others wavered. He refused to compromise the land of his fore-bearers. He refused to bow down to the inhuman laws of the apartheid regime. He fought relentlessly for the liberation of his people and land. He was internally the source of inspiration during difficult times, and essentially became the internal SWAPO government in his own right.

He never betrayed the fighting spirit of his forefathers. He took center stage to pick up the fighting spear and continued the fight for resistance and liberation of his motherland. A Pastor, Comrade, Teacher, Musician, Father, Culturalist who always showed undivided love for his region- the South, while always looking ahead promoting unity, reconciliation, nationhood and the clarion call of ONE NAMIBIA ONE NATION! I am paying tribute to a fallen Namibian Hero, fierce yet humble and down to earth. Namibians, especially the Southern brothers and sisters, comrades and friends, should now vote wisely in the best interest of the fighting spirit of Reverend Hendrik Witbooi. True liberation icons are passing on. They have played their part; they have made their ultimate sacrifices and contributions; they have risked their lives in the face of the most brutal political onslaught.

They have made things easier for the new generation of leaders. We need to stand firm. To emulate the spirit of patriotism and non-surrender. To be loyal to our country and people. To be true to the values and tenets of Pan-Africanism and ubuntu. The time is now, for us to totally reject the mushrooming of the political prophets of doom, who are swaying us from one pole to another, not because of the common interests of our motherland, but primarily because of their political egocentricity and the desire to divide our people and make them powerless. The passing of Reverend Dr Hendrik Witbooi should cement the SWAPO Party into one strong political entity, from the South to the North, from the East to the West. The up-coming elections should speak volumes in this regard. The spirit of this gallant freedom fighter, and others before him, should emerge victorious come the 2009 national elections.

The Witbooi family, Madam and the children, should be consoled in the belief that their father fought the right fight, finished the course, and now is awaiting to receive the crown of those who never betrayed their political calling. Those who refused to be political chameleons by jumping from one political wagon to the other. We as Namibians are looking to see them carry on the torch of the struggle for the South and for Namibia as well as for the entire mankind. Let us make Namibia the peaceful home for all of us in words, deeds and action.

Hamba kahle Comrade Reverend Dr Hendrik Witbooi! You made history, which no one will ever erase!

Aluta Continua!

One Namibia One Nation!

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