Thousands march against police violence in Newark, New Jersey

NEWARK, NEW JERSEY–Mother Nature could not outshine the outpouring of people at the Lincoln Memorial for the ”Million Peoples March,” although Saturday July 25th, 2015 was a hot and sunny day in Newark, New Jersey.
For some time, Lawrence Hamm, Chairman of The People’s Organization for Progress (P.O.P.) had been calling and promoting this march against police brutality, racial injustice and economic inequality. 
Various families of black and brown people, who were killed by police, stood at the podium at the top of the steps at the Essex County courthouse and addressed the hundreds of people who filled the steps of the plaza all the way down to where the statue of the 16th U.S. president, Abraham Lincoln, sits.
More than one hundred endorsers of different organizations, groups and individuals supported the march and all of their different philosophies were exemplified.
The topics of the day were State sponsored violence by the police and the right of black and brown people to live fulfilling lives.
Family after family, at the rally before the march, spoke about how they never got justice in the U.S. court system for their loved one who was murdered by police.
They all spoke of politicians who did little to nothing in helping them. Even the media was called out for being the mouthpiece for the oppressive police force, justifying their actions at every turn.
Speakers like Pam Africa, Lawrence Hamm, Glen Ford and Charles Baron not only spoke to the terroristic actions that black and brown people have been facing in the most recent decades, they also spoke of the ongoing policy of the State to deny the right of self-determination to the colonized people they oppress.
There were still many more speakers to address the people. The march ensued down to the main shopping district in Newark.
Chants against police violence and chants for justice and black lives were coupled with honks from car horns of motorists driving by. Onlookers from the community were given flyers as they stood in solidarity with the masses of people in the streets, some even joined the march.
Members of the Black Is Back Coalition (BIB) and the Uhuru Movement intervened in the chant “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” responding “Hands Up, Shoot Back.” A group of young activists from the New Jersey school district who were close to this contingent joined in.
Clearly, there was a difference of ideas regarding what black and brown people should do when they are faced with the possibility of sudden death by the police day in and day out.  
The rally convened again above the Lincoln Memorial at the top of the steps of the Essex County courthouse, after the march was over.
Members of the Nation of Islam were among the next crop of speakers. They didn’t like or agree with the chants to “shoot back” during the march.
A mother and her son spoke about how they are being terrorized by the police even though they moved from the city where their family member was killed by police.
A young African woman who was among the young people who joined in with the chant with the BIB forces, spoke about a victorious but still ongoing struggle with the New Jersey education system.
Sadly there were a few speakers who chose to speak about so-called “black on black” violence in the context of the “Million People’s March.”
A member of the BIB Coalition stood up & spoke out against the myth of so-called “black on black” violence as it related to why P.O.P. called for the march in the first place.
The rebellion in Baltimore after the killing of Freddie Gray was still fresh on the minds of the people at the rally.
The BIB Speaker alerted the people to the call and campaign for “Black Community Control of Police” and asked that those in attendance sign the petition.
He spoke about the upcoming BIB Conference that will be held in Philadelphia, PA on August 22nd and 23rd, titled “Black Power Matters.”
Go to to register for the Black Power Matters conference and sign the Black Community Control of Police petition.
Black Power Matters!
Fight back against police and colonial terror!
Build Black Community Control of Police!


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