The US funded war on Congo and the war on African women

LONDON—On April 1, 2011 at CENI, a voting center for the town of Butembo in Kivu, in eastern Congo, armed police loyal to the hated regime of Joseph Kabila Kagange, brutally murdered and mutilated the body of 35-year-old Kavira Tsongo.

The African Socialist International uncatergorically condemns this murder specifically and all the brutal genocide that is taking place in Congo and throughout Africa.

The murder of Sister Tsongo fits the pattern of an ongoing practice by the regime of targeting, then assassinating those activists who would dare register the masses to vote against the continued neo-colonialist rule of Kabila.

In addition to her murder and mutilation, our sister Kavira was undoubtedly viciously raped, which also is a terrorist tactic used by the the Kabila thugs against African women, and by extension the entire working and peasant population. Used and unused condoms were found at the site where she was murdered.

Why was she killed with such viciousness? Here in East Congo, African women are often raped and then killed with unimaginable violence., This violence is suppose to convey a brutal political and social message from imperialism to our people in the Congo: That this is your fate if you dare fight against neo colonialism and the status quo.

But this imperialist violence also conveys another message to the toiling masses. And that message is: That there will never be peace and human dignity for us in Congo or anywhere else under imperialism.

National elections are scheduled for November 2011 in Congo. The discontent and resentment against the Kabila regime is one political factor that the majority of Africans in Congo are united with. The problem with this unity however, is the belief that elections alone will change the president, and thus the wretched conditions of life that confront our people in Congo.
Therefore, in the absence of a revolutionary democratic program as an alternative to neo-colonialism in Congo, many thionk elections are their best chances to get rid of the murderous Kabila regime and to win some sort of “peace.”

The most burning issues in Congo today, are the ongoing genocide that has been imposed on the entire population and the colonial occupation of Congo, represented by the indirect control of Congo by the neo colonial governments of Rwanda, Uganda and Burundi, who are all nothing but neo-colonial mercenary armies at the service of the US white power imperialist nation.

The other occupying army is the UN army sustained at the cost of 1billion dollars each year.

It is not a secret that to fund the UN, the Rwandan, and Uganda and Burundi armies is to fund the occupation of Congo. To fund the Congolese army is to fund the surrender and collaboration of neo-colonial states to so-called presidents Paul Kagame of Rwanda and Yoweri Museveni of Uganda, and their western imperialist rulers.

As an example, like our fallen sister Kavira Tsongo, to kill and mutilate the bodies of African women is all part of the United States led counterinsurgency warfare whose aim is to break the spirit of African resistance through this obscene terrorism, and to keep us in colonial bondage and servitude.

The African Socialist International (ASI) is calling on the whole of Africa and the entire African world to organize and unite against the wars being made against Africa and her people in Congo and around the world.

To this end, we call on all patriotic, revolutionary, and democratic forces in and from Congo to unite with the Black is Back Coalition for Social Justice, Peace, and Reparations in making this question of war against Africa and her people a central theme of African Liberation Day 2011, and unite with the Call to make August 20, 2011 an International Day of Action against all wars on Africa and African people everywhere.

We clearly understand that the US led white imperialist war in Congo is part and parcel of US led western imperialists to reinforce colonial control over African people and Africa. That is why they are attacking Libya, Ivory Coast, Haiti, Somali, and Africans in St Petersburg, Florida in the USA.

That is why they have an African plan known as Africom, currently based in Djibouti. And that is why they chose an African in the form of Barack Hussein Obama to lead this attack with his neo colonial kith and kin.

We need our own African plan for mobilisation and unification to oppose and defeat their African plan for colonial genocide and occupation of Africa.

We can not rely on the Congolese army to protect our people in the Congo, particularly in the East Congo, where the UN and regional neighbouring proxy armies have colluded to maintain colonial terror against our people.

Democracy is a form of state. We want a state that protects the workers, peasants and all labouring and progressive social forces in the society. We want a state that mobilise and organise and defend the people against imperialist aggression, in whatever form it may take.

Our right to a democratic and just society depends on our will and ability to organise for an African self determination state in the Congo, and implement the Revolutionary Democratic Program of the African Socialist International, as apart of a struggle to build a revolutionary United States of Africa.

We demand that:

The UN, US, France, Belgium , Britain and others imperialist states , beneficiaries of the genocide war and looting of Congo, pay reparations to the Congolese people for all crimes committed against them, particularly in the East

The immediate withdrawal of UN and of all regional mercenaries from Rwanda, Burundi and Uganda from the East of Congo

The reformation of the Congolese State, and its replacement by a people’s state made of workers and peasants, women and all patriotic forces in the Congo.

The money paid to feed the UN soldiers in Congo should be immediately paid to build clinics and train health care personnel to deal with all aspects of humanitarian disaster caused by this barbaric war on the African population in the Congo.

Together We Will Defeat Them!



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