The Uhuru Movement supports the families of slain African teens

Tampa FL—Gazi Kodzo, the African People’s Socialist Party’s Director of the National Office of Recruitment and Membership was at the Florida State Fairgrounds in Hillsborough County, Tampa on Friday, February 5, 2016, as a specially requested guest of the family of slain African teen, Andrew Joseph.

Andrew “Pee Wee” Joseph III attended an annual Florida state fair in Tampa on February 7, 2014 and after an encounter with pigs at the fair, the 14-year-old African child was dead.

According to “A commotion erupted at the Fair, Hillsborough County deputies racially profiled Andrew and several of his friends, illegally detained them and strip-searched them for gang tattoos.

“Without notifying his parents, deputies ejected Andrew from the fair at night on the side of Interstate 4. Soon after, Andrew was struck by a drunk driver and killed. Officers let the driver, a white youth with a history of reckless driving, leave with Andrew’s remains still on the hood of his vehicle.”

Left photo: Gazi Kodzo protesting with Mike Brown’s father, Michael Brown, Sr.; Right photo: Andrew Joseph, Jr., the father of Andrew Joseph III

Gazi, along with APSP Director of Agit-Prop, Jevon Gee, Cleo Bollers and Jayy Davis of Black Power 96 FM St. Pete were present to offer support to the families of African martyrs, whose lives were cut short due to the State.

When they arrived, there was a circle of 20-25 friends and family members, with damp eyes, sniffling noses and voices filled with pain in sorrowful recollection of another young promising African life disposed of, due to the State’s historical refusal to recognize the value of African lives beyond how we are able to profit and develop the white nation.

One by one demonstrators took the megaphone.

The family of Emmit Till, 14-year-old African child savagely lynched by ordinary white people for allegedly whistling at a white women in Mississippi in 1955, were in attendance.

Michael Brown Sr.—father of Mike Brown Jr., the African teen murdered by a Ferguson pig Darren Wilson on August 9th 2014, setting off this new period of African resistance—gave a statement of support to Pee Wee’s parents, Deanna and Andrew Joseph Jr.

Black Is Back Coalition’s, Toni Taylor recalled the night her son Cary Ball Jr. was stood over and shot 23 times while laying already wounded by St. Louis, MO terrorists.

The device was handed to Kodzo and he amplified his criticisms of the colonizer’s role in the death of Andrew and every other African held captive against their wills inside U.S.

Kodzo summed up this horrible tragedy through the science of African Internationalism.

He exposed to the families that colonialism is the true source of the oppression that we face as Africans forcefully displaced to the continent of North America.

Kodzo stated to the captivated gathering, “What you did today, was to push the future. The future of African people being free, the future of African children being able to enjoy everyday of their life and not fear that the pigs are going to harass them, that pigs are going to arrest them, that the pigs are going to kill them.”

Kodzo also made the call for everyone to sign the International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement’s  (InPDUM) Africans Charge Genocide petition in order to petition the UN to charge the U.S. government with crimes of genocide against African people.

Michael Brown Sr. signed the petition, as did most of the demonstrators.

The colonial execution of African people in the U.S. is not a coincidence, it’s genocide. Martyrs Emmett Till, Mike Brown, Cary Ball and Andrew Joseph III were all victims of colonial genocide.

Sign the petition! Visit:

Celebrate African Martyrs’ Day on February 21!

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